Creating a Facebook account

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Creating a Facebook account
Creating a facebook account
Answered by bizgrad
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Dated: 12th Jun'18 12:21 PM
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I     to   one of     online,       chat   with him     searched       visited   walls I     to       had   I also     some       wall   noticed their     and       wall   allowed me     share       and   with others     a       wall   well This     an       was   intuitive My     see       I   on my     name,       my   to see     post       some   my friends     post       Facebook   all these     the       they   Everything is     time!After       wall,   clicked on     option       to   Facebook News     once       able   see what     my       I   able to     Feeds”       It   what my     Facebook       status)   what they     A       “News   section is     Figure       I   to the     videos       created   album and     pictures       This   triggered a     Likes