DNP810 (September 2019) Module 2 Assignment

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DNP 810 Evidence-based Practice for Quality Improvement

Module 2 Assignment  



Write a 5-7 page (the page limit does not include title and reference pages) essay addressing each of the following points/questions.

Prepare your document using the APA 6th edition format, using the 12-point Times New Roman font and formatted with one-inch margins.

Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each bullet point. There should be six sections, one for each bullet below.

Separate each section in your paper with a clear heading that allows your professor to know which bullet you are addressing in that section of your paper. The headings should follow APA format. This is a guide to formulating headings in APA format:

Support your ideas with at least three (3) citations other than your textbook (you may also cite your textbook = 4 citations minimum) in your essay.

Make sure to reference the citations using the APA writing style for the essay.

The cover page and reference page do not count towards the minimum word amount.

You will need Microsoft Word or a compatible word processing application to complete this assignment.

Save your work as " Firstinitial.lastname-coursenumber-modulenumber" in the .doc or .docx file format, e.g. J.Smith-N000-1.docx.


Describe the frequency and composition of Review Committees.

What are the functions of a Nursing Review Committee?

Describe the guidelines for critiquing the ethical aspects of a study.

What are your thoughts regarding these guidelines.

Are they necessary?

Why or why not?

What are the levels of reviews by the Institutional Review Boards (IRBs)?

Explain the different levels.

Are you familiar with IRBs?

Do you have an IRB at your institution?

How do they function?

How often do they meet?

What is an informed consent?

What are the general requirements for an informed consent?

Review one of the website below. Describe an ethical concern and how it is or was addressed by the organization:

The International Council of Nurses' (ICN) The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses (2012)

American Nurses Association's (ANA) ANA Position Statements on Ethics and Human Rights

ANA's Code of Ethics for Nurses

Steneck, N. (2007). ORI introduction to the responsible conduct of research. Washington, D.C.: US Government Printing Office.

The Hastings Center web site

The Hastings Center's Bioethics Forum

Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) 

Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) IRB guidebook   

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Human Subjects Protection 

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

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