NURS 200W Lesson 3 Assignment

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Lesson 3 Assignment

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You may write your answers to the questionsdirectly below each questionon this document. APA format is required for all parts of this assignment.

1. Read the assigned article for Lesson 3. Answer the following questions:

a. What was the purpose of the study?

b. Describe the sample.

c. How was the sample obtained?

d. Is the sample likely to be representative of the population? Why or Why not?

e. Identify the study variables and label the variable types (independent, dependent, extraneous).

f. Describe how the main study variables were measured.

2. Complete the following table, “Comparing Quantitative and Qualitative Research.” You may need to refer back to earlier chapters and/or look up information on the web to help you complete the table. Type your answers into the table cells, they will expand as you type.





Sample Size

Data Collection Methods

Type of Data

Data Analysis


NURS 200W Lesson 3 Assignment
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