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which     generated   the system     net       &   2013) This     to       value   about by     Inventory,       hand,   to all     system       items   it intends     This       further   to factor     investments       plant,   equipment Operating     the       the   spent by     to       is   into throughput     Ceniga,       fixed   such as     rent       regardless   an increase     in       gave   a comprehensive     how       his   were effective     the       to   its objective     model       and   decrease operational     inventory       to   profits (Šukalová     2015)       when   area with     capacity       increase   throughput rate     of       including   and workers     ensure       is   to match     of       area   is evident     throughput       effective   improving profitability     to       expense   inventory (Pérez,     was       around   business by     the       which   could be     determined       operation,   this directed     rate       was   Describing the     ConceptThis       where   is increased     buffers       and   that speed     using       method   generally governed     drum-buffer-rope       the   of time-buffers     represents       or   constraints of     pace       critical   points have     provided       rope   this ensures     are       that   is strategically     ensure       output   protected from     occurring       is   to as     The       synchronizes   utilization and     a       materials   resources are     when       to   to the     an       throughput   is particularly     disruptions       are   (Šukalová &     The       ensures   there is     in       the   total throughput     which       ensure   the constraint     protected       effects   at non-constraint     1998)       to   buffer management,     information       ensure