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symptoms,     tries   compensate for     insulin       production   allows a     of       achieved   the individual     on       and   glucoses as     &       this   cannot be     long       becomes   unable to     enhanced       causes   levels of     in       to   The excess     the       development   microvascular complications     such       and   failure (Campbell     2013)       Diabetes   through Incretins     gastric       and   peptide-1 (GLP-1)     for       occur   having a     controls       enhancing   insulin secretion     inhibits       glucose   and in     slows       Through   actions of     feels       consumption   Log In",     with       have   resistance
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one     after   consumption ("Medscape     2018)       subjects   type 2     that       GLP-1,   subjects had     that       This   because the     GLP-1       insulin   decreased glucagon     reduced       the   due to     of       ("Medscape   In", 2018)     glucose       normal   the GLP-1     insulin       inhibition   indicating glucose     these       When   as treatment,     insulin       cause   decrease in     of       hypoglycemia   had the     keeping       complications   bay and     subject       ConclusionWhile   of Type     is       there   a large     that       broken   by the     This       effect   GLP-1 on     has       This   that the