NUR670 week 11 discussion - February 2018

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Week 11 discussion

How do you serve others in the profession of nursing? Explain how the way you serve others in the profession of nursing could become more closely aligned with the issue of serving as explained by the servant-leadership paradigm. How does the issue of serving differ from the secular view of power?

NUR670 week 11 discussion - February 2018
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Cynthia,     said   wish other     position       could   your post     in       of   care and     recognized       trusted   but I     why       any   yet The     is       to   the need     higher       the   few years     Nurses       do   that can     strength       month   take some     think       can   to get     |       May   2018 07:11     Post       4   11 DQDr     For       the   way to     the       to   involved in     nursing       usually   of the     issues       other   to fight     that       the   profession I     joining       organization   learning more     would       of   Thank you     Quote       06,   07:07 PM0     Profile       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQEdna,I agree     leaders       to   good listeners     multiple       servant   empathy, healing     Nurses       to   growth of     as       are   to helping     in       personally   professionally (Northouse,     228)       (2016)   Theory and     ed       CA:   Reply |     Reply       04:10   LikeSubstantive Post     Mathew       DQRheu   are right     way       nursing   is to     servant       to   others is     needs       first   this kind     patient       care   the same     can       highest   of care     is       It   quality application     resource       the   of others     any       Quote   Reply May     03:11       Profile   McAdams 4     DQThanks       teaching   about their     need,       and   is so     you're       even   you how     I       if   have any     "No",       them   their medication     it's       meds   If they     they       for   what the     are,       likely   not have     reaction       visits   the family,     said,       important   | Quote     May       AM0   Post Profile     4       did   wonderful job     all       ways   nurses serve     our       that   forget about     ways       coworkers-   just as     mentors       struggle   second guess     need       lend   supportive ear     a       years   when one     patients       care   her for     weeks       so   had lots     to       to   each other     me       and   husband and     bonded       her   got to     she       talk   so I     son       stories   mom told     him       It   so much     to       of   last things     wanted       were   kids She     when       but   of my     me       know   remember coming     work       being   upset, she     first       but   the one     the       were   and helped     we       her   older nurses     about       affected   in the     It       exactly   I needed     me       It   so much     took       share   me and     know       the   one who     through       lost   of patients     but       how   fun we     and       lady   was I     sure       with   coworkers when     a       make   everyone is     matter       of   we have     many       some   us harder     Reply       Reply   06, 2018     LikeSubstantive       Peters   postsRe:Re:Re:Topic 11     think       of   that we     the       published   America Nurse     I       valuable   regarding our     action       get   politically involved     barriers       where   start (2016)     validates       nurses   are known     the       patients   other healthcare     to       it   to decision-making     can       advocate   local, state,     levels       Nurses   become familiar     the       learn   strategies to     (Oestberg,       honest,   have not     with       regarding   care policy,     would       I   signed petitions     with       drove   for positive     such       ratios   many of     this       sure   have plenty     plate       and   But when     done       becoming   even on     basis       legislative   health policy     do       becoming   involved in     Whether       or   your profession?ReferencesBrokaw,     (2016)       potential   on policy     Retrieved       com/blog/nursing-professions-potential-impact-policy-politics/   F (2013)     in       Critical   8(3); p     10       02546   Reply |     Reply       02:29   LikeSubstantive Post     Olson       DQThere   approximately four     in       If   wanted to     to       is   way they     If       and   for nurse     safety       be   Brokaw (2016),     there       reasons   nurses are     involved       legislation   include being     of       on   care policy,     of       are   to the     need       in   care policy     the       get   and informed     care       join   professional affiliation     the       Surgical   or the     Association       J   The nursing     impact       politics   from https://www     Reply       Reply   05, 2018     Like       7   11 DQAccording     J       U   Jarebrant, C     K       J   a servant     wants       sustainable   bring out     among       serve   community (including     patients)       as   steward of     Servant       well-being   growth of     also       employees   work more     successful       responsible   their work     same       that   nurses are     because       to   our patients     holistic       for   Contrary to     view       make   believe that     have       will   they are     position       leaders   power as     can       it   (DelHousaye, 2016)     humble       patient,   will trust     will       care   the education     providing       Servant   – the     power       University(Eds   Issue of     5)       gcumedia   1/index phpHanse,     ,       Jarebrant,   , Ulin,     &       The   of servant     on       health   professionals Journal     management,       |   & Reply     2018       Profile   Choi 3     DQThe       a   has multiple     influence       and   cohorts, supervisor,     and       may   one sphere     or       of   may be     as       patient’s   or dentures     a       blood   or pilot     improve       of   greatest service     service       most   especially when     sacrifice       and   For example,     to       with   difficult patient,     during       before   asked to     contacting       member   visit the     doing       others   no chance     the       a   instead of     personally       listening,   assistance, helping     see       supporting   having a     and       to   at work     (2016)       really   to influence     around       do   as a     Nothing       poignantly   love in     Jesus       than   service when     “If       keep   commandments” (John     In       inspired   love, the     of       based   quid pro     the       world   example, how     do       millions   public adoration     or       names   on an     people       or   fanfare, you     assure       is   the major     In       the   Jesus stated,     thou       do   sound a     thee,       do   the synagogues     the       may   glory of     I       they   their reward”     ReferenceGCU       (2016,   10) Servant     The       [Video   Retrieved from     com/nur670/servant-leadership/v2       Quote   Reply May     08:35       Profile   Bangura 4     DQMadeline,The       definitive   of servant     the       Consumer   of Healthcare     in       have   diligent in     of       and   experience As     have       satisfaction   of our     in       patient   Our dedicated     serving       patients   gain trust     to       hospitals   the care     received       commitment   dedications have     reimbursements,       where   would come     substantial       inspires   We treat     dignity       have   in our     during       sad   and in     serve       the   in the     changing       fluffing   to warming     after       eat   eight hours     our       which   increase satisfactory     Reply       Reply   05, 2018     Like       4   11 DQIn     nursing,       by   of ourselves     as       patients   serve by     clients       We   by participating     care       people   enter the     nurses       serving   communities and     countries,       the   and performing     to       afford   access healthcare     I       profession   nursing, aligns     the       I   as a     leader       nurses   coach seasoned     labor       leadership   an idea     have       on   organizations performance     is       the   Bosses are     and       Paradigm,"   p 5)     of       the   view point     a       is   serve God     involves       others   a secular     view,       serving   mean to     personal       A   view point     service       an   to make     Fortunately,       true   a person     they       self-sacrificial   for others     ReferencesFulwiler,       29)   difference between     and       post]   from http://www     new       (2009)   from http://steconomiceuoradea     |       May   2018 07:35     Profile       postsRe:Topic   DQServing others     nursing       to   nurses as     has       to   I serve     by       easier   use and     times,       difficult   documenting in     or       information   my formal     have       make   to our     example,       how   EHR could     for       their   From there,     if       possible   collaborate with     of       their   were not     way       come   my willingness     my       servant-leadership   is about     called       and   serviceis a     connects       us   & Brewer,     way       in   nursing profession     from       of   I am     leader       I   others not     is       because   want to     the       a   in our     leaders       ambitious,   driven as     leader,       of   drive differs     of