LDR600 Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2 - August 2017

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LDR600 Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2

dq 1

Select an individual that you believe exhibits authentic leadership. This individual can be historical or contemporary. Provide specific examples that support how this person exhibits authentic leadership. What is the role of authentic leadership in creating trust and followership in this example, and how can it improve organizations?

dq 2

Christian servant leaders profess to serve those whom they lead through love and the moral obligation to promote the greater good of others. What leadership behaviors would you expect from a Christian servant leader and how might those behaviors differ from someone who is not a servant leader. Also, although servant leadership is often associated with the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ, do you believe servant leadership is compatible with other religions or worldviews? Why or why not?

LDR600 Week 5 Discussion 1 & 2 - August 2017
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their     who   the courage     their       the   of all     and       importance   their service     (Knowledge,       Authentic   demonstrate thesefive     purpose       Leading   heart Establishing     Demonstrating       CEO   the New     Anne       Xerox,   a prime     an       was   to be     it’s       recognized   And her     In       destroyed   She took     billion       bankruptcy   and bankers     to       of   Anne Mulcahy     know,       much–   worked here     25       not   a lot     or       know   to restore     a       called   the top     in       said,   you support     the       but   other 98     her       is   brought the     built       period   trust and     create       truly   company once     carried       is   than half,     in       But   that strength     and       her   north that     to       in   (2017) Retrieved     2017,       com/authentic-leaders-in-history   H W     The       Authentic   Retrieved July     https://www       |   & Reply     2017       Post   PictureMargaret Yvonne     postsRe:Re:Blessy,I       number   leadership articles     Bezos       really   to know     motivate       work   Amazon Not     his       on   through promoting     of       personal   he is     natural       In   2012 article     magazine,       as   up the     model       his   way" (Lashinsky,     has       highly   years for     agree       style   very different     and       shows   employees as     his       likely   to increase     success       (2012)   Jeff Bezos:     disrupter       July   2017 from     |       Jul   2017 08:56     Post       4   5 DQ     is       for   authentic leader     nationwide       poverty,   women’s rights,     and       eliminate   injustices of     system       leader   had a     others       what   believed in,     it       freedom   times “He     imprisoned       sometimes   years, but     his       when   gained its     Britain”       2)   applied the     nonviolent       a   role in     from       2017)   determination and     helped       his   models an     Youth       (2017)   from http://www     htmlReply       Reply   29, 2017     Like       2   5 DQ     individual       exhibits   leadership This     be       Provide   examples that     this       leadership   is the     authentic       trust   followership in     and       improve   our textbook,     seems       to   but is     its       points   view (Northouse,     I       authentic   I think     who’s       a   amount of     ethics,       skills   leader that     my       Martin   King Jr     historical       many   Dr King     preacher       rights   that transformed     leader       community   a leader     national       He   a Senior     a       influential   style that     followers       over   world Dr     sa       who   out his     help       way   He led     bus       parks   was arrested,     threatened,       stand   what he     right       was   clear victory     protest       the   of many     his       servant   He displayed     through       in   and Eilam’s     of       that   leaders exhibit     lead       are   not copies     A       as   critical to     of       Dr   experienced many     discriminatory       him   be an     his       meetings,   and develop     many       the   of other     participate       movement,   voting rights     took       write   friends, and     to       help   change the     news,       speeches   changing the     eliminating       many   cheered his     King’s       improve   because it     there       being   and encouraging     a       are   by you     can       are   caring, and     example       will   you as     when       are   and show     ethical       get   one accord     understand       is   forth by     and       motivated   participate in     Dr       followers   his non-violent     respectful       the   of many     a       and   This is     leadership       and   legacy continues     celebrated       (2010)   King: Martin     Jr       of   national leader     52(4),       Know   King (2017)     --       1-4   | Quote     Jul       PM0   Profile PictureBreann     postsRe:Topic       authentic   that I     is       and   husband are     directors       WI   Family Kids     Christian       for   children ages     mission       is   to create     for       Mrs   leads with     and       these   Thses children     back       and   a close     her       year   year to     children       camp   though all     that       beyond   She focuses     long       this   has on     is       she   to but     wants       able   fulfill something     children       be   otherwise Mrs     one       authentic   I have     trust       for   camp These     to       trusting   soul and     a       in   This camp     life       the   and staff     had       would   much more     think       leaders   emotionally intelligent     Family       &   Retrieved from:     Reply       Reply   29, 2017     Like       3   5 DQ     that       a   authentic leader     about       work   him and     has       his   lifestyle despite     wealth       to   away at     his       people   need through     and       He   preaches integrity     to       it   clear that     the       leadership   in its     as       there   three schools     The       on   leader and     on       (Northouse,   The interpersonal     the       and   and that     created       (Northouse,   Finally, the     which       is   a fixed     something       learned   Buffet would     mixture       intrapersonal   He became     Solomon       was   from a     and       over,   basically told     that       understanding   honest mistakes     about       and   is why     so       individuals   that the     honest       is   for the     every       will   positive about     and       harder   will naturally     organization       htmlNorthouse,   G (2015)     and       )   Oaks, CA:     9781483317533       &   Jul 29,     PM0       PictureSusamma   5 postsRe:Re:Topic     1I       Angela   authentic leader's     wrote       Graham   is a     with       and   That made     a       the   and it     lot       over   world through     and       Quote   Reply Jul     06:21       PictureRobert   4 postsRe:Topic     1       I   pick is     by       Gary   One of     things       it   to be     leader       up   listen "     says       a   boss you     "talk       once   a while     talks       it   to make     from       to   a leader     he       take   and empathy     able       successful   person and     would       with   that relationships     are       greatest   that a     possess       Gary   a podcast     planet       as   as a     on       daily   " What     about       he   tells it     is       cuss   can get     outrageous       I   at the     him       person   isn't messing     knows       as   professional and     I       on   there have     where       authentic   a situation,     straight       felt   work etc     thinks       to   relationships where     preach       is!   authentic with     at       real   where you     When       and   and show     we       real   them, we     and       also   authentic because     been       do   just by     carrying       more   were able     straight       about   of the     more       more   because its     be       who   really are     some       Vaynerchuk   you want     more!       inc   html Reply     &       2017   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureSusamma       5   1Great Points     authentic       a   wisdom and     are       one   have I     is       way   Worldly way     three       necessary   we think     Biblical       leader   have these     you       nothing   could do,     have       Same   without discernments     know       and   Worldly wisdom     is       comes   SusanReply |     Reply       04:00   LikeSubstantive Post     Cornelius       DQ   strategies which     should       his   her relationships     coworkers,       Organize   / weekly     meetings       -   agenda of     should       on   employee participation,     work       By   these meetings,     makes       to   in touch     one       members   help build     and       work   The leader     it       appreciate   team members     good       a   basis This     to       of   team and     build       in   off-sites /     /       etc   is extremely     people       of   organization to     maintain       only   to take     in       also   you stay     get       oneness   the workplace     Quote       29,   12:19 PM0     PictureAngela       5   1Northouse (2015)     research       four   that form     of       those   self-awareness, internalized     balanced       transparency   individual that     exhibits       Billy   Mr Graham     leadership       character   has been     his       which   described as     real       who   are when     is       character   consistent, predictable,     (Woodley,       He   the same     is       or   in his     regardless       was   or his     hounding       The   of authentic     creating       are   in the     people       whom   been touched     by       a   Billy Braham     out       an   leader: “integrity     face       in   face of     his       face   tough decisions”     Ch       improves   organizations success     leader       The   and mission     organization,       those   and impacted     actions       what   leader is     concerned       working   accomplish ReferencesNorthouse,     (2015)       practice   ed )     CA:       (2014)   Graham: Leading     5       effective   Christianity Today     |       Jul   2017 11:49     Profile       postsRe:Topic   DQ 1An     is       not   to show     who       are   They care     followers       are   about the     the       are   afraid to     who       a   job They     empathy       (Kruse,   The first     coin       leadership”   Bill George     was       Medtronic   1991 to     increased       of   company by     He       called   Your True     describes       2015)   George explains     need       leaders   is key     has       Everything   does can     on       Xers   Millennials want     cared       not   for someone     not       (Murray,   Authentic leadership     because       to   employees He     to       job   he cares     People       their   When a     himself       by   followers, there     powerful       and   Trust is     in       workplace   trust and     hand       a   is being     his       set   stage for     to       him   believe that     is       can   the differences     organizations       lead   think bridging     between       will   followers become     If       make   follower desire     a       engagement   productivity will     K       Authentic   Forbes Murray,     Bill       leader   out The     is       Reply   Quote &     29,       Like   PictureSusamma Thomas     5       Mahatma   as I     exhibits       Mahatma   Honored as     of       India,   is widely     one       century’s   political and     Gandhi       principle   non -violence     time       for   Indian from     domination       own   desires, choices,     ways       own   self (Harter,     consist       a   really think     as       2000)   in relation     leadership       self-awareness,   processing, relational     internalized       perspective   et al     Self-awareness:       understanding   own self,     strength       experience   being conscious     effect       Gandhi   the journey     early       (Gandhi,   p 18)     It       regulations   by internal     without       It   the leader’s     decision       with   Internalized moral/ethical     is       the   to objectively     relevant       issue   problem before     a       leader   challenging views     open       it   the standard     moral       of   leader Gandhi     with       made   in consultation     (Gandhi,       It   to displaying     self       sharing   true feelings     with       inappropriate   promotes trust     al       followers   Gandhi were     open       both   and negative     desired       be   not only     but       peers   never claimed     perfect,       and   regretted without     (Nair,       1948)   to Dr     King       book   Youth for     quoted,       most   qualities of     in       a   transformational leader     history       term   self- confidence,     principles       Martin   King Jr     these       improve   organization Gandhi,     (1948)       An   or The     My       Truth,   from Gujarati     Desai       Published   gbd publication     S       C   Snyder, and     (Eds       Positive   (pp 382-394),     Press:       K   A Higher     Leadership:       Life   Gandhi, Berrett-Koehler     Francisco,       ,   B J     W       T   , and     J       Development   Validation of     Measure,       34(1),   Dr Martin     Jr       rights   Reply |     Reply       10:12   Like Profile     4       1I   I have     the       in   life is     by       Matt   He is     Pastor       Churches   the Dallas,     Some       that   contemporary leader,     not       in   but he     sermons       is   author of     he       of   church planting     Acts       over   churches), and     created       in   life as     many       the   text Leadership     there       accepted   of authentic     leadership       “there   multiple definitions,     from       and   a different     Chandler       that   think make     authentic       has   or vision     he       he   to Leaders     and       to   able to     complex       and   an appropriate     action       initiative   doesn't ask     he's       do   he leads     He       leadership   contagious people     to       values   it motivates     act       impact   those who     moves       drastic   in their     turn       Lastly,   has integrity     through       says   of the     one       life   few years     suffered       during   dinner which     lead       of   golf-ball sized     For       he   chemo and     his       faithfully   no hair,     and       desire   spend all     time       (being   had no     much       rather   with his     -       faithful   his belief     was       greater   and that     a       in   of God     and       of   who he     that       be   than he     he       his   and his     his       to   an authentic     throughout       and   after Northouse,     Leadership       Oaks,   SAGE Inc     Church       Matt   Retrieved from     net/about/matt-chandler/Reply       Reply   29, 2017     LikeSubstantive       Shierk   postsRe:Re:Topic 5     Rachel,Thank       post   don't think     find       disagree   you Martin     Jr       impact   both those     him       those   knew of     took       Church   Montgomery Alabama     and       he   turned the     down       and   ’60s, he     organized       and   secure passage     of       civil   legislations —not     he       and   He was     example       exhibiting   connection to     purpose,       consistent   his values,     Great       Congress   d )     Martin       Retrieved   http://www americaslibrary     |       Jul   2017 05:20     Profile       postsPARTICIPATION   TO ANSWER     we       around   leadership and     what       Can   as a     relational       leader   an authentic     low       transparency?   motivates someone     servant-style       Therefore   each other     one       you   are doing     L       Hours   11:00 am-8:00     761-3849Reply       Reply   Report Abuse     2017       Profile   Adams 3     DQ       still   and coming     leadership       societal   called authentic     2016)       leadership   believed to     great       good   genuine, and     (Northouse,       the   of the     the       to   who exhibited     was       Eunice   Shriver is     and       Special   She set     be       a   to bring     opportunities       improve   struggle for     with       has   so over     five       ,2017)   desire to     to       from   up with     love       Rosemary,   was born     mental       ,2017)   the 1950s     it       when   with intellectual     treated       excluded   routinely placed     (n       didn’t   well with     growing       sister   witnessing that     had       gifts   offer Being     herself,       sports   as a     to       all   of life     in       1962   she led     day       Shriver”   young people     disabilities       the   in a     sports       (n   ,2017) She     use       family   as a     take       the   level and     the       with   disabilities It     July       the   International Special     were       Illinois   vision became     in       an   event that     more       million   with intellectual     170       ,2017)   Kennedy Shriver     leadership       with   disabilities who     in       be   in a     humane       the   of millions     past       disability   see their     though       very   family that     bring       a   knowledgeable, educated     perseverance       this   She changed     the       for   with intellectual     for       and   countries I     extraordinary       are   was blessed     younger       Autistic   mentally handicapped     not       opportunities   there for     disabilities       engaged,   accepted That     the       for   individuals, it     changing       it   hope and     brother       always   my inspiration     many       life   yet he     and       with   joy and     could       away   from witnessing     such       Olympics?   Kennedy Shriver     reason       her   will carry     continue       difference   didn’t stop     the       advocate   those with     She       support   establish research     mental       of   She also     National       Health   Human Development     (n       was   leader that     the       who   do so     References:       Leadership:   and practice     )       SAGE   Inc Small     Strides       Retrieved   29, 2017,     eunicekennedyshriver       Quote   Reply Jul     09:08       Profile   Lyons 4     DQ       Jr   a great     an       inspired   while building     integrity       and   for what     in       fight   his own     the       black   He didn’t     up       in   effortless attempts     beaten,       times   eventually killed     for       2017)   had a     and       anything   in his     he       his   and used     gain       fight   his cause     was       among   followers, that     to       rest   America Great     A       Luther   Jr :Reflections     Servant-Leader       epikos   | Quote     Jul       PM0   Profile PictureKathy     4       1   Northouse (2016),     of       a)   their purpose,     possess       and   the willingness     their       trusting   with others,     for       e)   to open     to       with   These characteristics     of       considered   successful businesswoman,     and       struggled   her early     has       life   molded her     she       She   up about     childhood,       pregnancy   weight problems     so,       to   and at     time,       ability   empathize with     2016)       extensive   recommended books     became       and   for President     is       among   key factors     him       (Ilian,   Ilian, George     life       from   Winfrey Lexington,     p       (2016   Leadership (7th     Oaks,       Reply   Quote &     28,       Like   PictureRachel Gorman     5       authentic   was Martin     Jr       known   his position     outstanding       American   Rights Movement     well       “I   a dream     helped       Christian   Conference Martin     won       for   tremendous work     racial       for   nonviolent methods     (Anonymous,       According   anonymous, n     an       one   chooses to     life       only   in relationship     but       are   and true     The       authentic   focuses on     demonstrating       having   and excercising     focusing       improvement   an organization     demonstrated       truth,   from the     rich       courageous,   teams or     have       themselves   committed to     than       d   Reference:Anonymous, (n     Authentic       Authentic   Retrieved from     com/authentic-leaders-in-history       &   Jul 28,     AM0       Yvonne   3 postsRe:Topic     1“You       That   you've stood     something,       life   Winston ChurchillAuthentic     history       number   attributes which,     have       lead   a way     only       also   strong organizational     to       Forbes   some of     include       as   as drive     focus       leaders   tend to     their       not   of showing     empathy       Winston   born 30     served       prime   from 1940-1945     1951-1955       inspirational   writer, orator     (gov       )   successfully led     through       Churchill   the ideals     the       by   the British     inspiration       as   as his     prime       authentic   style is     a       the   of Commons     4,       beginning   World War     go       end   shall fight     we       the   and oceans,     fight       and   strength in     we       island,   the cost     We       beaches,   shall fight     landing       fight   the fields     the       fight   the hills;     never       1940)   created trust     British       to   British government     a       strategic   and relentless     organizational       been   after Churchill’s     style       has   proven time     again       leaders,   organization can     see       in   workforce as     its       Offering   courses or     focus       through   are great     how       promote   leadership within     ReferencesChurchill,       given   the British     Commons       d   Past prime     Winston       July   2017 from     uk/government/history/past-prime-ministers/winston-churchillKruse,       is   leadership? Forbes     July       https://www   com/sites/kevinkruse/2013/05/12/what-is-authentic-leadership/#35a1988ddef7Reply |     Reply       09:32   LikeSubstantive Post     Thomas       DQ   totally agree     Susan       not   a great     she       person   She dedicated     life       and   in slums     who       like,   people, orphans,     including       and   able to     treatment,       She   in Culcutta     people       of   more than     could       died   itself She     organizations,       all   are very     Because       deeds   all Catholic     her       of   Reply |     Reply       05:22   Like Profile     9       1Hi   and Class,,Great     a       experienced   hand As     out,       hard   an observer     understand       self-awareness,   moral perspective,     processing       that   Saraswathy Batter     levels       Nothhouse   defines balanced     “an       analyze   objectively and     people’s       a   ” As     she       feedback   your ideas     suspect       listens   those ideas     her       to   and understand     important       For   would leader     or       listen   process information     work!Dr       L   Adjunct InstructorOffice     11:00       761-3849Reply   Quote &     Report       5   28, 2017     Like       postsRe:Hello   to George     leaders       are   to grow     leading       That   their leadership     purpose,       and   a meaning     is       a   that every     to       to   effective even     is       pressures   do what     An       leader   has portrayed     leadership       of   and the     achieved       Mr   leadership The     Bezos       the   of the     first       he   managed to     company       direction   effort has     the       solutions   problems that     the       maintaining   momentum of     and       relationship   customers Having     mind,       made   progress its     viewing       a   where numerous     be       more   the world     has       itself   other retailers     in       business   (Gregersen, 2015)     be       authentic   is that     at       significant   purpose, and     values       progressing   and being     has