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NUR670 week 14 discussion - February 2018
Answered by sharpie
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Dated: 26th Nov'18 11:28 PM
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secular     power   not be     or       with   user issues     needs       and   skills to     with       followers   is a     and       is   over time     interaction,       people   2014) References:Delhousaye,     &       Servant   Seven distinctive     Press       V   The gendered     of       critical   of women’s     a       Human   Development International,     doi:10       |   & Reply     2018       Profile   Hart 4     DQ       work   an important     servant       affirm   by listening     validating       recognize   that reach     their       support   in any     I       situations   the unit,     sure       everyone’s   work and     contribution       the   This approach     issue       the   leadership paradigm     Brewer       a   leader must     ego       as   are more     the       as   on their     and       and   (p 59)     are       power   of the     between       followers   secular leadership     as       the   Secondly, secular     followership       instead   the informal     respect       servant   The followership     hard       leader   fear of     evaluation,       of   servant leader     work       mutual   Secular leaders     employees       or   so the     organization       whereas   leadership seeks     those       mutual   of the     the       leadership   may reach     results       the   of respect,     and       retention   create more     loyalty       leadership   DelHousaye, D     Brewer,       Leadership:   distinctive characteristics     Editions       http://gcumedia   servant-leadership_-the-seven-distinctivecharacteristics- of-a-servant-leader_ebook_1e     Quote       26,   08:18 PM0     PictureGregory       14   At work     to       my   with them,     them       consider   to truly     not       daily   but also     their       think   staff would     I’m       who   has an     policy       and   my best     that       issues   concerns reported     the       can   summed up     quote       “learn   Me, for     gentle       heart”   & Brewer,     servant       preference   humility placing     themselves,       before   own This     done       heart   secular view     is       and   within the     and       important,   are more     means       to   productivity and     the       D   Brewer, B     leadership—seven       Books,   Scottsdale, AZ     Quote       26,   07:34 PM1     PictureMelissa       14   can honestly     never       in   way that     in       this   gives them     of       more   part of     world       is   to not     know       used   shy away     I       position   administration I     to       with   might be     grief/concern--but       to   them down     what       causing   regards to     I       some   not realize     this       took   help change     and       WReply   Quote &     Report       2018   PM0 Like     Jacobson       DQ   affirm people     treat       knowing   they matter     (Warren,       I   that encouraging     one       affirm   let them     they       good   believe listening     also       that   matter I     you       think   what you     say       2013)   my coworkers     me       am   calm I     a       through   head, but     show       is   calm person     others       with   questions According     “the       displayed   an attitude     wanting       or   but to     focused       of   & Brewer,     57)       what   coworkers have     and       shows   coworkers I     to       and   leadership view     are       sense   power is     one       people   things (Delhousaye     2004,       view   power is     orders       concept   jurisdiction (Delhousaye     2004)       was   over to     their       informal   or formal     them       &   B (2004)     The       of   Servant Leader     Sheridan       (2013)   Ways to     the       Retrieved   https://pastors com/?s=3+ways+to+continually+affirm+the+people+you+leadReply     &       2018   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureMadeline       14   I like     have       encouragement   trust between     followership       underutilize   for encouraging     their       to   and staff     In       my   does a     recognizing       not   sends out     someone       but   goes up     person       face   face I     is       we   behind our     technology       without   interaction for     long       wanted   often times     deal       punitive   with staff     are       that   commend this     recognizing       when   have done     This       wish   replicate when     a       |   & Reply     2018       Profile   Degner 4     DQ       be   and always     positive       Our   get long     are       so   is easy     to       we   so wrapped     the       to   Specifically, I     I       you   someone has     and       of   co-workers at     of       we   leaving to     Nursing       effort   if we     each       will   have never     co-workers       feel   is a     I       would   that I     hard       nurse,   always available     Delhousaye       say   preference of     leader       great   he leads”     I       make   around me     before       I   other nurses     their       to   or pursue     leadership       role   bedside nurse     important       with   people so     stay       as   professional DelHousaye,     Brewer,       leadership:   distinctive characteristics     Scottsdale,       Quote   Reply May     02:46       PictureAngela   4 postsRe:Topic     I       work   showing them     I       them   usually tell     work       at   end of     I       important   take the     sit       co-workers   give good     and       the   that is     Being       staff’s   to patient     giving       other   that I     at       co-workers   about me     say       decisive,   and a     According       the   of a     is       those   leads This     by       the   Placing others     oneself       they   successful and     success       focus   the servant     form       comparison   the secular     power       to   relationships is     servant       to   informal authority     workplace       authority   secular view     might       to   power from     position       of   may produce     in       of   others and     make       focus   be placed     personal       Brewer,   ReferencesDelHousaye, D     Brewer,       leadership-seven   characteristics [Adobe     DC]       com/digital-resourcesReply   Quote &     26,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureCathryn     postsRe:Re:Re:Re:Topic       right,   have the     being       many   supporting further     leaders       trained   servant leadership,     future       will   positive influences     cohorts       question,   people have     my       the   is that     is       up   take the     charge       place   a charge     so       with   our hospital)     I       should   rewarded for     job,       are   and good     job       &   May 26,     AM1       PictureIslane   7 postsRe:Re:Topic     I       we   the role     An       organizational   involves diagnosis     In       would   with a     asking       separately   tell me     what       can   his/her reaction     he/she       verbal   I will     based       they   will need     professional       Per   (2017) t     intervention       to   conflict by     participants       various   of handling     deal       effectively   Rahim, M     Managing       Routledge   | Quote     May       PM0   Post Profile     7       Thank   Cathryn, but     what       about   charge nurse     not       unfortunately   the availability     degree,       to   a change     unprofessional       curious   how your     can       if   doesn't even     patients       staff   complain?Reply |     Reply       10:31   Like Profile     4       I   with people     and       must   to speak     words       It   with them,     ensures       work   thank them     and       tireless   Nicely spoken     expectations       their   it shows     is       managers   to specific     and       covering   shift due     issues       knows   are appreciated     kind       team   positive outcomes     organization       role,   staff will     Servant       willingness   sacrifice time     to       of   (DelHousaye, 2004,     Based       and   about me,     will       kind,   give positive     work       in   stressful situation,     calm,       attention   the success     courageous       player   Your Preference•     aside•       more   than oneself•     the       Assisting   in reaching     Affirming       others   2004, pg     we       aside   titles and     work       to   the organization     became       many   to the     accommodating       in   Team members,     and       success   leaders have     policy,       comfort,   about organizational     in       and   team members     allow       team   we gain     for       comparison,   view of     the       and   to work     a       objectives   sectors appreciate     of       for   results in     outcomes       &   B (2004)     The       Scottsdale,   SBC Press     org       ways   affirm others     UK       to   others Reply     &       2018   PM0 Like     Mathew       DQ   affirmations bring     to       it   bring a     result       of   life They     part       and   critical to     of       attitude   uphold people     treat       You   bring positive     noticing,       them   their helps     also       them   any events     words       what   say eventually     what       can   our mental     the       to   It is     if       lie   enough you     to       yourself   being is     nature       don’t   notice the     others       something   cut across     agenda       nature   be proud     Many       to   the power     comment       is   and self-loving