Technical analysis of a cloud provider assessing the offering and provider - Amazon

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Looking for written assessment of a technical analysis of a cloud provider assessing the offering and provider. Looking for 8 pages. Focus cloud provider to Amazon cloud/Amazon Web Services

Written Assessment: Students must complete a technical analysis of an instructor approved cloud provider and provide written assessment of the offering and provider. The review should be no less than 6 and no more than 10 pages in length not including the cover sheet and bibliography. The paper should be double spaced and correctly formatted (APA).

The research paper will have five sections. The student will seamlessly integrate all five sections for the final paper. The format of the paper should be as follows:

· Section 1: Executive Summary (Abstract style)

· Section 2: Technology Description.

· Section 3: Technology Analysis

The first three sections are three to four page sections which will be the student’s subjective analysis of the technology being analyzed. This is a highly subjective section and should incorporate principles learned during the course and in the reading. The goal of this section is to identify best practices.

· Section 4: Summary of Findings and Recommendations

· Section 5: Bibliography and References (including web references)

The final paper includes all sections, revised to provide a seamless total report written in past tense, with the Executive Summary as the first page of the report. The writing style should be that of a report done by a business consultant to client management. Typographical errors, misspellings, or poor grammar are not acceptable in a business situation and are not acceptable in your paper and you will be graded accordingly. ONE TYPO will result in a grade reduction.

RESEARCH SOURCES: could include web references and the sources. Be sure to identify all sources in any homework assignment. Web sources should be identified by their URL (or WWW address) and the title of the web site. Include sources of information from personal interview sources by indicating the name, title, and company that the person represents. All sources reviewed during the research must be listed in the bibliography. Sources from which specific ideas are used or quotations made must also be cited using foot or end notes.

Technical analysis of a cloud provider assessing the offering and provider- Amazon
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