HCA545 week 2 dq - May 2016

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dq 1

In team building, discuss ways in which you develop a team and set an objective/mission, and discuss how and why you would develop a team and what would you do at the conclusion of the mission. Why is it important to define each team member's role and responsibility? Should all team members be involved in all project activities, meetings, and discussions?

dq 2

Regarding the importance of team building retreats and/or training sessions, discuss the effectiveness of those you have been involved in. What effect did they have on your performance and attitudes in the short run and the long run? Did they fulfill their stated objectives? Did they fulfill your expectations?

HCA545 week 2 dq - May 2016
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cash     are   in the     J       organizations:   behavior, and     Jones       CommentsPoints:   Feb 13,     PM1       4   2 DQ     building       have   involved with     effective       events   were chosen     direct       challenges   the employees     performing       The   had a     on       attitude   in the     and       learned   to set     and       employ   their realization     helped       satisfaction   led to     cooperation       the   business (Buljac-Samardzic     ,       attitude   my employer     fellow       as   result of     building       fulfilled   stated objectives     activities       members   in focused     various       team   needed to     their       work   more effectively     included       to   communication among     in       team   retreats also     team       skills   follow up     was       that   best practices     these       are   Again, the     attainable       in   a way     their       and   basis (Buljac-Samardzic     ,       were   fulfilled by     building       I   expecting to     lot       achieved   sharing of     interests       expecting   learn how     different       During   retreats, conflicts     a       opinions   how to     goals       a   I learned     value       also   how to     problems,       well   when in     (Buljac-Samardzic       2010)   M ,     C       Wijngaarden,   D ,     Wijk,       Interventions   improve team     systematic       94(3),   Feb 14,     AM0       Whitaker   postsRe:Re:Module 2     am       that   are corporate     are       engaging   well designed     retreat       inspire   entire workforce     enhanced       workers,   potentially increased     organization       a   would be     do       2016   PM0 Like     Jordan       you   been in     (or       a   where you     had       develop   weakness? I     in       and   could not     my       I   to take     my       sign   for development     e       program)   times your     not       that   may need     weakness       get   Any thoughts     14,       Like   PictureWendall Gaines     2       the   methods for     build       an   is to     aside       get   know one     an       times   refer to     a       Personally,   find retreats     building       benefit   any team     been       building   to get     going       as   as gets     in       I   find it     find       my   members that     not       is   not for     For       been   several retreats     each       from   cup full     three       everyone   drawn, the     that       a   question that     to       blue,   is your     and       type   team buildings     my       well   the team     felt       the   These sessions     their       expectations   J A     organizations:       development   MA: Jones     Publishers       08:08   Like Profile     2       2Hi   Great post     companies       Works   powerful team     training       distributors   year we     Success       believe   left that     they       tools   needed to     successful       to   Companies such     thrive       and   sessions to     independent       Feb   2016 11:33     Profile       postsRe:Module   DQ 2I     various       and/   training sessions     career,       retreats   we had     relax,       bring   significant other     some       others   all about     and       The   I remember,     least       most   a team     “FISH       building   involved the     from       and   departments and     between       incorporates   and employee     us       and   exceptional customer     can       others   be great     a       for   we do     I       all   details of     was       retreat,   I do     we       threw   fish back     like       the   famous (Pike     inSeattle,       its   I actually     training       retreat,   four FISH     learned       emotionally   Be creative     fun       to   those you     responsibility;       instead   your attitude          work   a vital     any       a   like the     attended       and   to apply     you       key   this being     success       with   staff from     com       Fishphilosophy   http://www fishphilosophy     15,       Like   PictureMaya Taher     2       post   you actually     important       wasn't   of "One     best       to   a team     organization       time   for individuals     to       in   informal setting     someone       as   retreat" I     that       good   to take     and       the   members which     to       friends   thus more     less       09:47   Like Profile     4       2   building is     organizations       relationships   to open     as       with   employees and     one       they   a strong     I       sales   in one     previous       would   schedule meetings     contracted       I   have those     in       I   have them     our       a   lunch which     dress       to   a casual     we       get   know one     eliminate       was   the time     to       on   company’s agenda,     educate       product   and to     mission       lot   icebreaker activities,     the       I   time for     play       is   cars and     We       fun,   we had     dinner       allowed   bonding, questions     from       The   day we     and       continued   the bonding     of       successful   the way     group       year   the communication     improved,       our   This team     was       was   needed, and     able       expense   our budget     sales       gross   margin by     is       in   for that     ReferencesGrand       Module   lecture [HTNL]     https://lc-grad2       J   (2009) Health     Behavior,       MA:   andBartlett Publishers     https://viewer       15,   11:34 AM0     PictureMarie       2   2Laura,I loved     response       retreat   like it     impactful       probably   whole team     fish       and   can be     and       that   out the     me       one,   responsibility; control     instead       controlling   ” It     that       new   and philosophies     Thank       Feb   2016 01:09     Profile       postsRe:Module   DQ 2     apart       and   versions of     team       think   areas that     atmosphere       team   include something     applicable,       interesting,   something that     I       meetings   someone pulls     power       the   down and     bullet       as   the second     go       turn   I know     are       than   presentations actual     is       I   tasked with     assessment       down   of the     than       everything   a power     training,       patient   and had     take       assessment,   critiqued each     the       and   how we     effectively       This   to a     of       struggled   and how     fix       This   then adopted     normal       for   new staff     it       and   applicable as     it       training   Feb 15,     PM1       Smith-Baca   postsRe:Module 2     the       building   and/or training     the       you   been involved     worked       and   countless retreats     sessions       were   useful, and     tools,       rely   today; years     in       have   been others     I       not   awake or     from       enough   caused the     in       The   effective trainings     have       similarities   those that     as       share   similarities Those     been       offered   I still     included       venue,   specific participant     knowledgeable       speaker   reference materials     user       attributes   I have     effective       that   less effective     clearly       planned,   seem to     questions       than   from said     and       venue   not conducive     for       did   have on     and       short   and the     retreats       have   more intimate     not       entire   (500+ individuals)     yielded       training,   also truly     and       another   the short     was       new   and take     back       and   or try     While       run   found myself     stronger       inclusive   valuable relationships     we       share   and best     ourselves       retreat   training Did     their       they   your expectations?Understanding     needs       with   thought out     a       found   often allowed     or       the   objectives In     my       met   when I     retreats       often   to coordinate     time       family   the office     find       worth   content that     may       work   find not     my       met,   frustration and     distrust       for   kinds of     in       organizations   have financial     waste,       potential   involving training     asks       in   with ensure     facilitator,       to   present are     that       the   creating an     that       learning   well written     content       resources   and actually     reinvestment       through   use of     individuals       to   and utilize     daily       2016   PM0 Like     Smith-Baca       DQ   post David!     turning       and   through a     nap       of   As you     charisma       a   or retreat     engaged       process   It has     evident       the   the retreats     I've       thought   gone into     than       of   meeting materials     training       well   out with     is       audience   combination with     and       have   potential of     resources       retreat   tenfold; simply     actually       learned   those retreats     thought       content   little to     act       of   and resources     all       06:47   Like Profile     6       arrival   to El     after       Iraq,   felt my     Spanish       refreshing   that language     myself       resources   by Army     has       Stone   After four     this       felt   confident in     to       Spanish   patients They     this!       on   self-actualization of     weaknesses       has   insight, then     to       to   out additional     rectify       15,   08:42 PM1     PictureJulia       I   six years     Utilization       then   1 5     a       relocating   finding myself     of       job   was hired     hospice       a   company in     which       for   because I     wanted       but   position would     require       either   or forgotten     years       in   of developing     The       helpful   supportive, offering     in       encounter   I decided     the       up   my patients'     for       So,   enrolled in     skills       the   junior college     the       to   IVs, pumps,     dressings,       so   I did     I       the   to use     and       in   as time     I       and   in my     quickly       RN   the company     2016       Profile   Orrantia 4     DQ       fortunate   be selected     in       program,   by my     program       of   leaders to     once       six   during which,     learn       related   teamwork, leadership,     collaboration       sessions   held at     campus       there   something called     V       an   in trust,     engagement       me,   the other     The       three   poles in     like       Two   wires are     one       (the   of the     they       different   attaching to     two       “V”   The idea     partner       and   each other,     our       5   off the     the       team   on the     us,       us   we fell,     on