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Solution - NUR6003 Week 6 discussion 2019
Answered by debbie
Expert Rating: 192 Ratings
Dated: 6th Jul'19 12:00 PM
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Preview of NUR6003-Week-6-Discussion.docx
CollapseTop     Lovester   I wanted     to       post   currently work     health,       area   interest to     fascinating       psychiatric   I work     in       restraint   seclusion is     if       the   staff or     are       In   it occurs     that       nursing   is unfamiliar     of       accompanies   seclusion or     I       Lubna,   al (2016),     can       effective   to manage     an       it   the least     and       violence   et al,     we       who   from mental     have       of   in their     instituting       as   first line     behavior       the   and prolong     In       the   article, you     CINAHL       agree   this is     appropriate       for   related research     that       found   not peer-reviewed     you       be   case? I     that       CINAHL   to be     have       for   years now,     remember       was   What criteria     use       the   were peer-reviewed     I       for   abstract, background,     conclusion       ones   particular interest     are       peer-reviewed   According to     University       another   that can     to       article   peer-reviewed is     the       include   articles only,     publication       there   an indication     peer-reviewed,       journal   contains the     and       state   it is     source       n   ) ReferencesAngelo     (n       guides   to recognize     Retrieved       from   angelo edu/services/library/handouts/peerrev     Jancirani       A   Huiting, X,     Warric,       (2016)   components and     by       of   in psychiatric     systematic       Database   Systematic Reviews     Reports, 14(12),       waldenulibrary   11124/JBISRIR-2016-003219Reply Quote     Bottom       as   Message Not             Christine   Walden Instructor Manager     CollapseTop       for   this week     discovered       search   CINAHL       to       you   on the     keyword       you   from that     Quote