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will     development   the awareness     the       to   the community     the       illnesses   this step,     initiatives       by   research on     regarding       these   The second     entail       population   these programs     of       will   engaging various     stakeholders       and   leaders These     crucial       to   entire community     aspect,       is   the target     these       ages,   and races     effects       are   among all     of       In   third step,     involve       initiatives   will involve     collaboration       and   such as     universities,       The   programs will     by       the   by relevant     profoundly       are   these nurses     be       programs   what to     including       communication   the foundation     training       Hsieh,   The final     implementing       involve   the achievement     projects
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The     these   programs will     the       the   and prevention     programs       wellness   the society     particular       the   (Kim et     2016)       the   This grant     served       board   nursing, healthcare     leadership,       For   state board     and       their   is approving     and       the   For the     this       a   to performing     For       including   organizations, this     purpose       on   initiative and     such       and   the programs     A       ,   L ,     ,       Barrett,   , Lehrer,     Mindfulness-based       for   and caregivers     with       community-based   Journal