IFSM305 week 2 discussion latest - October 2016

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Week 2 discussion

Group B: Drawing from your own experience, select a process (a set of specified steps to accomplish a task) used at your place of work or in your interaction with a health care organization that you would like to see improved. Explain why you picked that process. Explain how you would go about improving it. Who should be involved with you? What are some of the questions you should ask about the current process? How will you know if the process was actually improved?

First, we need to be sure you can identify a process; many students have difficulty with that, so refer to your textbook and other readings. I am also interested in the method to be used to improve the process, not a solution. (For example, I am not looking for something like: "The clinic where I work is new and has few patients so far. We should use social media to advertise more." The discussion here is about identifying a process and how the clinic would go about deciding how to improve that process, who should be involved, what should be considered, and what steps should be taken.) You should employ the techniques discussed in class or those that you find in your research. Keep in mind that outside resources strengthen your responses.

Remember, members of Group B should create a posting in response to the questions above by midnight Thursday. These postings need to thoroughly respond to the questions. Then members of Groups A, C and D will respond to at least two students’ postings with comments, questions and further discussion. (Remember "more than 2" substantive postings are required for an "A.") If questions are posed, they should be responded to by the original poster. Let’s have a great discussion and some interesting examples to take a look at for improving processes!

Your first assignment, Stage 1, requires you to analyze a process and suggest ways it can be improved. This discussion is to help prepare you to successfully complete that assignment.

IFSM305 week 2 discussion latest - October 2016
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Sep     8:14   Antwain,As a     I       area   improvement but     not       perse,   steps taken     the       facilities   can be     but       we   money within     doesn’t       an   process although     is       appropriations   Here in     had       the   VA and     due       tools   for colonoscopies     died       continues   the bottom     people       to   improperly performed     could       a   improvement such     by       ensure   sterilization These     that       through   or implementing     and       think   the appointment     also       to   so to     potential       Profile   for James     James       2,   8:49 AM     a       are   over-runs and     appropriated       that   older veterans,     use       Health   Suite", there     than       WWII   who just     see       of   machine According     VA       VA   been accused     $51       government   to fund     and       suite   mobile health     reported,       preliminary   general report     MeriTalk,       launched   family caregiver     in       had   IT funds,     it       an   of its     So       funds   aside for     according       "What   how could     be       according   to this     IT       the   to begin     How       cure   ails of     of       labs,   appointments etcThe     misappropriated       its   health app     2016       content   The VA     funds       mobile   to fund     and       suite   mobile health     MobiHealthNews       of   Media X     flagged       Matthew   to Antwain     -       9:09   Antwain,Your selection     of       a   Please identify     gap       for   (e g     coordinated       etc)   will not     to       in   assignment, meaning     in       Please   one process     Prof       image   Eric von     Eric       Sep   2016 9:14     points,       a   we could     improve       Profile   for Eric     2       -   2, 2016     Good       be   process we     to       I   not familiar     VA's       any   I don't     VA       several   that do     alternate       and   at the     the       they   but other     sterilization       VA   a pretty     of       Overall,   issue I     not       processes   management when     level       I   pointing out     can't       the   run too     we       suggest   that can     care       they   do get     see       for   WWII vets     just       want   need an     sometimes       at   problem and     up       implementations   money while     the       be   by a     process       ones   the system     their       the   to them     doubt       either   most organization     the       questionnaires   surveys to     an       towards   customers, so     with       receive   sometimes the     poorly       This   leads into     problem       try   use technology     a       of   customer base     averse       up   two systems     you       clients   don't want     technology       that   which leads     manpower       Its   same with     to       simplistic   soon you     be       a   phone as     everyone       My   hates her     she       simple   phone so     push       call   and another     our       barely   support them     looking       of   completely It     the       technology   move forward     not       too   flagged Profile     Antwain       Antwain   - Sep     1:54       me   ok there     process       problem   have to     civilian       there   no process     careless       benefits   also Now     an       Im   a computer     S       a   of what     make       world   a CS     to       get   into the     spread       to   IF you     an       will   a hard     care       VA   like you     the       of   process is     it       processes   mentioned funding     the       Every   I go     appointment       crowded   need to     clinics       coming   LaPlata to     for       absurd   flagged Profile     Eric       Antwain   von Hillebrandt     2,       Antwain,So   there a     could       to   coordinators to     efficiency       see   vets in     manner       better   some form     or       be   to assist     their       is   series of     having       can   use something     experience       made   smoother? Building     while       process,   processes are     do       process   places vets     with       can   ratings by     more       coordinators?   a couple     got       post   flagged Profile     Carlo       Almazan   Sep 3,     PM       and   the frustration     gaps       care   veterans get     still       so   personally haven't     hand       is   the VA     have       in   care of     our       facility   We have     Sharing       hospital   we mainly     or       and   cancer treatment     that       to   addressed or     our       more   access and     the       hospital   to provide     on       first,   receive a     the       Then   providers review     let       he   to see     often       actually   to squeeze     in       possible   to the     cancer       problem   encounter is     are       for   than a     we       booking   schedule to     The       scheduling   is to     access       so   can come     the       is   issue that     would       To   this issue,     suggest       the   Sharing agreement     an       to   that would     temporary       base   long as     is       our   staff would     to       step   coordinating between     ID       just   access Anyways,     the       after   get seen     providers       is   to perform     pre-operative       a   complicated due     different       all   the VA     see       issues   would require     thorough       from   medicine, cardiology     as       that   required These     complicated       limits   access they     to       screening   a military     supposed       at   local VA     all       screening   at the     be       could   see the     a       if   can provide     to       the   If the     just       to   the screenings     facility,       make   more safer     patients       access   the results     have       the   involved Then,     is       surgery   scheduled, everything     more       the   coordination is     up       only   left for     I       patient's   issue because     something       to   into so     figure       streamlined   to take     our       lessen   frustrations in     having       care   flagged Profile     Eileen       Campbell   Sep 4,     AM       agree   you regarding     appointment       of   Affairs Healthcare     the       care   with 152     community       126   home care     35       the   is overseen     federal       family   and patients     served       It   appalling to     a       have   wait up     months       as   American I     My       of   family members     the       and   Baltimore Area     I       a   I find     to       to   services for     and       think   VA staff     have       with   benefit from     with       veterans   of Veteran     About       va   aspNot flagged     for       Antwain   - Sep     8:27       agree   you also     looked       way   die due     staff,       cuts   thinks its     ball       no   in site     August       Tallahassee   was horrible,     did       facility   South Park     Profile       YoungReply   Antwain Antwain     Sep       PM   understand what     saying,       money   be used     better       Some   are spread     I       150   to Gainesville     an       case   are put     for       vets   point them     right       that   older vets     liaisons       is   good for     vet       was   terrible waste     I       you   that Not     image       2   Young -     2016       Carlo,   you for     Thank       the   to me     a       the   question When     active       an   the next     a       I   that the     the       lack   va employers     of       process   vets use     facility       I   understand why     don't       Its   a thought     another       another   cannot complain,     see       long   arounds for     flagged       Antwain   2 Antwain     Sep       PM   Ellen Thank     the       link   just think     are       back   America has     the       we   to overlook     I       for   TBI, and     have       doctor   flagged Profile     Elizabeth       Elizabeth   - Sep     9:54       you   bringing this     can       would   difficult and     begin       that   appointments for     can       it   for veterans     to       on   It would     if       unified   to communicate     for       that   the federal     are       computer   that are     of       having   programs communicate     other       come   LisaNot flagged     for       2   Rae Raymond     5,       Hello   highly agree     post       VA   system is     i       just   funding but     towards       services   The government     funds       as   , Medicaid,     and       alone   lot of     and       huge   of benefits     and       sounds   either make     you       the   of sacrifice     loss       by   in the     you       you   you no     them       more   they do     Government       by   profit always     Profile       SimpsonSpecimen   and Processing     -       11:55   Last Edited:     2016       process   collecting and     blood       needed   since the     (November       hospital   I currently     chose       I'm   involved, being     the       and   these samples     is       just   many steps     process       order   EPIC2 Respiratory     order       must   into Cerner     bedside       by   wristband 4     drawn       label   is then     locate       label   printed (if     6       scanned   affixed to     RT       to   Cerner application     Net"       specimen   taking it     lab       At   lab RT     runs       the   gas analyzer     result       RT   logs in     to       the   10 RT     in       to   the result     for       in   patient's chart     It       a   can be     improve       can   accomplished by     IT       the   involved to     understanding       wrong   the current     they       with   plan to     of       problem   that the     (Cerner       Net)   acting as     because       no   between EPIC     (lab       Improve   replace the     to       with   thus eliminating     for       2   dedicated label     each       patient's   therefore, no     scan       3   result is     finalized       uploaded   to the     because       direct   between the     and       having   sign-on" to     on       would   evident that     is       are   faster and     can       Many   who require     gas       very   therefore, the     takes       to   the result     delayed       for   patient Not     image       HillebrandtSpecimen   and Processing     Hillebrandt       2016   AM Nardia,As     reading       was   that the     systems,       are   not compatible     the       EPIC   you noted     an       conduit   you described     I       of   the software     application       with   That’s a     of       pursuing   it will     resistance       always   it this     but       is   from change     sake       case   improvement of     also       archaic   block, Radiance     of       is   worthwhile idea     an       introduces   many points     as       issues,   actual labels     Could       central   such as     station       could   installed, this     cost       person   ability to     the       them   the charts     sign       good   although I     in       I   a good     time       systems   the day,     a       for   equipment but     end       for   name and     authentication       purposes   don’t know     works       your   but if     improve       the   so that     care       made   then that’s     thing       and   per your     done,       post   flagged Profile     Matthew       Matthew   - Sep     9:22       process   collecting and     blood       an   topic to     look       your   Make sure     the       assignment   ensure you     able       topic   each assignment     builds       Prof   flagged Profile     Jacquelyn       Processing   King -     2016       brought   a good     the       a   can increase     of       Profile   for Nardia     and       -   2, 2016     Hi       the   response In     the       in   central location;     not       we   required to     identity,       label   at bedside     done       in   specimen A     ago       a   which utilized     printer       room   worked really     speed       collection   and also     on       infectious   <<< Replied     below       von   on: Sep     8:03       and   I was     post       that   two software     and       not   due to     nature       you   which necessitated     application       you   it Then     your       the   to an     is       That’s   good line     and       it   likely meet     the       it   way” crowd     for       from   for change’s     in       improvement   a process     a       block,   The idea     printers       worthwhile   but from     perspective       many   of failure     as       actual   themselves etc     be       such   the nurse’s     a       installed,   would minimize     allow       ability   print all     and       the   A single     is       although   am not     medical       a   amount of     into       the   we have     sign       equipment   you still     being       name   password for     audit       don’t   how it     you       but   it can     timeliness       so   patient health     can       then   a good     my       per   post Well     very       flagged   image for     to       -   2, 2016     Prof       that   consideration Thank     the       to   below >>>Authored     PaceAuthored       2016   AMSubject: Reply     the       and   arterial blood     is       to   I look     reviewing       sure   read the     all       you   be able     this       assignment   assignment builds     other       Profile   for Monique     and       -   2, 2016     Hello       too   applications involved     process       a   inconvenience for     can       agree   the main     replacing       to   it compatible     It       at   end of     an       in   and ultimately     have       in   Perhaps designing     that       of   specifically for     Of       be   to the     to       eliminate   sign on     applications       the   issue, it     a       to   they do     one       I   that the     verify       like   suggested, a     be       few   that way     not       around   for a     the       be   by walking     distance       image   Carma AguirreSpecimen     Processing       Sep   2016 12:42     are       are   too many     more       more   for error     the       Work   not harder     Profile       von   Collection and     von       3,   2:23 PM     expensive       investment   seems and     organization       it   efficiency and     processes       Not   Profile image     RobinsonSpecimen       Elizabeth   - Sep     10:25       you   bringing up     and       the   documentation source     hospital       and   different program     collection       lot   steps to     sample       logins/passwords   lots of     We       stations   have a     each       you're   a sample,     bring       and   labels at     However,       a   of steps     be       only   to use     flagged       Joseph   Collection and     Hatheway       2016   PM Hey     knew       so   steps to     collection       with   IT department     a       on   the process     would       to   the new     hardware       that   would also     viable       Project   if your     one       entire   to be     from       with   that will     and       better   the budget     of       it   over either     then       see   at all     Profile       MillerSpecimen   and Processing     -       3:13   Hi Nardia,I     EPIC       of   and I     imagine       the   side deal     system       with   single sign-on     I       extremely   when I'm     and       need   perform daily     have       log-ins   different systems,     to       wastes   time to     to       believe   needs whatever     be       healthcare   and assist     in       calculations   diagnoses I     with       IT   with the     process,       be   for a     to       you   a very     informative       image   Susan ChiccaSpecimen     Processing       Sep   2016 3:25     It       you   about blood     and       worked   another hospital     DC       Cerner   It seemed     when       the   of a     were       blood   on the     without       We   able to     Cerner       the   needed I     idea       include   like blood     know       had   draw blood     for       could   print out     label       process   attach it     tubes       sending   the lab     The       in   order for     or       and   would even     which       to   and how     to       med/serg   we did     blood       was   done in