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and     have   state intervene     the       (Harrison,   It hence     ensure       medical   treatment cases     on       was   case with     Joanne,       to   that the     future       child   in this     James       of   autonomy as     makers       in   Harmful Decisions     and       James   intrinsic value,     a       respect,   medical treatment     in       Although   issues and     in       as   where the     decision       and   be considered,     concern       or   other health     care       be   child’s best     2016)       this   that decision     children       and   where the     when       should   actively involved     was       for   and the     not       physician's   which in     seemed       the   interests of     The       is   to the     and       care   or society     &       should   act as     patients’       find   that the     being       in   best interests     patient       hence   based on