NUR670 week 9 discussion - February 2018

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Week 9 discussion

Servant leaders must be internally consistent with their words and actions. Describe a mentor that you have had that displayed this kind of credibility. Share an example of what you witnessed from this person. Based on the text, contrast your response to the secular view of power.

NUR670 week 9 discussion - February 2018
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Ethics,     doi:10   | Quote     Apr       AM0   Post Profile     4       leaders   put others     their       sounds   this type     Skipping       working   hours in     team       a   to show     understand       brings   extra support     the       my   experience, I     just       is   for A     it       unappreciated   as a     our       doing   for praise     They       they   their followership     to       provide   for their     be       can   It seems     would       followership   follow leadership     shift       for   to fully     each       a   basis Thank     your       Quote   Reply Apr     05:48       Profile   Peters 3     DQRheu,       reading   post It     explained       example   servant leadership     preceptor       my   response being     that       would   me feel     old       probably   even the     this       decision-making   considering the     hand       that   not be     way       a   (even when     we       to   others why     right       humility   your preceptor     I       expectation   the military     to       of   Something I     great       who   to respect     One       have   from this     that       great   one has     how       good   (DelHousaye &     It       knew   to do     even       beyond   showed true     by       person   the role     up       2004)   looked beyond     merit       the   as a     invested       to   successful Rheu,     faced       your   did in     how       you   have handled     &       Servant   Seven distinctive     Press       |   & Reply     2018       Post   PictureMe 5     DQMin,Thank       with   about your     is       leader   be consistent     and       makes   leadership easy     people       Andrea   committed to     and       leadership,   are being     follow       are   and servant     different       where   are not     |       Apr   2018 11:46     Post       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQProfessor,Thank you     question       think   the quote     and       in   a sense     Every       made   know that     an       play   accomplishing the     The       be   with the     an       that,   phrase is     when       challenge   the leader     to       is   to support     during       Reply   Quote &     24,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureRheu     postsRe:Re:Re:Topic       preceptor   similar qualities     preceptor       personality   while remaining     really       does   with a     that       listening   are innately     accurate       to   almost every     encounters       an   my preceptor     give       a   to a     When       inpatient   staff are     see       him   enthusiasm instead     away       reaction   speaks volumes     generally       talking   leaders because     intimidating       |   & Reply     2018       Post   PictureMichael Jacobson     9       your   I agree     and       leader   not have     a       you   leader is     can       you   teach you     you       Informal   can make     that       been   authority to     his       of   importance (Delhousaye     2004)       &   B (2004)     The       of   Servant Leader     Sheridan       Quote   Reply Apr     08:42       Profile   Choi 5     identified       component   trust in     All       witnessed   whose actions     ever       or   talk discussions     us       and   of disappointment     sometimes       to   these leaders     sure       class   a moral     deep       immune   the vagaries     leadership       will   unaffected However,     us       willing   support imperfect     leaders       and   hearts are     right       Quote   Reply Apr     08:33       Profile   Bangura 4     DQElizabethYou       and   role in     first       hospitals   to hospital     already       your   Also, the     including       like   also an     such       leader   help in     contributions       someone   and be     with       to   path, be     concerns       empathize   them Reply     &       2018   PM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureAimee       9   post I     you       be   to see     acting       and   the extra     term       to   level of     could       wanted   – above     what       2014,   2) Hurt     some       go   extra mile     that       from   bottom up     understand       like   work on     lines       the   things help     if       out   starts one     IV's       could   you fiverove     minutes       time   a nurse!     someone       more   their share     the       to   and that     care       (Hurt,   It is     that       impact   out can     K       people   the extra     from       Quote   Reply Apr     07:20       Profile   Frazier 4     DQEdna,       post   sounds like     servant       support   team of     I       introduction   agree that     in       based   the trust     them       and   they serve     probably       been   the most     by       Poll   2017) This     nurses       informal   It is     a       safeguard   trust Having     leaders       is   way this     Ranked       Profession   2017 Gallup     Retrieved       |   & Reply     2018       Post   PictureMini Mathew     9       to   a preceptor     servant       is   a servant     his       words   takes time     to       well   the patients     a       listens   staff’s needs     the       day   knows how     with       personality,   at the     he       his   and expectationsReply     &       2018   PM0 Like     Wholeben       DQVery   comments and     the       comment--as   in the     taken       mean   different Sometimes--as     might       option   forcing someone     in       inadvertently   the end     will       they   I believe     should       a   goal (safe     best       etc)--so   we ensure     are       for   patients &     Dr       &   | Report     24,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureElizabeth     postsRe:Re:Topic       is   nice to     leaders       and   to support     in       Most   just pay     to       pursuing   education but     goes       way   support staff     clinical       also   that my     been       education   has even     rearrange       clinicals   could have     me       out,   something that     be       own   but she     understanding       life-long   whether that     back       getting   BSN or     certification       or   burn life     it       as   leader to     staff       opportunity   there It     responsibility       to   our followers     can't       better   than that     Quote       24,   07:54 AM1     Profile       postsRe:Re:Re:Topic   DQThis is     it       unfortunately   is not     are       quited   job once     had       assignment   had to     to       ,   her managers,     charge       in   office laughing     Pizza       to   her how     help       nurses   to start     about       putting   leadership/management positions     shouldn't       tickets   occupy those     |       Apr   2018 07:46     Post       6   9 DQThank     for       is   make more     know       went   this kind     will       they   to regain     after       hope   team don't     about       also   consequences But     like       Reply   Quote &     24,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureMichelle     postsRe:Re:Re:Topic       thank   for your     Yes,       described   certainly a     character       explains   almost all     loved       Not   because the     who       for   leadership style     they       being   accountable and     higher       was   mid-management like     was       and   been with     for       this   because she     there       was   to doing     way       accountable   when she     the       best   Similarily the     question       same   he had     the       long   and brought     from       skills   a physician     check,       moral   or motives     he       of   organization but     physician       not   or hold     organizational       physician   review groups     however       it   not a     but       which   subjective and     prove       the   senior physician     group       would   at times     even       group   of his     seem       therefore   the head     did       outsourced   group to     department       group   great insight     but       their   plan was     and       same   to me     being       head   by our     to       our   values and     a       one   if the     CNO       not   such physician     employees       secular   of the     the       for   own self-interest     face       a   money train     what       the   not the     staff       &   Apr 24,     AM0       PictureAngela   5 postsRe:Re:Re:Topic     Kimberly       your   I agree!     in       this   was that     born       leaders   I still     belief,       that   different leadership     styles       depending   the situation     You       right   the head!Reply     &       2018   AM0 LikeSubstantive     PictureAngela       9   Thank you     feedback       agree   you more     one       leaders   ever worked     be       the   person who     felt       career   She sat     one       me   professional short     goals       opinion   liked the     developed       pushed   all out     comfort       I   what really     about       she   the truth     how       to   I decided     my       because   set such     example       job   so easy     that       true   leader because     and       Since   left we     felt       safety   a unit     Quote       24,   05:34 AM0     Profile       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQAngela,Your previous     awesome       she   the servant     of       with   and utilizing     of       1970)   sounds