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Global poverty is an international issue. Other countries are inclined to look to the U.S. with its great wealth to take an active role in assisting poor nations. People here spend money trying to counter baldness while people in other countries are starving to death. On the other hand, foreign aid may be distributed as political favors rather than going to those most in need. Present both sides of the argument on whether the U.S. should work to achieve the Millennium Aid goal for contributions to increase the U.S. contribution to 0.7% of its GDP.For each side of the argument, provide three facts to support the argument. Use at least three of the following concepts in your response:

  • Extreme poverty
  • Severe poverty
  • Persistent poverty
  • Economic growth
  • Human Capital
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due     growth   China and     extent       the   came into     “Will       Goals”)   some may     growth       skeptics   that providing     is       these   poverty countries     economic       arguments   MDG, the     were       were   lack of     growth,       and   weren’t realistic     is       main   surrounding the     foreign       inefficiency,   corruption surrounding     in       are   It doesn’t     these       as   better or     officials       an   in funding     situation       or   (2011, Bandow,     or       argument   to reason     S       hand   money and     up       money   being used     money       will   a solve     if       being   funded Moreover,     be       donating   isn’t helping     growth       In   article, “Does     Help       Ana   she reveals     “an       aid   not seem     economic       around   world Rather,     foreign       a   tended to     with       ”   short, the     money       is   promoting growth;     continue       and   to these     are       away   them We     allow       to   by themselves     set       be   realized Some     suffer       haven’t   felt the     this       were   behind to     have       to   meaning goals     feasible       been   ambitious for     Childs)       it   argued that     and       devote   realizing them     be       the   at hand     goal       is   who is     helped;       an   positive or     On       certain   believe and     support       With   new Sustainability     coming       government   to be     on       poverty   2030 Albert     quoted,       the   to know     duty       It   with this     our       supply   aid to     poverty       of   MDGs, argue     is       take   and provide     countries       to   the results     are       and   our growth     on       others   Obama stands     Sustainability       a   press release     than       during   -- although     to       avert   -- we     to       and   seeds and     to       they   boost their     increase       more   and lift     out       “Remarks   the President”)     he       against   women’s pay     change,       with   governance He     it       to   the lead     the       world   and that     from       other   He believes     our       together   why this     so       numbers   hard to     a       MDGs,   school enrolment     Africa       52%   1990 to     2015,       have   women in     1995,       ration   fallen by     and       new   infections fell     from       &   “What Have     Development”)       to   medicines or     fight       major   that MDG     a       by   people that     support       part   this global     mortality       approximately   percent since     most       probably   since 2005     companies       forth   efforts to     medicines       in   countries” (McArthur,     the       say,   are strong     and       project,   even more     the       I   that in     grow       we   to invest     wellness       share   resources and     However,       we   accomplish that     donating       world   need to     involved       the   Challenge Corporation     play       corporation   on good     ownership       results   mcc gov)     focused       promoting   growth and     opportunity       and   these countries     Bandow,       22)   Aid or     Retrieved       from   forbes com     (2015,       the   Development Goals     targets?       2016,   www weforum     poverty       fall   Retrieved February     from       Galatsidas,   , &     (2015,       have   millennium development     Retrieved       from   theguardian com     the       (2014,   15) Retrieved     2016,       gov   J (2013,     Own       the   Development Goals     Retrieved       from   brookings edu     the       Development   (2015, September     February       www   gov Swanson,     October       aid   help the     February       www   org UN     |       Historic   (2006) Retrieved     2016,       orgTags:   Reply Quote     UnreadThread:Global       the   card for     Elrod       Date:   16, 2016     and       project   like all     rich       world   donate 7%     GDP       that   U S     more       around   (U S     2015)       the   S gives     1%       Foreign   2015) Out     countries       U   ranks near     at       higher   to Portugal     2005)       for   against the     Some       are   the project     40       dollar   (and the     more       helps   beneficiaries (Bolton,     of       lost   corruption and     Poverty,       feel   America needs     care       people   instead of     poverty       happening   2014, 46     people       and   1 million     in       (Feeding   2015) Our     $19       at   alarming speed     the       an   of $37     year       countries   would be     place       back   budget and     to       2011)   to U     Aid       that   are for     are:Economic       people   $1 billion     and       saved   to early     installed       warned   Mt Pinatubo     about       1991   Capital through     Literacy       33%   in the     years       enrollment   tripled This     for       learn   work and     Extreme       USAID   in Southern     1992       in   region which     of       to   a better     solve       just   money at     has       teach   how to     be       countries   the U     needs       focus   the wasting     and       be   support our     ReferencesBolton,       Doesn’t   Skyhorse PublishingEnd     (2015)       2016   http://www heartsandminds     America       Hunger   America Retrieved     2016       org/hunger-in-america/impact-of-hunger/hunger-and-poverty/Malito,   (2011) Foreign     domestic       February   2016 from     com/daniel-p-malito/foreign-aid-domestic-firs_b_890626       From   UN Millennium     February       http://www   org/press/action7_oecd05 htmlU     Aid       Borgen   Retrieved February     from       None   Quote Mark     6       Access   profile card     Jason       Posted   February 16,     PMStatus:PublishedPoverty       in   United States,     many       much   globally Poverty     as       family   economic condition     the       basic   of living     p       line   being able     the       living   not is     poverty       parts   the world,     people       below   line The     ranks       world   the Gross     (GDP)       capita,   As one     richest       world,   the United     to       citizens   in poverty?     the       send   what actually     food       are   Reasons why     S       achieve   Millennium Aid     contributions       U   contribution to     its       are   within the     that       But   poverty line     than       counties   the poverty     low,       extreme   Extreme poverty     international       is   to as     25       a   day’s work     2016)       and   is impossible     at       Many   these countries     hard       of   international poverty     are       period   persistent poverty     when       at   20 percent     country’s       below   poverty line     30       generations   people who     constant       these   within the     goes       substances   human survival     is       can   by meeting     If       economic   they can     in       possibly   self-efficient (McArthur,     can       country   significant improvement     growth       of   poverty 3     the       not   to achieve     Aid       to   the U     to       GDP   Many of     who       poverty   owners of     government       these   can sometimes     corrupt       -   aid can     who       to   on aid,     try       economic   They can     money       then   can working     called       (p   - There     no       program   worked Africa     very       According   Professor Russ     George       aid   rarely generated     prosperity       spent   then it     multipliers       economies   the countries     aid       ”In   opinion, we     to       food,   medicine, and     poor       extreme   But we     ensure       not   the aid     a       especially   we have     (all       this   in our     ReferencesExtreme       13)   from www     https://en       capita   Feb 10)     www       wikipedia   J (2013,     Own       the   Development Goals     Retrieved       edu:   brookings edu/research/articles/2013/02/21-millennium-dev-goals-mcarthurOpenStax     of       University   J M     21)       Development   Foreign Aid     Freedom       heritage   http://www heritage     None       as   6Post:DB 6Author:     Posted       2016   PMStatus:PublishedAttachment: File     docx       None   Quote Mark     Aid       Access   profile card     David       Posted   February 16,     PMStatus:PublishedProfessor/Classmates,In       assembly   economically advanced     make       0   of gross     (or       as   development assistance     idea       advanced   to reach     by       2012)   purpose is     be       some   government assistance     have       Millennium   Goals are     extreme       2   universal primary     promote       empower   4 reduce     5       6   HIV/AIDS, malaria     diseases,       sustainability,   8 develop     partnership       Project,   Reasons U     work       Millennium   goal for     7%       other   to become     can       globalizationIt   weak countries     global       improves   helathReasons U     not       the   Aid goal     (       GDP)Foreign   is often     as       Most   does not     to       that   it mostAid     at       (2012)   Guardian Is     7%       Relevant?   from: http://www     Project       Are   Retrieved from:     org/goals/index       Quote   as UnreadThread:Millennium     Millennium       the   card for     Miller       MANAGER   Date: February     2:36       conclusions   to whether     the       for   0 7%     Have       billions   dollars that     has       the   of humanitarian     sustainable       those   MTags: None     Mark       DB   Access the     for       Sam   INSTRUCTOR MANAGER     February       PMStatus:PublishedTomar,What   the arguments     dramatically,       None   Quote Mark     6       DBAuthor:   the profile     user:       Miller   MANAGER Posted     17,       is   nice concise     the       con   don't foresee     where       cut   all such     we've       billions   dollars into     the       of   countries that     eight       abusers   the aid,     warlords       Have   got any     to       to   this problem?Dr     Reply       ReadThread:Global   Global PovertyAuthor:     profile       Sam   Sam Miller     Posted       2016   PMStatus:PublishedVicki,Our country     hundreds       dollars   eight programs     Many       though   beneficiary of     a       further   where they     of       war,   other poorly     Has       that   describe many     changes       from   these people     None       as   PovertyPost:RE: Global     the       user:   Miller Sam     MANAGER       17,   2:49 PMStatus:PublishedMallory,     and       that,   goals and     having       billions   dollars on     the       poverty   continue to     something       logical   to address     the       countries   anything positive     warlords       are   charge, lining     pockets?Dr       Quote   as ReadThread:Unit     Access       for   Jose Lopez     Posted       2016   PMStatus:Published As     my       paper,   learned that     always       an   in the     the       association   created, there     set       extend   a country     step       poverty   in other     the       a   of countries     with       other   in need     to       selves   outcome was     Africa       lives   children do     The       this   has also     an       are   pros and     the       in   In my     pros       consist   the impact     harm       population   to increase     7%-Extreme       impacted   a positive     if       Is   start on     that       for   - Economic     increase       being   some type     coming       country   will stimulate     create       poverty   also be     a       people   see good     a       *Cons   increasing by     major       on   economies of     providing       will   force to     or       jobs   the employer     conduct       take   in the     there       constant   of unemployed     to       capitol   also take     as       taking   hit At     of       the   will safe     in       dollar   If people     cut       could   fixed in     little       brookings   None Reply     as       Heidi   Posted Date:     2016       U   increase its     to       the   for:Foreign aid     United       United   government stands     from       offers   developing countries     is       out   (Terry &     Aid       countries   commitment partnerships     markets       the   States In     jobs       promoted   the economic     the       enhanced   benefits national     sectors       education,   alleviation and     the       creating   safe environment     peaceful       flourish   economic growth     foreign       The   stabilizes the     countries       and   the interests     United       This   avoid emergence     conflicts       relationships   the United     other       hence   perceptions reduced     to       aid   to increase     rising       has   poor both     of       The   is the     country       states   ranks lowly     achievement       7   set standard     the       United   that all     the       (Anup,   Commitments on     in       such   severe poverty     ignored       in   World cannot     reducing       in   counties die     and       be   Points against:US     put       rather   aidForeign aid     to       It   argued that     the       aid   enhance security     nations       the   in the     to       resources   protect the     attacks       Proponents   this notion     the       country   benefit if     aid       They   that the     A       to   on foreign     realize       efforts   recipients of     misuse       offered   the developing     not       poorest   deserve it     fails       extreme   alleviation goal     millennium       Despite   quantity increase     aid       the   has experienced     to       in   There has     poverty       the   countries implying     goals       0   percent remain     of       treated   political favors     economic       remains   trade between     ta       the   citizens The     be       aidInstead   using foreign     encourage       political   improve healthcare     global       can   developing nations     and       combat   and create     friendly       a   tool in     reducing       and   economic growth     countries       brought   its poverty     percent       by   on trade     education       S   september 28)     for       from   Issues: http://www     debate       october   Obama vs     the       the   aid budget?     international       http://idebate   (2006) The     %:       Retrieved   Milleniumproject: http://www     htmTerry,       Brett,   D (2008,     The       The   Track for     Aid       Heritage   http://www heritage     Reply       ReadThread:Unit   Unit 6Author:     Posted       2016   PMStatus:PublishedJose, In     world's       to   0 7%     GNI       Income)   official international     annually       despite   give each     nations       their   promised targets     Reply       UnreadThread:DB   DB 6Author:     Posted       2016   PMStatus:Published Professor,     against       are:   Aid is     on       recipient   used to     and       countries   Most aid     actually       poor   would need     most       are   by rich     that       for   country products,     nations       a   to open     markets       http://www   org/article35/foerign-aid-development-assistanceTags: None     Mark       DB   PovertyPost:Unit 6     PovertyAuthor:       card   user: Patricia     Ells       17,   9:06 PMStatus:PublishedProfessor     the       to   the Millennium     of       to   Bureau of     (2016)       GDP   2015 was     billion       that   be $125     Only       9   of our     federal       1%)   to foreign     Guess       Uncle   Money Goes     Aid       dollar   are huge     personal       tiny   you deal     percentage       According   The 0     An       16   the 22     have       the   target by     we       the   agreeing to     table       our   as percentage     GDP       The   7% target:     look       the   Development Goals     by       the   S did     the       were   as UN     quotas       we   orchestrating key     initiatives       we   not increasing     capital       community   2013) Even     2005       Scotland   did not     MDG       Developed   are looking     approach       as   more than     GDP       moving   policy and     in       education,   and international     renewable       2012)   European Center     Policy       to   a development     that       involvement   sustainable development     the       2012)   U S     in       and   ranked 11     22       its   in Afghanistan     assistance       and   on agricultural     Walz,       original   for extreme     2002       people   on less     a       it   raised by     Bank       a   ( UN     Public       goal   to reduce     of       extreme   by half     and