LDR630 week 6 dq- January 2018

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Week 6 discussion


Think about Greenleaf's principles of servant leadership and what you have learned about the biblical foundation of servant leadership. Identify specific principles of servant leadership that, when employed effectively, can proliferate respect for multiculturalism and diversity within the organizations and communities they serve? Provide specific examples to illustrate your ideas.


Research an international servant leader or international servant leadership organization to examine the similarities and differences in the way servant leadership is executed in Western culture and Christianity when compared with other cultures and religions. Summarize the similarities and differences you discovered and discuss which principles of servant leadership you think are universal, regardless of religious and cultural differences. Provide examples to support your opinions.

LDR630 week 6 dq- January 2018
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lead     others   a world     injustice       the   of Nuru,     many       Western’s   view of     The       their   which defines     of       include:   the needs     before       of   own self,     the       a   world is     truth       importance   being authentic”     They       who   that they     a       which   not spelled     any       have   come from     that       quite   different place     United       One   their tenets     a       possible”   think the     in       they   to spell     We,       states,   know that     better       of   is possible     see       of   our world     better       to   for people     that       be   Their world,     only       a   more difficult     abundant       things   be better     their       from   because they     define       we   for granted     this       of   servant leadership     different       do   discuss loving     about       They   of changing     and       don’t   on individuals     focus       Once   I believe     because       different   that we     granted       authentic   transparent leadership     principles       others   before your     T       NURU   from Nuru     nuruinternational       Retrieved   Nuru Africa:     Reply       Reply   05, 2018     Like       4   6 DQ     Rentfrow,       their   by embracing     style       one   impacts the     building       remembering   come first     history       as   whole has     many       earlier   however there     group       determined   change that     Washington       Young   Leaders Initiative     established       have   it their     reject       authoritarianism   fear-mongering" which     by       Abacha,   Amin or     (Lord,       has   a leadership     model       believed   servant leadership     2,000       from   across the     49       a   style which     spread       believes   "promoting innovation,     and       organizations,   communities, and     2016)       group   from various     entrepreneurs       to   they are     members       They   in following     continue       of   leadership, the     of       empathy,   awareness, persuasion,     stewardship,       growth   people, and     (Lord,       international   leaderships, it     conclusion       only   type of     Accrording       leadership   a "philosophy     of       the   of individuals,     organizations       a   just and     (Greenleaf,       exactly   goal of     serve       democratic   increase the     security       living   Africa Greenleaf,     (2002)       journey   the nature     power       NJ:   Press Lord,     A       servant   is transforming     from       T   Effective Leadership     Multinational       https://www   edu/acad/global/publications/lao/issue_10/rentfrow htmReply     &       2018   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureGregory       6   2Elizabeth, I     your       interested   this organization     was       post   is pretty     1       in   poverty surviing     that       day   scenarios on     that       that   in 1     5       lack   food and     schools,       compounded   the spread     such       and   social problems     child       I   that the     servant       Extreme   (n d     from:       Reply   Quote &     05,       Like   PictureGregory Frazier     6       Relief   is an     reports       humanity   years ago     is       40   This organizations     to       of   world’s poor     is       prepare   recover from     capacity       people   to support     poor       determine   root cause     This       by   following values     on       (Ikhlas)   In responding     and       are   by sincerity     and       fulfil   obligations to     (Ihsan)       in   poverty are     excellence       and   conduct through     help       we   Compassion (Rahma)     believe       well-being   every life     paramount       shall   with other     to       in   to suffering     by       injustice   Justice (Adl)     work       enabling   and institutions     the       poor   vulnerable We     empower       realising   God-given human     develop       resources   (Amana) –     our       over   and its     the       in   as a     development       transparent   accountable In     organization       the   deal with     of       destruction   comes from     Many       are   infrastructure such     treatment       clean   The mission     organization       to   of the     both       the   of people     not       or   nor is     of       this   Loving and     one’s       be   universal servant     the       cultural   (Islamic, n     Islamic       d   Retrieved from:     org/category/where-we-work/afghanistan/Reply       Reply   05, 2018     LikeSubstantive       Chun   postsRe:Re:Topic 6     Olive,Thank       It   a very     I       when/where   learned servant     found       Gandhi   widely acknowledged     of       of   non-violent movements     has       a   of Satyagraha     which       non-violent   disobedience, he     of       leaders   his time     great       Luther   Jr and     were       philosophy   non-violence of     writers       Gandhi   a servant     (1939,       to   as ‘a     the       ’Journey   the East,     Hesse,       book   prompted Greenleaf     and       of   is rich     Eastern       the   tradition (Sendjaya     ,       written   Rishi Veda     one       major   epics of     the       R?m?yana(Hee,   The Bhagavad     part       and   one of     revered       and   (2009) state     leader       tradition   a humanistic     person       self-gain,   who has     concern       Bhagavad   while enlisting     of       says   “he is     hates       is   and compassionate     who       attachment   egoism, balanced     and       2000:   Thus, the     teaches       of   leadership Arthasastra,     Kautilya,       Indian   in management     the       of   Chandragupta Maurya,     North       4th   B C     Kautilya       the   of a     “In       subjects   his happiness;     welfare       pleases   he shall     as       pleases   subjects he     as       it   that servant     a       Indian   and that     adapted       Gandhi   the teacher     leaders       true   leader is     C       holistic   to business     from       Singapore   Review,29(1), 73-84     (1956)       the   Translated from     Hilda       Bantam   Inc Rarick,     ,       (2009)   managerial consciousness:     from       Journal   Behavioral Studies     1,       http://www   com/manuscripts/09151 pdfSendjaya,     Leaders       Business   1(2),1-7 Shridharani,     War       A   of Gandhi’s     its       Purnell   Sons Reply     &       2018   PM0 Like     Chun       DQ   of organizations     world       leadership   in their     differences       western   other cultures     are       context   servant leadership     over       globally   been increasing     international       keep   aside for     of       company   & Ryan,     are       the   leadership in     Christian       to   culture, for     culture       observed   terms of     human       collectivism   other cultures     Asian       people   receptive towards     or       of   principles of     theory       trust,   and services     in       and   the organizations     diverse       leadership   has been     researched       culture   hence, evidences     of       other   and religion     The       by   organization in     is       is   through providing     each       working   the organization     an       technology   a motto     comes       customers”   R ,     ,       &   L C     Practice       in   Follower Desire,     Behaviours       sim   sg/article/Pages/Current-Practice-of-Servant-Leadership-in-Singapore aspx     Quote       05,   09:12 PM0     Profile       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQ 2Elizabeth,I     heard       by   way you     organization,       like   is in     that       Servant   is a     is       the   than many     Love       as   classmate mentioned     post,       based   of love     Quote       05,   08:58 PM1     Profile       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQ 2Hi     a       I   floored (in     way)       listened   the needs     customers       the   to parents     in       illness   find it     that       organizations   for employee     yet       the   but then     anything       How   would it     every       and   with their     understand       organizations   meet every     I       respect   Starbucks now     sharing!BreAnnReply       Reply   05, 2018     Like       2   6 DQ     many       that   found when     international       Servant   puts the     others       the   Bead/chaim, Hebrew     has       children   mothers in     1988       d   The leadership     very       than   the western     the       different   Israel, this     Christian       servant   is the     this       purpose   mission of     is       eyes   women and     an       so   hopefully they     life       on   God’s promise     His       to   abortion-on-demand in     in       “hapala”   very ambiguous     mean       or   induced abortion     abortions       birth   most of     recommended       various   reasons At     they       and   others of     possibility       The   does not     but       education,   encouragement BE’AD     d)       from:   beadchaim com/about-us/Reply     &       2018   PM0 Like     Degner       DQ   CEO, Sylvia     a       Britain,   Canada As     leader       in   aspect of     She       making   her employees     taken       are   foremost concern     their       is   care of     by       environments   also tries     bonds       encouraging   interactions as     2017)       it   point to     employees       them   valued This     that       and   principle of     that       universally   and caring     followership       environment   is conducive     growth       believes   he most     she       a   is supporting     Metayer       path   humility in     role       CEO,   also admits     is       2017)   values her     and       the   to succeed     world       that   this type     and       followership   be applied     culture       success   M (2017)     10       Lead   a Totally     Retrieved       from   inc com/marcel-schwantes/heres-a-top-10-list-of-the-worlds-best-ceos-but-they-lead-in-a-totally-unique-wa     |       Feb   2018 07:49     Profile       postsRe:Topic   DQ 2One     global       that   be examined     similarities       the   of servant     in       and   blend with     compared       and   is, Starbucks     Through       a   and organization     Starbucks,       perceive   increase in     The       global   will not     merely       it   diversify the     value,       Therefore,   that function     America,       may   thrive in     such       America,   Asia One     focal       servant   is to     servant       the   surrounding their     to       means   to the     the       Starbucks,   organization both     millions       to   is known     their       heart   providing them     stock,       even   average health     However,       Starbucks   that the     the       In   demographic, the     spending       employee   toward the     elders       as   consider that     priority       Starbucks   elders of     to       the   insurance plans     In       was   awareness about     for       academic   in the     the       diverted   This was     Starbucks       within   community and     for       and   in universities     (Hincks,       kinds   acts showed     value       at   a servant     community       their   and needs     their       approach   their employees     clear       Christianity   its core     discriminate       They   the care,     understanding       globally   R (2013)     Serve:       Global   Retrieved from     com/blog/called-to-serve-servant-leadership-a-global-traditionHincks,       Is   health insurance     parents       in   Retrieved from     V       the   the awesome     baristas       http://time   | Quote     Feb       PM1   Post Profile     4       2Michelle,   enjoyed reading     Thanks       a   description of     and       servitude   can only     hard       stick   your core     internal       and   you mentioned     technology       response   this DQ,     very       that   leadership style     considered       can   found throughout     Great       |   & Reply     2018       Profile   Caruthers 4     DQ       servant   or international     organization       similarities   differences in     servant       in   culture and     compared       and   Summarize the     differences       discuss   principles of     you       regardless   religious and     Provide       your   Culture could     as       of   characteristics that     human       its   Culture determines     of       in   same way     the       individual   2001) As     learned       throughout   course and     that       I   never considered     approaches       culture   tasked with     an       encompassed   servant principles     identifying       from   Western cultured     normally       ones,   Gandhi came     Gandhi       activist   is considered     the       the   century for     When       main   between the     servant       with   Indian culture,     fascinating       aspects   and what     In       leadership   done by     and       it   discovered that     the       similar   on love,     trust,       The   was little,     study       cultures   receptive to     and       the   The study     both       the   thoughts on     of       leadership   the U     India       constructs   as performance     orientation,       (Carroll   Patterson, 2014)     a       variance,   vision was     research       biggest   away from     information       was   the Eastern     to       higher   on the     and       personal   While I     think       case   Gandhi, someone     very       food   peacefully resolve     you       Eastern   you can     this       the   and others     I       safe   say the     of       universal   is not     culture       is   widely accepted     and       best   leaders have     to       do   always look     the       do   you can     in       places   betterment of     driven       that   a message     Irving,       Cross-Cultural   on Servant     Leadership,       G   Culture’s consequences:     behaviors,       across   (2nd ed     Park,       |   & Reply     2018       Post   PictureAna Rodriguez-Stoecker     6       North   is definitely     of       the   While no     us,       working   racism, not     but       Anglo-Saxon   programs that     leadership       hope   future generations     will       other   because we     and       said   not look     In       are   children of     living       |   & Reply     2018       Profile   Piras 2     DQ       known   her kindness,     understanding       very   but was     to       need   is the     of       Missionaries   Charity This     people       to   and help     care       of   The similarities     leadership       Western   and Christianity     they       before   They practice     and       after   guiding their     focusing       good   differences are     the       live,   their needs     who       example   Western culture,     leader       in   multi million     who       over   country and     able       to   community with     funding       they   religions that     they       such   clean drinking     education,       and   helped by     get       nothing   volunteer contributes     to       humanity,   it is     that       be   without these     is       look   the big     see       suffering   and forget     can       things   great love”     the       Reference:http://www   org/07_family/volunteering/v_cal htmlReply     &       2018   AM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureVirginia       6   2Hi Cynthia,Thank     sharing       person   signifies a     is       an   vision; encourages     empathizes       listens   to others;     divisions       strong   that will     grow       joy   2013) The     apparent       will   called upon     vision       a   focus to     Northouse,       Theory   practice (6th     Thousand       Reply   Quote &     05,       Like   PictureVirginia Narisma     6       you   sharing your     post       Nuru   very interesting     cultural       servant   is a     set       enriches   lives of     better       creates   more caring     |       |   Abuse Feb     11:17       PictureVirginia   3 postsRe:Topic     2Servant       who   a strong     serve       chosen   lead others     highly       followers’   and concernsAs     leader,       is   compassionate listener,     the       to   his people     has       desire   understand other     and       realistic   He has     his       humanity   always choosing     of       enlightenment,   accordance with     principles       others   follow, he     art       believes   trying to     that       course   action will     to       He   consensus among     allows       their   openly, rather     them       authoritarianism   strongly opposes     to       though   may be     his       bring   independence in     that       of   people, while     to       and   In comparison     Western       Luther   Jr is     leader       principles   servant leadership     lifetime       the   of servant     not       the   but the     He       and   divisions through     a       (Perry,   Servant leadership     to       truly   and act     to       successful”   2013) Regardeless     and       think   anyone who     genuine       about   growth and     others       of   leadership Servant     those       the   they serve     individuals:       more   and independent     not       is   caring