DNP810 (September 2019) Module 1 Assignment

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DNP 810 Evidence-based Practice for Quality Improvement

Module 1 Assignment  


Register for a NCBI Account  - (Do not click the area that states “skip registration by using a 3rd party sign in option.” Please make a note of your log in username and password).

Complete these PubMed®  activities by following these instructions:

Using PubMed®, you will create a search strategy for your selected topic. You should use MeSH® terms and Boolean operators (i.e., AND, OR, NOT). After you complete each step below, record the number of references returned by your search. Include the frequency of "ALL" and "Review" for each step. Adjust your search strategy so that you can complete all steps.

Run a basic text search using two MeSH® terms for your topic.

Refine your search by using the LIMIT feature to include only references that are within five years.

Refine further to include references in which the search terms appear in the Abstract/Title.

Refine further still to include references in which the search terms appear only in the Title.

Display your results in Abstract format. Export your results to text and print; this is to use later while you write for this short activity. Save this file using your search terms in the file name, e.g. diabetes-mellitus.doc.

Save your work as " Firstinitial.lastname-coursenumber-modulenumber" in the .doc or .docx file format, e.g. J.Smith-N000-1.docx.

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