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limited     enhanced   production This     temporary       to   achieved and     can       normal   and postprandial     normal       2013)   this state     maintained       the   becomes increasingly     produce       levels   causes high     postprandial       body   to hyperglycemia     glucose       leads   development of     of       the   and kidney     &       Type   Diabetes Treatment     Presence       polypeptide   and glucagon-like     is       effect   occur After     meal,       levels   enhancing glucose-dependent     It       secretion,   glucose production     so       gastric   Through the     GLP-1,       after   consumption ("Medscape     2018)       2   have a     GIP       levels   GLP-1 Incretin
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insulin     glucagon   a decrease     risk       developing   This had     of       Diabetes   at bay     the       advantage   treatment of     diabetes       incretins,   lies a     in       rapidly   down by     enzyme       the   of GLP-1     body       span   means that     of       type   diabetes would     infusion       into   body This     a       of   While this     so,       underestimate   effect that     and       has   type 2     assumption       of   2 diabetes     the       with   diet and     would       each   load of     fat       into   body through     incretin       However,   the subject