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 BUSN4012 unit 1 discussion 1 

After reading the chapter on personal mastery (pages 33–60), thoughtfully write out your responses to the questions on page 54 and on page 59. How does this kind of self-observation, which you may consider an inquiry into authentic self-expression and values and self-limiting beliefs, help enhance your or anyone's capacity to lead?

Read one other learner's response. Post thoughtful, insightful, and helpful comments to your colleague. Remember that this is someone else's internal terrain. Be gentle. Offer questions to support his or her growth rather than evaluations or judgments. Discuss the value of this kind of reflection to the development of leadership. Post in the discussion area.

 BUSN4012 unit 2 discussion 1

Discuss how your request for an interview went. Reflect on the process and how you could improve it. What worked and did not work in soliciting an interview? What are you learning about contracting from the questions leaders asked you or from their responses to your request?

 BUSN4012 unit 3 discussion 1 & 2 

After reading the chapter on interpersonal mastery (pages 79–104), write your answers to the reflections on pages 95 and 103. What are you learning about your tendency to open up or shut down communication and your personal beliefs underlying these behaviors? What are your growth commitments? How might you use these questions in your interviews?

Read two learners' posts. You do not have respond to those learners' reflections, though you may do so if you wish

dq 2

After reading the chapter on being mastery (pages 147–164) do the exercise on page 157 with an open mind. Then, write your reaction to the exercise. What did you like about it? What made you uncomfortable? Why might this exercise help you be a better leader? Respond to the questions on page 164 regarding what you have learned, your commitments, and your obstacles to being mastery. How does our culture support or obstruct the pursuit and dialogue about the importance of Being to being a leader? Why is it that this is such a difficult topic to discuss (and, at the same time, why is it so essential)?

Read two learners' posts. You do not have to respond directly to those learners, but do engage in a dialogue by making at least one additional post in this area that addresses comfort level with this topic and what this tells us about our culture and the implications for leaders.

 BUSN4012 unit 4 discussion 1 & 2

dq 1

After reading the chapter on resilience (pages 127–146), write your responses to the reflections on pages 145–146. In general, how do you assess your ability to maintain balance in your life? What commitments and actions are needed in this area? Relate a story from your personal experience with a leader who lost balance. Did this leader experience health problems? Did he or she affect the health of employees, friends, or family? What happened to this leader's sense of humor, relationships, or effectiveness? Why is this important area often overlooked? What are the beliefs that drive us toward obsessive behavior?

Read one other learner's balance reflection and offer insightful comments. Engage in a discussion about the difficulty of maintaining balance in our culture and the implications for leaders vis-à-vis The New Business Realities. Support your argument with examples from your personal experience (for instance, e-mail might get you working 24/7). Post in the discussion area.

dq 2

Based on the Web site about Servant Leadership, write several paragraphs describing the aspects of a servant leader. Why does it appeal to you as an approach to leadership? What concerns do you have? Why does servant leadership seem appropriate given The Thinking Habits? Choose one of The Thinking Habits and elaborate.

Read one other learner's response. Compile a combined list of servant leadership attributes and discuss how these behaviors support The Thinking Habits of Mind, Heart, and Imagination. Post in the discussion area.

capella BUSN4012 unit 5 discussion 1 

Post your Personal Project Draft in this discussion for peer feedback. Try to post your paper by Wednesday so that you have time to integrate feedback into your final paper in Unit 6.

Read two classmates' Personal Project Drafts. Make insightful, helpful, and thoughtful comments. Be sure to include what you liked best about their papers and what suggestions you have to help them strengthen their final draft.

BUSN4012 unit 6 discussion 1 & 2

dq 1

New Science Summary. Write about your understanding of the assumptions of new science and their implications for leaders in the 21st Century.

  1. How are they supported by The Thinking Habits of Mind, Heart, and Imagination and The New Business Realities?
  2. Do you see any points of conflict?
  3. What examples of these new science implications for leaders do you see in your working environment?
  4. How are your leaders adapting to these new assumptions?
  5. How can this summary be part of the theoretical base of your Group Project?
  6. How does it explain the need for the mastery competencies suggested in Leadership From the Inside Out, that focuses on Purpose, Values, Interpersonal Relationships, and Being vs. Doing etc.?

Read at least one other learner's summary. Offer helpful, insightful comments, referencing The Thinking Habits and New Business Realities.

dq 2

Using the Internet, newspapers, magazines, or television, point out two examples of organizations operating on mechanistic assumptions and two examples of organizations where leaders operate on new science assumptions.

Read two other learners' media searches and make helpful, insightful comments.

 BUSN4012 unit 7 discussion 1 & 2 

dq 1
Using an Appreciative Inquiry, write about your responses to the four questions below. Think about leaders who used participation to help a group see the potential and create that reality. Although this is not an interview, how might you use this to support your work in the group project?

  1. Tell a story about a specific moment when you experienced a participative leader who helped a group create and achieve something exceptional? Who was there? What were you doing? What was happening?
  2. Describe the things you most valued about:
    1. the leader.
    2. the nature of the work.
    3. the organization's culture or values.
  3. What do you consider the core factor that gives life to this leadership interaction?
  4. Using what you have described, what 3 wishes would you make to heighten the vitality and health of your own leadership behavior in the future?

Read at least one classmate's Appreciative Inquiry. Comment on what most impresses you and is most memorable for you. Look for repeating patterns that may overlap more than one story about what gives life. How do these stories demonstrate or refute the importance of a leader discussing, modeling, embodying values and direction, or demonstrating how communities shape their reality? Describe the importance of participation in ownership.

dq 2

The Ropes to Know and the Ropes to Skip

Imagine it is your job to write a leader guidebook for new supervisors in your current organization. Write a list of 10 rules describing current practices and day-to-day behavior that the supervisors should follow in order to be successful. Then, write an analysis of whether these practices reflect Newtonian or New Science assumptions, giving examples and explanation for the position you take.

Read at least one classmate's ropes to know and make helpful, insightful comments about similarities to and differences with your own list. Also note whether these guidelines reflect mechanistic or new science assumptions.

 BUSN4012 unit 8 discussion 1 & 2 

dq 1

Tell a story about a time in your life where you encountered disruptive information that resulted in innovation or growth. Describe the tension between ignoring, insulating, and avoiding this new information, and how it gave way to opening, embracing, and integrating this disturbance. What was the role of self referencing, remembering who you are, your values, aspirations, and gifts, to the eventual innovation or growth? Why is this an important capability for leaders and why are you a better leader as a result of this experience?

Read at least one classmate's story, maybe someone's work you have not read before. Reflect on something in his or her story that you find surprising and that you recognize within yourself.

dq 2

Think of a technology that was once cutting edge but ceased to exist. Why did it die? Was it insulated? Did it die because it presented a closed posture to new or disturbing information? Perhaps it didn't allow freedom to self–organize. Also, tell a story of a technology that has survived due to the creativity of one or two individuals who adapted to their environment and who had the freedom to be flexible and adapt to a new reality. What role did a leader have in both of these situations?

Read the Change or Die entry of one other learner and write a scenario for the self-organizing story of how he or she self–destructed due to closed leader behavior. Also, write a growth scenario for the technology story that became obsolete, visualizing the leadership behavior that would encourage this renewal phenomenon. How might your open or closed behavior to new data be used to influence the possibilities of your group project?

 BUSN4012 unit 9 discussion 1 & 2 

dq 1

Surprise is the only route to discovery. Given the new science, The New Business Realities, and The Thinking Habits, write two paragraphs describing how a leader might include stakeholders and followers in a dialogue of discovery that encourages empowerment and autonomy of action and diversity while assuring alignment to values and mission.

Read one other learner's surprise assignment and make insightful, helpful comments. Post to the discussion area

dq 2

Using what you have learned from all members of your learning cluster, synthesize some recommendations for leaders around these topics. This will provide a basis for your group project recommendations.

Discuss in what ways your learning cluster has operated on new science assumptions and comment on behaviors that you would like to acquire that will help you be successful in your group project. Post to the discussion area.

BUSN4012 unit 10 discussion 1 

Reflections on team experience. Make your final comments and reflections on what seemed to work and not work in how the group went about completing the group project. What have you learned about successfully accomplishing a task with a group of virtual colleagues? What leadership capabilities and roles were demonstrated? How did your group incorporate new science assumptions in a way that helped you be more successful?

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