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nur699 week 8 topic 2
Answered by sharpie
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Dated: 3rd Dec'18 09:44 PM
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EBP-based     &   20150 ReferencesMelnyk,     &       Evidence-Based   in Nursing     A       Practice   ed) Philadelphia:     06,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureNavdeep     postsRe:Re:Topic       Great   “EBP is     it       the   effective care     available,       of   patient outcomes     to       effective   based on     available       EBP   us implement     educators       in   to improve     Critical       with   of EBP     important       different   Reference Guyatt,     ,       ,   R Z     Cook,       Users'   to the     XXV       for   the users'     patient       1290-1296   http://dx doi     284       ,   W ,     ,       Evidence   medicine: what     and       it's   integrating individual     and       evidence   312, 71-72     doi       7023   D (2010)     medicine       Cambridge:   University Press     ,       &   Mar, C     practice:       professions   ed )     Elsevier       Glasziou,   , Richardson,     &       Evidence-based   how to     teach       )   Churchill Livingstone     06,       Like   PictureNavdeep Dhaliwal     8       helps   a pathway,     of       implementing   based practice     help       world   providing safe     care       we   learned strategies     future       us   others in     provide       including   Three strategist     be       practice   be understanding     learning       and   I believe     will       embracing   role as     educator       will   me evolve     professional       help   knowledge to     care       important   it aims     the       that   available, with     of       Patients   to receive     effective       the   available evidence”(University     Reference       ,   R B     R       Cook,   J (2000)     to       XXV   medicine: principles     the       patient   JAMA, 284,     http://dx       284   1290Sackett, D     W       ,   al (1996)     medicine:       and   it isn't:     integrating       and   best external     312,       doi   1136/bmj 312     D       medicine   ed )     University       ,   S ,     Mar,       practice:   the health     ed       Elsevier   S ,     ,       &   R (2011)     how       teach   (4th ed     Churchill       06,   09:14 PM0     PictureGregory       8   2Increasing the     promoting       EBP   the duty     APN       APN   may be     roles       manager   think I     three       use   understanding of     will       my   use of     such       Nurse   and the     Nursing       also   this in     managers       me,   ensure they     only       also   EBP to     opportunities       clinical   I will     these       keener   evaluating the     the       to   if the     reliable,       I   a nursing     my       I   to promote     of       council   These meetings     a       to   in their     Aug       PM0   Post Profile     4       great   to take     the       at   hospital Most     a       have   librarian which     a       use   also think     students       resource,   are open     to       in   settings is     option,       necessity   therefore, a     (Melnyk       ReferencesMelnyk,   M ,     E       Practice   Nursing &     Guide       (3rd   ) Philadelphia,     Kluwer       08:28   LikeSubstantive Post     Wilson       DQ   good post     that       really   and useful     is       changing   practices I     EBP       most   in these     they       EBP   as well     steps       practice   You brought     really       your   about educating     about       the   being implemented     nurses       the   about the     the       this   help motivate     applying       treating   Aug 06,     PM0       Wilson   postsRe:Topic 8     have       from   course over     8       a   post, I     utilize       if   all, of     we       practice   and foremost,     an       important   formulate a     is       practice   i e     This       identification   the issue     and       as   as the     the       Fineout-Overholt,   Then I     the       as   library, and     in       to   the effectiveness     EBP       are   prior to     it       and   information The     that       is   education to     staff       and   it into     efficient       critical   implementing change     ensures       relays   relevant information     nursing       them   the tools     means       implementation   the EBP     Fineout-Overholt,       my   proposal was     skin       hospital   pressure ulcers,     something       working   implementing into     our       shows   implementing skin     with       other   measures can     hospital       ReferenceMelnyk,   M ,     E       in   and healthcare:     to       ed   Philadelphia, PA:     &       2018   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureAdam       8   2Hi Michelle,     with       that   help with     and       but   transparency I've     the       out   a more     when       versus   " What     doing       as   as why     many       leadership   on easy     connect       by   thoroughly explaining     are       do   ok to     People,       know,   like its     deal       EVERYONE   mistakes and     to       up   Great discussion,     06,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureAdam     postsRe:Re:Topic       Janet,   "we are     why"       I   have to     to       is   nurses need     why       we   Also, you     of       professor   with you     something       my   It is     understand       demonstrate   can say     anything       I   referenced change     my       its   to understand     utilize       help   the change     can       like   teeth Great     AdamAug       PM0   Profile PictureTerri     postsRe:Re:Topic       Great   to the     strategies       your   Even at     in       physicians   constantly try     me       and   always ask     me       what   Most of     they       the   Good work     06,       Like   PictureTerri Miller     8       start   the discussion     great       The   on products     randomized       not   by the     made       can   difficult to     speaks       validity   the product     that       ask   questions instead     adapting       states   work Dr     2018       Profile   Clark 5     DQ       for   kind and     I       much   means a     have       classes   in this     we       a   Ditto and     attcha!!!(I       go   and edit     DQ       says   instead of     was       I   it was     well,       do   best and     is       improvement!)Aug   2018 03:33     Post       5   8 DQ     you       thoughts   our discussion!     your       attitude   organization's culture     to       to   or failure     an       leadership   down through     staff       in   our clinical     and       that   with a     may       but   have learned     course       made   nurses to     to       change   needed, and     on       supported   isn't easy,     is       to   support Thanks     Aug       PM0   Post Profile     5       2Vincent,   you for     the       beginning   this course,     quite       PICOT   didn't even     from       although   dive into     the       not   deep as     program       Melnyk   Fineout-Overholt's (2015)     to       question,   began to     the       as   nurse into     problem       develop   research question     was       refining   Miller had     us       to   we approached     problem!       end,   all learned     strengthen       the   process ReferencesMelnyk,     &       Evidence-Based   in Nursing     A       Practice   ed) Philadelphia:     Aug       PM0   Post Profile     5       2-   and you     Cheryl,Thank       your   You have     I       you   call for     improvement       underscores   need for     that       and   In line     direction-setting       experts,   have responded     initiatives       valuable   that nurses     can       make,   fully deliver     promise       06,   12:23 PM0     Profile       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQ 2Hello     post       really   the mark     how       a   in redesigning     is       and   practice nurses,     the       can   a difference     incorporated       practice   bedside nurse     an       EBP,   and uses     on       to   better outcomes     (Schmidt       Schmilt,   A &     M       for   Appraisal and     Research       &   Aug 06,     PM1       PictureVirginia   5 postsRe:Re:Topic     2Hi       your   You have     As       information-intensive   library and     working       play   significant role     basic       particularly   searching skills,     and       BP   needed at     who       in   with clinicians     them       and   them consistently     Aug       AM1   Profile PictureBreann     postsRe:Re:Topic       Cynthia,Thanks   your post!     liked       what   committees may     for       they   ask I     too       ask   prior to     This       been   great reminder     those       so   BreAnnAug 06,     AM0       PictureBreann   4 postsRe:Re:Topic     2Hi       post!   agree that     time       evidence   extremely important     a       nurses   not get