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Special-intervention-for-Diabetes-Treatment-(002).pptx (328.79 KB)
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body     the   of the     ("Medscape       As   levels approached     range,       on   stimulation and     declined,       of   actions As     glucose-dependent       glucagon   a decrease     risk       developing   These leads     complications       2   there is     insulin       glucose   when one     through       of   2 diabetes     using       a   disadvantage in     is       by   DPP-IV enzyme     that       GLP-1   the body     time       that   use of     treat       would   regular infusion     GLP-1       2013)   assumption however     the       with   diet and     they       through   and regular     the      
nrs410v-week-3-essay.docx (20.54 KB)
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gastric     (GIP)   glucagon-like peptide-1     with       have   resistance to     decreased       GLP-1   eating, GLP-1     levels       insulin   It also     secretion,       and   so down     gastric       actions   GLP-1, one     after       Log   2018) Research     subjects       diabetes   that with     GLP-1,       glucose   that approached     This       infusion   GLP-1 led     insulin       levels   reduced glucose     the       the   of the     ("Medscape       However,   glucose levels     normal       effects   insulin stimulation     inhibition       dependence   these actions     When       the   insulin secretion     cause       the   of the     hypoglycemia       result   keeping