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A 70-year-old female presents with a hip fracture secondary to osteoporosis This condition is caused by an increase in bone

· Density

· Formation

· Resorption

· Mineralization


Which clinical finding would be expected in the patient with rhabdomyolysis?

· Sweating

· Dark urine

· Yellow color to the skin

· Lower extremity swelling


A 35-year-old male suffers a broken clavicle following a motor vehicle accident X-ray reveals that the bone surfaces in the joint partially lost contact with each other This condition is called

· Dislocation

· Subluxation

· Distortion

· Nonunion


Transchondral fractures are most prevalent in

· Adolescents

· Older adults

· Infants

· Premenopausal females


A 70 year old female diagnosed with osteoporosis fell and fractures the left let at a location of pre-existing abnormality Which term describes the fracture?

· Fatigue

· Stress

· Pathologic

· GreenStick


A 32 year old obese male begins a logging routine A week after beginning, he fractures his leg This is referred to as what type of fracture?

· Comminuted

· Greenstick

· Fatigue

· Compound


A 56-year-old male was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of osteomalacia. History reveals that he underwent bariatric surgery 3 years earlier What is the common link between the surgery and the development of osteomalacia?

· Impaired phosphate absorption

· Increased calcium excretion

· Vitamin D Deficiency

· Impaired vitamin C metabolism


A 36 year old reports pain and weakness in the elbow MRI reveals inflammation of the tendon and the

Presence of microtears where it attaches to bone This condition is called

· Periostitis

· Muscle strain

· Bursitis

· Epicondylopathy


The diagnosis of rhabdomyolysis is based on the measurement of which laboratory value?

· White blood cell count (WBC)

· Antinuclear antibodies

· Aspartate aminotransferase

· Creatinine kinase (CK)


When a 70-year-old female presents with a hip fracture she is diagnosed with osteoporosis One factor that most likely contributed to her condition is

· increased androgen levels

· decreased estrogen levels

· strenuous exercise

· excessive dietary calcium

NR507 week 6 Quiz - September 2018
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