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IFSM 201 Spring 2018 Week 6 quiz
Answered by nerdygirl
Expert Rating: 200 Ratings
Dated: 4th Dec'18 06:21 PM
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likely     not   a violation     employee       uses   color printer     office       of   flier he     to       employee   Question 12     violationB) Likely       13 (0   points) Marissa maintains     on       site   always performs     her       sure   avoid visiting     at       has   upset by     policy       and   made comments     on       page   of the     of       conduct   Marissa violating?Question     the       of   user ID     B) Take       property   to you     knowledge       in   responsible way     organization's       for   purposes only     2       following   considered a     user       networking   during lunch     14       points) (Yes/No)   has a     business       her   time job     accountant,       company   database to     for       knows   so she     to       her   designed to     see       Is   acceptable use?Question     16 (0       networking   such services     Twitter,       have   significant changes     way