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Solution - Identify one aspect of big data and data mining
Answered by nerdygirl
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Dated: 6th Jul'19 12:00 PM
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The     use   information technology     to       in   process of     the       that   be made     of       telehealth   the healthcare     is       intention   ascertaining the     of       be   One of     of       technology   per the     that       a   process of     the       people   process of     easier       is   passed to     people       of   need for     the       efforts   are put     for       the   for change     one       manage   healthcare needs     of       as   help in     of       the   of information     attributed       of   information that     With       technology,   is sure     information       However,   challenge with     of       the   of education     community       could   a chance     the       reached   implies that     use       the   who are     of       able   get access     information       one   be able     the       the   of a     effective       necessary   of change     as       that   will result     rise       that   be seen     use       The   recommend that     of       not   managed in     manner       instance   developing communication     people       the   is expected