NSG6330 - Final exam study guide

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NSG6330 - Final exam study guide  ( only notes no questions)

Notes on following topics:

* Victims of Abuse/Sexual Assault: history, clinical signs, physical examination, communication

* Nurse’s Role in Nursing Research

* LGBT Care: providing compassionate care, associated risks, STI infections

* Menopause: vasomotor symptoms - lifestyle approaches and pharmaceutical management; nutrition – supplementation; abnormal uterine bleeding; mortality and morbidity conditions; osteoporosis risk factors, prevention, diagnosis

* Functional Ovarian Cysts: clinical manifestations, management

* Bartholin’s Cyst: etiology, symptoms, clinical presentation, management

* Uterine Fibroids: Symptomatic vs. Asymptomatic – management and follow-up

* Vulvodynia: symptoms, screening and diagnosis, management

* Acute Pelvic Pain vs. Chronic Pelvic Pain: etiology, screening and diagnosis, management

* Ovarian Cancer: symptoms, risk factors, screening tests

* Cervical Cancer: clinical presentation

* Contraceptive Methods: types, instructions for use, benefits, side effects, contraindications, ideal candidates, managing method problems, predicting ovulation with natural family planning

* Infertility: etiology, tests, management

* Preventative Screenings based on age: pap, mammogram, colonoscopy, osteoporosis

NSG6330 - Final exam study guide
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