case study - Angela Cortez

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case study - Angela Cortez

case study - Angela Cortez
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yo     presenting   the clinic     that       months   She is     the       no   in doing     states       fatigue   In addition,     has       of   anxiety, and     has       15   of weight     time       She   having troubles     sleep       usually   herself to     is       on   forehead and     her       that   her a     esteem       Problem   Cortez is     female       a   of fatigue     of       past   months; associated     irritability,       Her   have led     decline       performance   lack of     her       depressed   has been     a       over   past month     exam,       elevated   is tearful,     noted       striae,   acanthosis She     active       PlanTime   9sThis report     comparison       plan   to the     PlanPrimary        Status/Condition:   Status: Full     known       Unit:   will admit     the       watch   for 24     necessary       longer,   can switch     inpatient       Up   libDiet: Regular     No       for   patient  Critical     drips       patient   No oxygen     this       for   sats less      Medications: Start       PO   for depression     is       reuptake   (SSRI) antidepressant     treat       compulsive   panic, anxiety     an       Central,    The Food     Administration       of   antidepressant Prozac     treatment       adolescents   to 17     age       depressive   or obsessive     (OCD)       2016)   Mrs Cortez     anxiety       not   properly, Prozac     with       issues   is having     signs