Article Management Tools and Techniques - A Survey Darrell Rigby California Management

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Article: “Management Tools and Techniques: A Survey.” Darrell Rigby, California Management Review: 43:2: 139-160.

Each student will write a 300 – 350 word synopsis of their selected article. The synopsis should contain:
• A short introduction (one brief paragraph) to your article (i.e., state the author's name and his or hers' primary focus, main theme of the article, why this is of interest to the class).
• The body of the paper must highlight at least five (5) main points from the article, and demonstrate relatedness to text readings and concepts (i.e., a comparison or a critique to the material in the readings).
• A short conclusion or summary that provides some “lesson learned” in the field of organizational theory, and how this article helped expand “yours and our” understanding of the topic at hand.
• Make sure to reference the article’s title and author (use either APA or MLA style guide). Citations are not important.
• A cover page is not required. Place your name, and course title and number in the upper left corner. Single-space and use one-inch margins all around.
• Try not to exceed the maximum word count.

Write a 300 – 350 word synopsis of selected article- Management Tools and Techniques
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