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NSG6340 week 5 discussions - January 2018
Answered by sharpie
Expert Rating: 387 Ratings
Dated: 30th Nov'18 08:06 AM
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depression     be   in making     Pharmacological       use   psychotropic medications     common       the   selective serotonin     fluoxetine,       and   The atypical     such       and   may be     reducing       thinking   AN, but     appear       of   gain over     standard       may   a role     comorbid       it   not be     line       test   to evaluate     are:       (CBC)   platelet count     Serum       creatinine,   (including calcium,     phosphorus)       tests,   albumin, TSH     LH,       is   effective intervention     should       a   weight is     follow       be   with a     and       monitor   physical and     (Herpertz-Dalmann,           T M     J       ,   J (2017)     A Collaborative       [South   Retrieved        from https://digitalbookshelf           for Disease     Prevention       behavior   (YRBSS) Retrieved     cdc       Herpertz   Dahlmann B     Adolescent       on   symptomatology, epidemiology,      Child       N   177–196  Neinstein,     (2016)
Preview of nsg6340_week_5_discussion_.docx
also     the   is very     frail       is   you for     What       areas   concern? What     can       closer   your diagnosis?Based     history       be   for the     practitioner       this   year old     suffering       of   disorder Anorexia     nervosa,       disorders   characterized by     patterns       prevalent   adolescent girls     Herman,       are   with impairments     and       can   quality of     productivity       health   and eventual     left       Herman,   Evidently, adolescents     mask       to   behavioral symptoms     anger       (Buttaro,   Bailey, Sandberg-Cook,     the       examinations   ideal screening     adolescents       weight,   and body     measurements,       such   the SCOFF     be       for   disorders (Harrington,     &       SCOFF   is a     of       five   that includes;Do     yourself       feel   full?Do you     you       over   much you     recently       One   (14 lb)     3-month       yourself   be Fat     say