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nature     status   that nurses     in       making   This reflects     is       in   health facility     practice       nursing   rewards nurses     practice       a   lateral in     and       activity   is a     the       respect   add value     nurses       the   nurses to     skill       progress   careers The     this       job   and better     (Carter,       basis   Magnet Status     on       Leadership,   Empowerment, Exemplary     New       Improvements   Empirical Outcomes     the       allows   to make     health       to   as it     care       basis   the care     offer       highest   for nursing     the       &   2017) The     which       is   is lengthy     While       the   of it     to       one   to appreciate     is       to   numerous factors     has       is   only in     the       the   and the     in       the   a facility     for       it   the nurses     empowerment,       a   environment in     nurses       a   relation that     parties       there   be a     place       of   in nurses     and       should   should be     national       of   Magnet recognition     that       of   USA only     hospitals