GC NRS440 Week 4 How a Bill Becomes a Law - Assignment - november 2017

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GC NRS440 Week 4 How a Bill Becomes a Law - Assignment


As you have discovered through this course, nurses are influential members of the community and the political system. Therefore, for the purposes of this assignment you will identify a problem or concern in your community, organization, etc. that has the capacity to be legislated. You will conduct research and state a proposal. Through the legislative process, your proposal for the problem or concern may influence an idea for change into a law.

First, refer to the "How a Bill Becomes a Law" media.


Then, view the "Bill to Law Process" to watch the scenario.

After viewing the scenario, refer to the "Legislative Assignment." You will need to save the document first in order to use it.

Submit the assignment to the instructor. You also reserve the right to submit your completed proposal to the respective government official. However, this is optional. If you select to submit your proposal as a part of the legislative process, refer to "Find Your Representative" or research the contact information on your ow

GC NRS440 Week 4 How a Bill Becomes a Law - Assignment - november 2017
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