In Week 1 Content – Chapter 1 What is an Information System – there are several examples of definitions

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In Week 1 Content – Chapter 1 What is an Information System – there are several examples of definitions of an information system. The one constant in those definitions is that they are used to hold data and enable the use of it to support an organization’s use of that data.

In Section II of the BA&SR Strategic Use of Technology (Stage 2 Assignment due end of Week 4), the focus is on decision making at various levels of the organization and different aspects of how CIC can use a new hiring system to its benefit.

For this week’s discussion, select one of those aspects (listed below) and discuss how companies can use information systems and the data within them to address that aspect. Conduct some research and provide specific examples including what companies have focused on in these areas and examples of types of information systems used to gather, analyze and distribute data. Simply typing “use of data to support organizational collaboration” (or whatever aspect you select) into your web browser will produce results, but be sure to evaluate the sources to make sure they are relevant to this discussion. The idea is to discuss these various aspects and how companies use information systems to improve in these areas, as examples to help you as you think about the Stage 2 assignment. So please do not discuss CIC or the case study, or even human resources (HR) systems.

As you select your topic, insert your topic in the subject line of your response and please try to pick one that has not been selected by another student, so we can cover them all.

  • Decision-making
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Relationships
  • Structure
  • Competitive Advantage

Initial responses from members of Group D are due by midnight Wednesday. Members of Groups A, B and C should post a minimum of two comments/responses to classmates' postings by Sunday midnight. (Remember "more than 2" substantive postings are required for an "A.") Be sure your posting addresses the discussion questions. Let me know if you have questions. Failure to address discussion topics appropriately will result in less than full participation credit. Be sure to check back and see if other students or I replied to your posting and posed additional questions or asked for additional information.

In Week 1 Content – Chapter 1 What is an Information System – there are several examples of definitions
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