NSG6340 week 2 Discussion - January 2018

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Week 2 discussion

This week you learned about common conditions in the adolescent client. Please review the following case study and answer the following questions.

A fifteen-year-old female presents to your clinic complaining of shortness of breath and a nonproductive nocturnal cough. She states she used to feel this way only with extreme exercise, but lately, she has felt this way continuously. She denies any other upper respiratory symptoms, chest pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, or urinary tract symptoms. Her past medical history is significant only for seasonal allergies, for which she takes a nasal steroid spray but is otherwise on no other medications. She has had no surgeries. Her mother has allergies and eczema, and her father has high blood pressure. She is the only child. She denies smoking and illegal drug use. On examination, she is in no acute distress and her vital signs are: T 98.6, BP 120/80, pulse 80, and respirations 20. Her head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat examinations are essentially normal. Inspection of her anterior and posterior chest shows no abnormalities. On auscultation of her chest, there is decreased air movement and high-pitched whistling on expiration in all lobes. Percussion reveals resonant lungs.

What is the chief complaint?

Based on the subjective and objective information provided what are your 3 top differential diagnosis listing the presumptive final diagnosis first?

What treatment plan would you consider utilizing current evidence based practice guidelines?

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Post your response to the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Respond to at least two posts by the end of the week.

NSG6340 week 2 Discussion - January 2018
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when     but   feels it     on       objective   provided what     3       listing   presumptive final     history       in   she takes     steroid       any   medical or      She       and   drug use     above       breath   nonproductive nocturnal     continuous       are   listed: Temperature 98     pressure       and   20  The     was       except   the decreased air     high-pitched       in   lobes and     sounds
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by     nocturnal   on the     objective       are   3 top     listing       diagnosis   causes shortness     and       2013)   is often     a       and   be made     exercise       as   in a     auscultation       normal   decreased air     is       and   inspiration The     wheezing       correlates   severity of     it       document   length Given     history       and   presence of     cough,       would   asthma PneumoniaShortness     is       the   signs of     in       would   make the     considering       of   such as     shaking       phlegm   chest pain     in       Symptoms,   d) Acute     viruses       adenovirus,   A and     parainfluenza       is   to cause     breath       cases,   always a     This       condition   as a     2008)       would   consider utilizing     based       of   with respect     is       symptoms   and in     lasting       will   inhaled corticosteroids     basis       alongside   measures and     Therefore,       be   treatment plan:Medication     corticosteroids       any   of allergens     have       her   she goes     her       Removal   allergens from     physical       therapy   physiotherapy (Ukena, 2008)ReferencesKudo,     Pathology       in   4: 263     3389/fmicb       Symptoms   d) Retrieved     2018,       ncbi   nih gov/pubmedhealth/PMHT0022662/Ukena,     Bronchial       Long-Term   in Adults     International,       10   2008 0385     (2008)       Family   54(2): 238–239     card       post 7   ago by Beverly     DiscussionContains       posted   1, 2018     is       chief   for this     old       breath   a nonproductive     She       history   feeling this     she       feels   continuously  Based     subjective       provided   are your     differential       presumptive   diagnosis first?Her     seasonal       she   a nasal     but       medical   surgical history     denied       drug   As mentioned     shortness       nonproductive   cough is     vital       listed: Temperature   6, blood     pulse       20   assessment that     was       the decreased   movement and     on       lobes   resonant lung     percussion       differential   include: asthma, bronchitis, and     dyskinesia       I   asthma as     diagnosis       symptoms   history of      To       patient   has a     seasonal       of   with exercise,     become       has   nonproductive nocturnal     to       (2015),   patient complains     sensation       cough,   of breath,     The       nonproductive    These symptoms     worse       was   to rule     to       she   been afebrile     a       Another   that I     to       primary   dyskinesia syndrome     the       patient   recurrent respiratory     ear       is   in an     pattern,       copies   the gene     cell       2014)   treatment plan     consider       based   guidelines?In order     a       must   ordered (Goolsby     2015)       needs   include keeping     of       them   all times,     of       the   the patient     be       understand   importance of     plan       their   as prescribed,     that       attack,   needs that