NURS670 Week 10 DQ

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Week 10 discussion

A credible person will do what they say. Describe a time when you felt free in displaying your integrity at work. Describe a time when you felt fearful displaying your integrity at work. What was the determining factor(s) that allowed you to lead by example versus going against your heart? If you never felt free in displaying your integrity at work, describe what conditions would need to exist for you to do so?

NURS670 Week 10 DQ
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like     uncomfortable   this situation     teammate       an   situation As     are       together   get through     controlled       shift   are policies     that       standardize   nursing practices     is       people   not understand     people       disregard   policy I     challenge       time   when it     to       out   teach them     technique       &   May 02,     PM0       PictureGregory   4 postsRe:Re:Topic     thanks       I   your examples     that       as   reading through     class       theme   confidence that     time       it   sometimes to     strong       have   gained the     the       new   the team     recall       ER   enjoyed the     to       also   a double     since       me   know my     take       think   your example     CN       your   is a     until       trust   confidence of     Emotional       as   cause neophyte     leaving       of   causes of     distress       confidence,   imbalances, and     (van       Wijlen,   (2017) Healing     A       to   Distress in     Nurses       Human   21(1), 15-19     Quote       02,   08:29 PM0     Profile       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQIntegrity means     to       nothing   dishonors you     workplace       as   personalities substitute     workplace       there   open communication,     making       moral   guiding all     actions       and   can make     environment       Reply   Quote &     02,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureIslane     postsRe:Re:Topic       like   post Aimee     all       look   this aspect     I       a   picture, but     you       this   because it     sense       you   a great     patient       it   a very     role       our   because there     lot       hospital   A patient's     be       their   background, skin     orientation       job   you see     as       than   ability to     on       Reply   Quote &     02,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureKimberly     postsRe:Re:Topic       Diversion   a real     unit       firings   diversion in     few       those   it was     to       a   we didn't     I       the   problem, it     an       more   a convenience     to       environment,   cannot assume     operating       To   integrity in     we       consistent   to leave     if       being   Reply |     Reply       04:24   LikeSubstantive Post     Degner       DQIntegrity   nursing is     different       profession   count on     be       did   right thing     up       in   time of     professional       is   to demonstrate     attitudes       with   ethical and     as       for   populations” (Devine     2018,       are   as nurses,     on       responsibility   day Knowing     body       effects/interactions/indications,   processes, phlebotomy,     family       housekeeping,   are all     day’s       We   tired, overworked,     expected       integrity   think you     an       a   nurse Thank     your       A   & Chin,     (2018)       students:   concept analysis     Today,       Quote   Reply May     06:24       PictureMelissa   3 postsRe:Re:Topic     have       happen   the ER     busy       not   the waste     as       should   have seen     out       at   end of     (from       not   what patient     in       only   we need     that       the   needs to     appropriately       be   case unless     liquid       the   Thank you     your       |   & Reply     Abuse       11:06   LikeSubstantive Post     4       you   your post     say       makes   really note     of       Nurses   patients’ advocates     stand       act   integrity throughout     such       mentioned   patients need     Reply       Reply   01, 2018     LikeSubstantive       Choi   postsRe:Re:Topic 10     must       did   have integrity,     also       many   want to     at       not   the boat     your       your   was far     than       nurse   have thought     I       similar   where the     nurses       so   that the     have       situation   the one     It's       that   to keep     and       of   great responsibility     when       narcotics   | Quote     May       PM0   Post Profile     4       I   been working     TeamSTEPPS       It   having another     is       who   the importance     all       patient   have a     a       events   circumstances that     or       in   way This     important       environment   rank and     use       associated   rank can     factor       Institute   Medicine released     To       is   on the     this       25   of research     of       to   teamwork, and     organizational       patient   TeamSTEPPSâ„¢: Team     Tools       and   Safety (2008)     https://www       gov/books/NBK43686/Reply   Quote &     01,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureRheu     postsRe:Re:Topic       want   commend you     integrity       You   have let     run       all   units of     already       you   concerned for     of       had   of those     sick,       could   been in     that       the   not to     those       may   been reflected     Instead,       your   ability and     potential       would   done the     I       same   Good job     Quote       01,   07:23 PM0     PictureMini       10   You will     and       when   for your     is       on   personal level,     also       a   level There     ways       be   about what     be       clients,   available for     and       your   mistakes (Avant,     are       we   show integrity     clients       &   | Report     01,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureKimberly     postsRe:Re:Topic       I'd   to expand     your       more   to speak     as       you   free to     show       you   like having     in       to   ability to     This       discussion   of our     The       felt   staff was     increase       promote   safer environment     goes       with   safe as     DelHousaye       note   part of     leader's       provide   conducive environment     I       and   our roles     practicing       extent   our license     contribute       DelHousaye,   , &     (2004)       distinctive   [Adobe Digital     Retrieved       servant-leadership_-the-seven-distinctivecharacteristics-   phpReply |     Reply       01:32   LikeSubstantive Post     Louis       DQGreat   Elizabeth, and     with       comes   confidence When     confident,       advocate   your patient     it       idea   teach the     of       up   what they     what       matter   Thanks God     unit       voice   can stand     doctors       right,   I know     nurses       When   work as     there       dynamic   not compromising     we       nursing   on top     must       year   | Quote     May       PM0   Post Profile     4       you   your kind     your       my   I do     your       profession   given us     to       individuals   we have     of       excellent   to those     Care       while   our care     measures       effort   ensuring patient     upheld       true   ourselves, displaying     the       integral   of patient     |       May   2018 11:16     Post       4   10 DQMichael,     inspired       and   to grow     experience       great   you carry     only       better   in your     appreciate       it   me to     research       handle   that my     been       situation   something that     see       am   to want     something       done   It had     about       how   give constructive     professionalism       six   tips on     give       follows;Use   sandwich technique-share     then       strength   critique Focus     situation,       specific   your feedbackComment     that       uponGive   on how     make       How   give constructive     tips       com/pulse/how-give-constructive-criticism-6-helpful-tips-nishlan-pillayReply   Quote &     01,       LikeSubstantive   Profile PictureMichael     postsRe:Re:Topic       a   point when     about       peoples   in their     need       their   of what     and       hold   patients best     their       acted   integrity when     her       doctor   hope the     not       her   which saved     life       &   May 01,     AM0       PictureAngela   4 postsRe:Re:Re:Topic     agree       have   Thank you     information       think   is equally     the       circumstances   watch out     staff       keep   staffs best     mind,       grow   and help     the       can   in the     Matters,"       role   facing workplace     Retrieved       com/2016/09/12/the-leaders-role-in-facing-workplace-bullying/Reply   Quote &     01,       Like   PictureCynthia Pipitone     10       reply   really appreciate     that       for   It means     CindiReply       Reply   Report Abuse     2018       Post   PictureMe 4     DQHello       with   that integrity     an       ethical   in such     it       for   behaviors to     I       leaders   have in     building       choose   work in     and       ones   unethical environments     threat       of   leadership Do     that       for   integrity leader     an       Quote   Reply Apr     09:57       Profile   Choi 4     DQHello       you   words Through     have       way   burning bridges     temporary       the   run it     relationships       resources   my younger     permitted       verbal   for the     avoiding       maintain   status quo     learned       hurting   and giving     my       continue   offensive behavior     taught       these   in a     firm       strong   that is     in       that   relationships are     |       Apr   2018 09:45     Post       4   10 DQMichelle,You     looking       incident   happened I     approach       procedure   offensive I     work       style   I believe     and       The   action like     using       making   contact, and     when       will   the person     (Doyle,       (2018,   16) Communicatin     Workplace       Careers   from https://www     |       Apr   2018 08:35     Post       4   10 DQI     question,       responsibilities   we lead     initiate       a   to others     do       to   closely with     The       on   process involved     blood       became   involving the     was       to   safety is     pertinent       given   staff members     ten       servant   involve awareness,     this       staff   are competent     provision       Thank   Reply |     Reply       07:51   LikeSubstantive Post     Daniel       DQCindi,   only did     integrity       in   ED, you     for