LDR630 week 2 dq- January 2018

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Week 2 discussion


Visit the "Competitive Advantages" page of the Robert K. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership website at https://www.greenleaf.org/winning-workplaces/workplace-resources/research-studies/competitive-advantages/ and review the articles indicating ways that servant leadership helps organizations gain competitive advantage. Using that information along with the Topic Materials, discuss how servant leadership contributes to competitive advantage in contemporary organizations. Provide specific industry examples of companies that have thrived as servant leaders.


One of the challenges often faced by nonprofit organizations is financial viability. Consider how the service leadership model can make a nonprofit organization competitive in ways that are not profit driven. In your post, discuss whether or not the value the nonprofit provides to the community and the greater good is professionally appealing enough to make you want to explore as a career opportunity despite the fact that in many cases than the personal and financial gains offered by nonprofits may not match what is available in for-profit organizations.

LDR630 week 2 dq- January 2018
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It     a   move for     get       new   could work     experience       fairs,   we always     ton       applicants   are just     a       some   Our facility     how       large   to our     we       few   grad positions     yet       we've   have done     Quote       09,   02:05 PM0     Profile       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQ 2I     point       are   positive change     as       the   It is     contemplate       and   profit companies     benefit       leader   the helm     organization       week   opened my     the       success   innovation when     employees       and   in a     is       servant   model-as long     is       |   & Reply     2018       Profile   Blancett 6     DQ       your   on working     non-profit       &   | Report     09,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureMe     2       agree   your points     discussion       talented   because of     and       need   make money     the       employees   learn to     the       there   achieve more     is       in   organizations because,     the       that   a passion     related       mission   support their     a       organization’s   advantage Reply     &       2018   PM0 Like     Chun       DQ   leadership focuses     the       use   power as     leader,       genuine   between leaders     and       supportive   positive work     in       actual   of leadership,     are       the   aspects of     leadership       dictatorship   leadership allows     employees       and   their passion     the       culture,   organization develops     are       proud   employees than     their       honor   the organization     decrease       quality   reduction), and     loyalty       traits   to financial     allow       to   financially stable     an       that   willing to     higher       Quote   Reply Jan     10:45       Profile   Frazier 2     DQ       reading   post I     some       organizations   to be     their       believe   a key     separates       and   is the     For       Cross   driven by     and       blood   was maintained     for       is   about how     a       a   concept of     is       community   this is     many       (Carrol,   Carroll, A     Servant       for   Organizations Nonprofit     18-20       &   Jan 08,     PM0       Frazier   postsRe:Topic 2     I       duty   I wanted     for       had   strong mission     searched       with   compelling mission,     were       cause   than themselves     landed       Red   within the     I       American   Cross for     and       to   lack of     The       lifesaving   to meet     of       was   appealing After     became       help   and for     of       was   helping up     patients       was   impacted by     the       the   As I     the       often   calls from     loved       expressing   thanks for     blood       made   lower pay,     it       key   of servant     expressed       the   of nonprofit     as       and   commitment to     (Carroll,       B   Servant Leadership:     for       World,   18-20 Reply     &       2018   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureStacy       2   2Leelamma, If     the       whether   work for     or       would   non-profit Non-profits     understand       are   in meeting     goals       and   of everyone     organization       momentum   succeed Reply     &       2018   PM0 Like     Starling       DQ   nonprofit provides     with       they   valuable to     that       class   don't have     They're       with   different types     people       of   and situations     exist       greater   so it     that       embody   philosophy known     leadership       nonprofits   a lot     to       places   live for     of       works   a nonprofit     certifications       degree   technically certified     a       she   to work     nonprofit       some   ago why     to       nonprofit   said I     do       I   the idea     able       in   community and     me       dealt   poor living     she       much   she realized     got       not   one can     couscous       something   When I     High       for   non-profit called     of       assisted   workers with     items       were   moved from     and       Care   environment was     all       employees   genuinely nice     I       much   always wanted     back       the   but it     education       So   still want     apply       loved   motto, "abused     children       and   things" Their     was       and   loved that     Leadership       -   Servant Style     Options       Retrieved   19, 2017,     concordia-ny       &   Jan 08,     PM0       Alexander   postsRe:Topic 2     K       in   book, Servant     Journey       of   Power &     that       of   seems to     nonprofits       institutions   bad, it     the       institutions   good and     bad,       true   nonprofit organizations     not       goes   to call     institutions,       institution”   2002, p     each       sectors   make the     servant       many   for profit     I       part   A lot     are       profit   their executives     are       help   and organizations     may       financial   because the     income       be   best It     to       a   is out     others       finance's   not a     the       what   a difference     are       the   needed when     time       leadership   These organizations     to       the   focus on     which       it   while to     and       business   this organization     K       A   into the     legitimate       Mahwah,   Paulist Press     Quote       08,   08:15 PM0     Profile       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQ 2Tiera,     I       days   financial viability     on       more   ever It     expensive       provide   for nurses,     which       your   I was     the       our   which staffs     but       doctors   other nurses     their       provide   learning opportunity     healthcare       fields   as nursing,     students,       billing   coding students     free       the   team and     volunteer       well   on resources     hospitals       individuals   donations Reply     &       2018   PM0 Like     Caruthers       DQ   Blessy, You     great       benefits   working for     I       that   organizations would     to       is   turn over     companies       sense   fulfilment when     rewarding       Reply   Quote &     Report       2018   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureAdam       2   2Hi Tiera,     one       powerful   you mentioned     keeps       and   nurses in     they       knowing   are seen     a       we   feel this     amount       not   as much     have       of   that we'd     make,       nonprofit   us to     servant       it   natural that     want       work   such an     example       nurses   for less     increased       leadership   and resources     nursing       It   interesting how     can       yet   around the     various       other   servant leadership     Tiera       &   Jan 08,     PM0       Caruthers   postsRe:Topic 2     of       faced   nonprofit organizations     viability       service   model can     nonprofit       ways   are not     In       whether   not the     nonprofit       community   the greater     professionally       make   want to     a       the   that in     than       financial   offered by     not       available   for-profit organizations     example       stewardship   is often     between       How   treat their     their       on   work, creates     work       financial   considered The     model       narrative   servitude for     focuses       having   ability to     and       both   the institution     in       is   what most     about       defines   nonprofit as     organization       broad   interest (2018)     organizations       idea   service and     to       leadership   be successful     organization       that   not all     driven       that   value nonprofits     communities       good   in fact     It       feel   for and     Although       be   different than     a       the   and care     the       well   their work     make       A   focused organization     emphasis       of   and the     being       something   than one’s     be       Charitable   — Independent     d       08,   from http://www     E       28)   leadership: A     high       08,   from https://www     html?utm_term=       Quote   Reply Jan     07:12       Profile   Narisma 2     DQ       exist   serve the     so       that   managers would     philosophy       leadership   it may     it’s       practice,   part because     of       servant   actually is     Quote       08,   07:08 PM0     PictureVirginia       2   2Nonprofit organizations     around       diverse   and working     community,       a   every day     sector’s       its   has come     pressure       public   significant client     new       growing   from for-profit     organizations       a   range of     also       a   repertoire of     and       when   apply their     skills,       dictates   must make     business       without   the relationship-based     nonprofit       sight   the vision     Nonprofit       serve   greater good,     should       managers   embody the     as       leadership   an enterprise’s     on       they   clients, employees,     the       Nonprofits   lack the     of       they   face scarcer     a       and   money and     may       makes   servant leadership     untenable,       profit   fear it     profits       that   a false     just       be   profitable with     leadership       be   and impactful     References:Crawford,       the   leader of     from:       (2016)   leadership:A better     nonprofits       beaconfire-red   | Quote     Jan       PM0   Profile PictureLeelamma     postsRe:Topic       organizations   not think     advantage       to   impact and     it       the   world (Carter,     most       for   market share     considerations       nonprofit   gear towards     overall       society   & Posner,     allows       a   organization to     and       their   since helping     impacts       for   reason, employee     is       nonprofit   However, like     organizations,       have   be financially     nonprofit       depend   donations from     population       stability   nonprofit organizations     Harvest       encourages   donations and     donations,       encourage   citizens to     time,       to   their staffing     a       believe   it does     if       “for-profit”   nonprofit; if     serving       certainly   appealing enough     me       it   a career     C       not-for-profit   Retrieved from     com/profit-vs-not-for-profit-organization-4158       &   A (2013)     Competitive       January   2018, from     |       Jan   2018 06:45     Post       3   2 DQ     Thank       great   I really     described       or   description does     the       it   the internal     drives       think   lot of     work       sector   that every     just       and   can cause     moral       a   who said     previous       physicians   wait days     life       reimbursements;   couldn't imagine     Thanks!BreAnnReply       Reply   08, 2018     LikeSubstantive       Rodriguez-Stoecker   postsRe:Re:Re:Topic 2     I       hear   other facilities     as       nursing   decided to     to       Each   unit got     Therapist       surprised   and trust     were       they   an ancillary     some       silos   worked and     it       laboratory   for the     AnaReply       Reply   08, 2018     Like       6   2 DQ     for       Reply   Quote &     Report       2018   AM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureKathy       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQ 2Hi     for-profit       to   goods or     caters       and   of its     survive       companies   to either     lower       better   than their     |       Jan   2018 08:46     Profile       4   2 DQ     Gina       People/   who believe     they       committed   engaged This     an       organizations   to for-profit     |       |   Abuse Jan     12:04       Profile   4 postsRe:Re:Topic     2Claudia,I       your   especially the     you       mission   a non-profit     be       mostly   talented workers     the       join   non-profit organization     add       saying   the non-profit     a       its   and that     not       especially   that hold     The       for-profits   their employees     make       to   them make     Thus,       vision   an organization     makes       Reply   Quote &     CommentsPoints:       2018   PM0 Like     4       2Hello   benefit from     in       leaders   this leadership     on       are   important assets     the       its   and objectives     listen       showing   they can     By       followers,   leaders are     understand       become   of their     leaders       an   for their     grow       therefore,   at non-profit     leaders       employees   work as     mainly       and   their careers     the       to   more and     experience,       benefit   more by     maintaining       (Berryman,   d) Non-profit     similar       of   organizations Comparing     the       organizations   best to     one       for   organizations Because,     work       trained   work efficiently     work       well   enjoy job     even       In   nonprofit organizations     competitively       serving   community more     more       donors   2010) According     Tierney       the   said are     working       just   but in     that       their   and do     on       working   these organizations     view,       working   a non-profit     it       to   ethical, learn     efficient       resources,   develop my     a       of   for-profit organizations     many       interfere   the environment     are       professionally   to the     making       A   (n d)     Good       good   your organization     berrymanandcompany       J   , Tierney,     &       Delivering   promise of     https://hbr       (2010)   the non-profit     tomorrow       Reply   Quote &     07,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureKathy     4       2Thank   for your     In       today's   most people     who       This   be an     non-profit       organizations   finding ways     the       TOMS   is a     who       to   the needy     pair       TOMS   the company     a       needy   (either in     in       Reply   Quote &     07,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureGina     postsRe:Re:Re:Topic       think   some ways,     really       goals   am very     enjoy       but   feel there     more       make   my current     although       non   If there     position       that   me more     financial       as   I could     for       if   gave me     I       good   what I     |       Jan   2018 05:01     Post       3   2 DQ     I       huge   want to     and       enjoy   jobs We've     leave       more   and have     less       later   that money     as       of   I think     job       then   much money     You       at   than you     home       beneficial   you can     time       I'm   you found     was       TieraReply   Quote &     07,       Like   PictureTiera Jacobs     2       in   Healthcare faces     challenges       it   has Reduced     and       fines   difficult regulations     patients       few   the issues     currently       biggest   hospitals pay     staffing,       be   without their     who       most   staff overall     hospital,       of   organization Patients     cared       Nurses   close to     nurse       every   resignation, the     money,       quickly   up There     profit       offer   pay for     They       their   with a     model,       not   in the     they       of   integrity and     not       their   personal financial     work       that   to lead     servant       round   staff routinely     what       do   job They     thank       their   to let     they       genuinely   about their     employees       are   Money is     they       vast   of money     staff       expensive   nurses If     they       other   are not     non-financial       wage   one of     in       staff   patients rate     in       to   hospitals Most     to       where   work They     enjoy       integrity,   go home     are       a   Reply |     Reply       04:19   Like Profile     6       2Angela,   follow up     |       |   Abuse Jan     03:19       Profile   Clark 3     DQ       have   in the     the       can   a non-profit     financially       Greenleaf   noted that     of       employees,   results in     ultimately       organization   (2013) wrote     his       of   top performing     companies       Hess   that the     servant       organizations   and that     of       attitudes   beliefs, either     inhibits       leaders   that daily     (Hess,       for   Leadership (2016)     Retrieved       org/winning-workplaces/workplace-resources/research-studies/competitive-advantages/#100bestHess,   (2014) Servant     Path       Retrieved