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NURS6630 Full course ( discussion , Assignments, Final Term, Midterm) - July 2018
Answered by sharpie
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Preview of NURS6630-Week-6-Midterm-Exam---June-2018_(6).docx
aboveQuestion     of   pointsMs Ryerson     28-year-old       mood   She recently     transfer       PMHNP,   not getting     with       The   PHMNP is     Ryerson’s       to   first appointment     the       the   provider last     had       ”   does the     about       based   this documentation?Selected     patient       response   antidepressants Question     of       recognizes   which patient     contraindicated       Answer:A   with a     designationQuestion       1   does the     treating       cyclothymia,   has major     with        The   may experience     cycling       of   pointsThe PMHNP     for       the   genotype of     does       regarding   patient’s response     serotonin       treatment?Selected    The patient     less       to   treatment Question     of       is   42-year-old patient     depression       that   action of     affect       levels?Selected    Norepinephrine potentiates     through       receptors   400 out     pointsWhich       the   correctly describes     between       pharmaceutical   Answer:A  “Drugs     release       411   of 1     is       in   psychiatric emergency     patient       that   does not     his       lifted   being on     antidepressants       of   year Which     following       residual   for patients     not       major   disorder?Selected Answer:D     CQuestion       1   (Prozac) has     for       of   following statements     regarding       this   Answer:C  Upon     administration       5HT    Question 431     1       knows   teaching was     one       compares   to sertraline     which       similarities?Selected    Both are     causing       such   dizziness, restlessness,     Question       1   45-year-old female     allergic       blood   has had     in       trying   paroxetine, and     precautions       considering   oxidase inhibitors     treating        The   will need     dietary       such   tap and     aged       products/tofu   451 out     pointsAfter       an   treatment team     student       instructor   explain a     to       depression   is the     Answer:D       above   460 out     pointsA       presents   symptoms of     lack       difficulty   What risk     increase       a   of depression?Selected     syndromeQuestion       1   nurse overhears     patient       therapy   an SSRI     She       the   has been     SSRI/SNRI       symptom   She approaches     and       next   option could     this       The   tells the     will       with   following regimen:Selected     plus       of   pointsMrs Radcliff     42-year-old       considering   paroxetine Why     PMHNP       abrupt   of the      She       trauma   491 out     pointsA       fluoxetine   is concerned     side       demonstrates   patient teaching     the       with   Answer:C  Induction     is       out
Preview of NURS6630-final-exam---August-2018-(5).docx
the     ADHD   often not     of       with   conditions B     always       when   conditions exist     has       on   symptoms D     often       with   given the     comorbidity       1   QUESTION 56Which     following       statement   the use     to       hyperactivity   (ADHD)?A In     both       treating   anxiety with     reuptake       reuptake   (SNRIs), or     the       is   effective in     conditions       output   increased by     the       (DA)   norepinephrine (NE)     conditions       activation   present, such     or       should   be treated     D       pulsatile   of stimulants     short       to   ADHD 1     57The       a   for pediatric     a       about   agents to     Which       noradrenergic   have norepinephrine     (NRI)       treat   Desipramine (Norpramin)B     Concerta)C       “A”   “C”E “C”     QUESTION       patient   to an     his       are   having concerns     her       to   faces The     considering       based   the following     aphasia,       diplopiaC   apraxia, agnosiaD     arthralgia1       PMHNP   a patient     symptoms       the   considers treatment     patient       for   possible causes     Which       answers   both possible     of       rational   option for     other       syndrome,   sclerosisPossible treatment     B       hypothyroidism,   insufficiency, hyperparathyroidism     option:       other   hypothyroidism, adrenal     deficiency       risperidone   Possible other     Cushing’s       Possible   option: donepezil1     60A       students   further clarification     PMHNP       inhibitors   beneficial for     patients       appropriate   Acetylcholine (ACh)     inhibited       enzyme   B Effectiveness     agents       stages   Alzheimer’s disease     increasing       in   patients may     rapid       &   ”1 points     PMHNP       patient   presents with     of       noted   positron emission     What       the   consider before     for       what   would the     to       other   ApoE4 genotype     antihistamines       2   and avoid     and       “A”   “B”1 points     72-year-old       in   early stages     disease       that   memory is     consideration       medication   of the     be       A   (Exelon)B Donepezil     (Razadyne)D       above1   QUESTION 63A     presents       symptoms   PMHNP determines     of       a   Select the     is       appropriate   A Reduced     remember       problematic,   an appropriate     is       in   ability to     retain       most   and an     option       C   ability to     correct       problematic,   an appropriate     would       Reduced   to remember     are       an   treatment option     donepezil       64A   male patient     Alzheimer’s       agitation   aggressive behavior     determines       following   be the     option?A       Haloperidol   Citalopram (Celexa)     (Lexapro)1       PMHNP   been asked     an       include   to the     antipsychotics       What   the PMHNP     staff?A       antipsychotics   cause increased     and       good   in treating     psychosis       is   (Haldol) C     often       straightjackets”   over-tranquilize patients     “A”       points   66An 80-year-old     diagnosed       Alzheimer’s   a history     bowel       drug   be the     for       patient’s   problems?A Donepezil     (Exelon)C       of   above1 points     PMHNP       (Wellbutrin)   an effective     assist       cessation   is this     for       (Wellbutrin)   the dopamine     patient       through   B Bupropion     patients       by   the way     tastes       blocks   reuptake, enabling     of       (Wellbutrin)   on the     to       of   1 points     (Revia),       is   medication that     for       following   AlcoholismB Chronic     of       moderate   withdrawal1 points     patient       is   treatment for     begins       tremors,   diaphoresis What     the       this   Phenobarbital (Luminal)B     Naloxone       points   70A patient     obsessive       been   a high-dose     is      
Preview of NURS6630-final-exam---August-2018-(2)_(4).docx
slowing     matter   in the     cortex       can   neurotransmission to     ”1       patient   fibromyalgia and     needs       for   of pain     the       to   for this     (Cymbalta)Clozapine       QUESTION   PMHNP prescribes     for       pain   does the     the       It   bind to     ligand       calcium   B It     synaptic       C   will act     presynaptic       sodium   D It     activity       neurons   suppress body     reaching       points   28Mrs Rosen     49-year-old       experiencing   What does     prescribe       to   this condition?A     Armodafinil       All   the above1     29The       for   patient with     second-line       PMHNP   that may     for       pain?A   (Ritalin)B Viloxazine     (Tofranil)D       QUESTION   PMHNP is     treat       pain   having the     the       of   to block     with       of   Which agent     PMHNP       Pregabalin   Duloxetine (Cymbalta)C     Atomoxetine       31A   with irritable     reports       The   wants to     patient       will   irrelevant nociceptive     the       ignored   no longer     painful       the   prescribe?A Pregabalin     (Neurontin)C       and   points QUESTION     wants       symptom-based   to treating     with       the   go about     patient?A       an   that ignores     symptoms       reaction   as “fibro-fog”B     patient’s       that   gray matter     the       Matching   patient’s symptoms     malfunctioning       neurotransmitters   might mediate     None       points   33The PMHNP     with       care   a patient     peripheral       student   the PMHNP     are       in   this particular     What       response   the PMHNP?A     increase       “SSRIs   increase serotonin     “SSRIs       norepinephrine   ”D “SSRIs     increase       levels   points QUESTION     with       no   psychiatric comorbidities     treated       Which   is the     likely       LithiumC   Naltrexone1 points     is       has   diagnosed with     parents       seeking   treatment What     PMHNP       regarding   treatment options?A     be       to   ”B “There     medicine       kleptomania   “Kevin may     be       treat   illness ”D     proven       kleptomania   points QUESTION     best       approach   treating patients     aggression?A       can   limbic irritability     antipsychotics       dopaminergic   C Stimulants     used       inhibition   Opioid antagonists     used       1   QUESTION 37A     hypersexual       assessed   possible pharmacologic     does       an   for this     will       euphoria   It will     control       block   D It     the       about   things 1     38Mrs       that   teenage daughter     much       Internet   inquires about     for       Which   by the     understanding       for   disorders?A “Compulsive     can       to   we treat     substance       “Internet   is treated     that       tension/arousal   your daughter     “When       Internet   we prefer     patients       than   methods ”D     no       Internet   but there     therapies       try   points QUESTION     is       PMHNP   discuss healthier     With       33,   Peterson is     needs       food   “Sometimes I     addicted       way   people are     drugs,”       statement   describes the     between       addiction?A   is decreased     the       There   increased sensation     reactive       There   reduced activation     that       There   amplified reward     activate       points   40The PMHNP     for       reports   arousal at     could       for   time-limited duration     the       a   state to     state?       receptor   BenzodiazepinesC StimulantsD     QUESTION       caring   a patient     too       anxiety   daytime hours     agrees       treatment   states, “I     to       drowsy   the medicine     decision       PMHNP   proper knowledge     patient’s       treatment   Avoiding prescribing     a       H1   B Prescribing     a       on   receptorsC Stopping     from       unblocks   receptorsD None     above1  
Preview of NURS6630-final-exam---August-2018-(2)-(5).docx
loss     dorsolateral   cortexC Matching     symptoms       brain   and neurotransmitters     mediate       of   above1 points     PMHNP       the   to care     patient       neuropathic   The student     PMHNP       not   useful in     particular       is   best response     PMHNP?A       norepinephrine   ”B “SSRIs     serotonin       increase   and norepinephrine     “SSRIs       serotonin   norepinephrine levels     QUESTION       gambling   and no     comorbidities       with   agents Which     the       to   AntipsychoticsB LithiumC     points       an   who has     with       are   in seeking     What       tell   parents regarding     options?A       an   option to     “There       options   treat kleptomania     may       prescribed   to treat     ”D       effective   treating kleptomania     QUESTION       describes   pharmacological approach     patients       Anticonvulsant   stabilizers can     irritability       can   subcortical dopaminergic     Stimulants       to   frontal inhibition     antagonists       to   drive 1     37A       disorder   being assessed     pharmacologic       the   prescribe an     this       prevent   of euphoria     will       C   will block     It       patient   think about     1       Kenner   concerned that     daughter       time   the Internet     about       her   addiction Which     the       of   approaches for     “Compulsive       be   similarly to     treat       use   ”B “Internet     treated       help   the tension/arousal     daughter       it   to Internet     prefer       with   rather than     ”D       evidence-based   for Internet     there       your   can try     QUESTION       meeting   the PMHNP     healthier       a   of 33,     is       to   his food     I       to   the way     are       he   Which statement     the       food   drug addiction?A     decreased       prefrontal   B There     sensation       reward   C There     activation       process   D There     reward       upon   1 points     PMHNP       a   who reports     at       the   use for     duration       patient’s   from a     to       A   2 receptor     StimulantsD       41The   is caring     patient       much   and anxiety     hours       to   pharmacological treatment     “I       feel   or drowsy     medicine       made   the PMHNP     knowledge       symptoms   appropriate treatment     prescribing       drug   blocks H1     Prescribing       drug   acts on     Stopping       taking   that unblocks     None       points   42The PMHNP     a       review   the chart     PMHNP       PMHNP   the chart     older       long-term   facility who     insomnia       that   patient has     hypnotics       basis   does the     problematic       Older   patients are     take       have   half-lives that     drug       elderly   Hypnotics have     that       for   adults D     not       masking”   insomnia in     1       PMHNP   caring for     with       is   about pharmacological     the       want   experience dependence     treatment       PMHNP   select for     for       while   and correcting     pathology       insomnia?A   hypnoticsB AntihistaminesC     Non-benzodiazepine       44The   is caring     patient       who   benefit from     The       prescribe   patient a     an       hours)   drug will     prescribe?       Estazolam   Triazolam (Halcion)D     (Ambien)1       PMHNP   attempting to     patient’s       wishes   start with     prescription       half-life   approximately 1–2     is       prescription   the PMHNP     A       (Doral)C   (Restoril)D Flurazepam     QUESTION       chronic   asks the     they       an   (OTC) medication     that       prescribed   help the     Which       response   the PMHNP?A     no       will   you sleep     can       of   five benzo     are       United   ”C “You     to       for   non-benzodiazepine medicine