GERO302 All Assignments - September 2018

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Topic Selection - Submit Assignment

Topic Selection


The research paper assignment will be stages in the following seven smaller steps throughout the course.

Step 1: Select a topic of your choice for your paper. The paper topic should be an issue related to health and aging. Post your topic to the assignments area in Week 1.

Assignment 2

Step 2: Locate 10 recent articles, book chapters, and/or Web sites on the topic, and create a reference list using APA format.

Sources must have been published in the last five years.

Examples of appropriate sources are scholarly professional journals, as explained at Locating Scholarly Journals

Library databases recommended for this assignment include CINHAHL (Nursing and Allied Health Literature) and AgeLine.

No more than two websites may be used, and they must be evaluated for trustworthiness at Evaluating Websites

Feel free to ask a librarian at UMUC for research help at Ask a Librarian

APA guides: APA Manual, Purdue OWL online website, Owl APA Format Guide and UMCU library tutorial APA Tutorial

Submit your list of 10 references in alphabetical order to the Assignments tab at the end of

Submission Folder

Annotated Bibliography


Step 3: Write an annotated bibliography. Each of the 10 in your reference list should be followed by a brief (usually about 150 word) descriptive and evaluative paragraph explaining how this source will help to develop your paper. For more information on creating an annotated bibliography, visit: .

Also see the UMUC guide Annotated Bibliography -APA style

Submit your annotated bibliography of 10 references to the Assignments tab by the end of Week 3.

Hide Submission Folder Information

Submission Folder

Thesis Statement-Outline


Step 4: Formulate a thesis statement and an outline for your paper. For information on creating a thesis statement, see Effective Writing Center pages with links to writing an essay.

Create a paper outline using the following format: 80

Research Paper Title

I. Introduction: Grab attention, relate importance to health and aging, and present a focused thesis statement. For more information, see:Prewriting and Outline

II. Body: Main points and articles your will use to support your point.

1. A. Main point 1 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)

2. B. Main point 2 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)

3. C. Main point 3 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)

4. D. Etc.

III. Conclusion: Wrap up your paper with a brief summary of your main points. For more information, see:

Step 5: Write a 6-8 page first draft of your paper, including the following:

· Title page: Provide the title of the paper, your name, and the course and section

· Introduction: Grab attention, relate importance to health and aging, and present a focused thesis statement

· Body: Identify and develop each main point in an organized, clear manner, using in-text citations. Discuss possible solutions to the issue.

· Conclusion: Wrap up your paper with a brief summary of your main points.

· Reference list: Incorporate revisions from Step 1

Submit your draft to the Assignments tab by the end of Week 5.


Step 6: Revise and receive feedback. Submit your paper to so you paper can be evaluated for plagiarism.

When using, submit your paper without the reference list, as this artificially inflates the plagiarism score.

Login to Turnitin for class: Spring2016

Our class ID is 12211344

If you receive a plagiarism score of 10% or higher, complete the tutorial on How to Avoid Plagiarism found in Effective Writing Center page linked via Resources in NAV bar above.

Remember that plagiarism - both intentional AND unintentional – constitutes academic dishonesty and is report-able to the Dean’s Office. Students found guilty of plagiarism face sanctions which may include suspension or expulsion from the university.

Post your receipt to the Assignments tab by the end of Week 6.

Final Draft


Step 7: Final draft: Revise your paper based on feedback from Submit your final draft to the Assignments tab by the end of Week 7.

GERO302 All Assignments - September 2018
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Annotated-Bibiogroaphy-3.doc (48.5 KB)
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widows     This   concluded that     key       loneliness   for the     engage       The   of this     that       to   the impacts     of       elderly   A ,     ,       Malhotra,   (2015) Loneliness     mortality       Singaporeans   research,32, 1361-1382     4054/DemRes       This   aimed at     effects       and   based on     mortality       four-year   while controlling     status       of   individual The     the       being   critical risk     mortality       the   Data were     a       Singapore   4522 individuals     mortality       using   adjusted and     that       the   regressions, loneliness     using       that   three items     revealed       was   to all-cause     adjusted       social   not within     and       not   to all-cause     study       social   and loneliness     challenges       interventions   raising awareness     care       challenge   be addressed     a       relevance   nursing practice     R       ,   C (2017)     and       factors   the progression     the       of   Age and     Doi       study   founded on     and       to   decline and     among       a   the aim     research       social   and loneliness     to       number   participants was     the       where   data was     a       While   was measured     revised       scale,   isolation was     the       social   participation, family,     with       the   loneliness levels     to       pre-frail   physically frail     4-year       isolation,   results revealed     was       frailty   although the     of       with   risk of  
Thesis-Statement-Outline_4.doc (34.5 KB)
Preview of Thesis-Statement-Outline_4.doc
Loneliness     Elderly   Isolation and     among       of   quality of     the       mortality   In addition,     are       conditions   as depression     The       challenges   the aged     alterations,       virtual   implementation of     approaches       (Zamir,   Taylor, Jones,     impacts       isolation   to the     environment       families   besides the     the       the   physical illness     impacted       reflected   challenges such     (Schirmer       is   critical to     causes       and   through which     be       the   of isolation     is       the   of these     the       to   changes, and     interventions       support   lifestyle management  
Refernce-List_2.docx (24.94 KB)
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A     Loneliness   the perspective     elderly       Geriatria   Gerontologia, 19(2), 313-324     1590/1809-98232016019       ,   P ,     ,       (2015)   and all-cause     community-dwelling       research, 32,   doi: 10     32       R   Westbury, L     Cooper,       isolation   loneliness as  
Topic-Selection--1i.docx (13.21 KB)
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Final-Draft--Week-7.docx (21.62 KB)
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roles     social   reduces which     to       social   Ong et     note       isolation   with physical     uncertain,       profound   between loneliness     health       through   and depression     since       with   conditions and     chronic       may   discontent with     care       results   more health     ApproachesManaging       is   on addressing     of       developing   that acknowledge     and       et   (2018) point     technological       conditions   loneliness and     include       enhance   between an     and       social   such as     Video       revealed   be more     compared       in   loneliness On     hand,       to   that video     Skype       not   convenient and     every       training   on their     imperative       at   loneliness and     promoting       to   establishing community     for       change   as engaging     activities,       These   are mainly     increasing       engagement   participation (Ong     ,       adaptability   it is     assisting       with   life changes     the       ones,   and reduced     to       Central   these interventions     patient       to   loneliness, isolation,     related       al   2018) This     importance       such   psychotherapy for     or       major   affecting the     which       to   quality of     loneliness       loneliness   a subjective     an       the   of his     social       the   state of     reduced       contact,   and responsibility     of       include   mortality and     quality       physical   mental health,     decrease       functional
week_5_graded_paper.doc (46 KB)
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reduced     loss   a spouse     related       of   chronic conditions     the       life   reduced movement     2016)       the   of social     which       may   transcend to     if       unable   adapt to     and       Ageing   also related     physical       the   becomes weak,     ability       social   diminishes Further,     reduces       to   loneliness and     This       the   and physical     are       et   (2016) note     social       particular   health remains     is       between   and mental     negatively       welfare   the individual     such       addition,   loneliness may     other       the   ones, the     express       health   providers interventions     poor       health   Approaches Managing     isolation       addressing   sources of     and       that   the demographic     changes       (2018)   out that     have       mitigate   conditions including     isolation       calls   enhance connectedness     aged       or   social environment     members       Video   have been     be       compared   telephone calls     loneliness       hand,   is imperative     that       Skype   iPads may     convenient       every   individual thus     are       use   these approaches     aimed       and   include promoting     adaptability       the   environment, establishing     strategies       lifestyle   such as     physical       productive   These approaches     based       individuals   engagement and     et       Considering   adaptability aspect,     centred       aged   cope with     in       changes   the loss     ones,       mobility   to other     Central       is   patient awareness     to       and   related effects     al       introduces   importance of     such       individuals   have lost     ones    
week_5_graded_paper-revised2.doc (50 KB)
Preview of week_5_graded_paper-revised2.doc
Gray,     (2017),   is common     above       has   high prevalence     17       high   rates among     are       factors   loss of     other       reduced   According to     Akyil       cause   loneliness and     is       individuals   relationships and     death       person   departure of     results       of   confidant which     emotional       of   health conditions     in       such   retirement This     reduced       other   such as     the       life   and Afonso     that       of   and technological     become       isolated   the elderly,     of       as   major challenge     on       majority   from loneliness     Pllm       point   that most     successful       can   to both     technological       less   to be     isolation       the   of these     is       management   and interventions     assisting       with   loss of     one       and   The main     isolation       increased   and morbidity     Michailakis       that   prevalence of     the       in   western states     changes       social   early retirement,     health       the   persons mobility     are       mental   physical welfare     morbidity       in   and mental     mortality       in   related deaths     al       that   and social     presently       social   of health     impacts       management   The impacts     and       to   of chronic     obesity,       Essentially,   one age,     of       the   systems such     and       cardiovascular   include heart     increased  
Revised_week_6_graded_paper-turnitin.doc (46 KB)
Preview of Revised_week_6_graded_paper-turnitin.doc
and     point   that the     loneliness       is   in most     due       the   social environment,     and       that   the aged     The       in   mental and     While       is   in physical     illnesses,       is   in the     Landeiro       further   that loneliness     isolation       attention   social determinants     Understanding       in   management strategies     of       are   to those     conditions       and   Essentially, as     a       occur   the body     as       While   cardiovascular alterations     enlargement       of   blood pressure,     sensory       of   to detect     and       rate   accidents among     As       new   and in     chronic       quality   life steadily     suggested       Michailakis   the concurrent     various       the   individuals ability     in       is   major contributor     and       of   and isolation     through       functionality   quality of     to       Wethington   a number     and       to   these conditions     de       and   loneliness scale     scales       social   emotional dimensions     the       decline   quality of     functionality       the   between an     his       environment   and isolation     to       personalities   as alcohol     activity       Moreover,   social disconnection     individual       her   environment is     stress       reduce   persons social     et       that   loneliness results     impairments,       other   issues, isolation     to       dementia,   decline in     health       and   may occur     there