NSG6340 week 5 discussions - January 2018

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Week 5 discussion

The discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing relevant topics for this week based on the course competencies covered.

For this assignment, go to the Discussion Area and post a response to one question in the Discussion Area by the due date assigned. You may respond to your classmates' posts for either question.

To support your work, use your course and text readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.

Start reviewing and responding to the postings of your classmates as early in the week as possible. Respond to at least two of your classmates' initial postings. Participate in the discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification, providing a point of view with a rationale, challenging an aspect of the discussion, or indicating a relationship between two or more lines of reasoning in the discussion. Cite sources in your responses to other classmates. Complete your participation for this assignment by the end of the week.

As an adult gerontology nurse practitioner you are working in a rural health clinic. You are evaluating a 16-year-old adolescent patient who comes in complaining of having a difficulty concentrating in school. On exam you also note that the patient is very thin and frail in appearance and is asking you for diet pills.

What are some initial areas for concern? What screening tools can help lead you closer to your diagnosis?

Describe 1 health promotion strategy you can discuss with the patient.

Be sure to address the following in your plan of care: pharmacological and non-pharmacological (OTC) interventions, labs, follow-up, teaching, and referral/s.

Your work should integrate course resources (text/s) as well as a minimum of two (2) other evidence-based guidelines and/or articles published within 3-5 years.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2013). Youth risk behavior surveillance system (YRBSS). Retrieved from http://www.cdc.gov/healthyyouth/data/yrbs/ index.htm

NSG6340 week 5 discussions - January 2018
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depression     be   in making     Pharmacological       use   psychotropic medications     common       the   selective serotonin     fluoxetine,       and   The atypical     such       and   may be     reducing       thinking   AN, but     appear       of   gain over     standard       may   a role     comorbid       it   not be     line       test   to evaluate     are:       (CBC)   platelet count     Serum       creatinine,   (including calcium,     phosphorus)       tests,   albumin, TSH     LH,       is   effective intervention     should       a   weight is     follow       be   with a     and       monitor   physical and     (Herpertz-Dalmann,           T M     J       ,   J (2017)     A Collaborative       [South   Retrieved        from https://digitalbookshelf           for Disease     Prevention       behavior   (YRBSS) Retrieved     cdc       Herpertz   Dahlmann B     Adolescent       on   symptomatology, epidemiology,      Child       N   177–196  Neinstein,     (2016)       Young   Health Care:     guide       Kluwer   F ,     L       ,   J ,     N       the   Questionnaire for     in       Population    The International     Eating       org/10   22373 more1Unread3Replies16ViewsView profile     Juliet       2:39   Juliet ShawWeek     Walton       2018   PMSubscribeAs an     nurse       working   a rural     You       16-year-old   patient who     complaining       difficulty   in school     you       the   is very     frail       is   you for     What       areas   concern? Initial areas     for       difficulty   in school     patient’s       pills   they appear     and       nervosa   depression are     that       in   patient Anorexia     leading       hospital   and death     disorder       2013)   eating disorder     a       emotional   often triggered     assault       (Matt   (2017) What     can       closer   your diagnosis?More     of       disorders   undetected in     making       tool   (Baudet et     2013)       is   self-administered questionnaire     questions,       0   1 This     has       being   accessible than     tools       EDI   is lengthy     complex       et   , 2013)     health       can   with the     health       discuss   this patient     eating       address   following in     of       non-pharmacological   interventions, labs,     and       eating   are best     collaboration       other   eating disorder     of       abnormalities   co-management with     specialist       Oustric,   & Ritz,     first       evaluation   patients with     is       medical   that require     stabilization       necessary   women with     who       than   of their     weight       gain   as well     those       (Baudet   al ,     the       a   sample should     to       for   status, pH     level,       kidney   (Baudet et     2013)       mass   and body     be       may   extra clothes     heavy       their   they should     wearing       a   gown (Baudet     ,       or   may have     present       Clinicians   consider having     away       so   they do     their       should   recorded with     signs       ,   Electrocardiography and     including       count,   metabolic panel,     lipase       magnesium   and thyroid     hould       (Baudet   al ,     M       ,   P ,     ,       &   P (2013)     A       eating   in family     Journal, 8(3),       clnme   03 001Buttaro,     ,       Polgar-Bailey,   , Sandberg-Cook,      Primary       5th   [South University]     southuniversity       &   R (2013)     managing       UK   a focus      Family       doi:10   Lacoste, S     for       anorexia   in adolescence     newtreatment       Violent   doi:10 1016/j     07       for   MarshallLast post yesterday     AM by       Discussion   unread postsTracy     Feb       PMSubscribeAs   adult gerontology     you       a   health clinic     evaluating       patient   comes in     having       in   On exam     note       is   thin and     appearance       you   diet pills     some       concern?   screening tools     lead       your   initial areas     include:       diet   who is  
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also     the   is very     frail       is   you for     What       areas   concern? What     can       closer   your diagnosis?Based     history       be   for the     practitioner       this   year old     suffering       of   disorder Anorexia     nervosa,       disorders   characterized by     patterns       prevalent   adolescent girls     Herman,       are   with impairments     and       can   quality of     productivity       health   and eventual     left       Herman,   Evidently, adolescents     mask       to   behavioral symptoms     anger       (Buttaro,   Bailey, Sandberg-Cook,     the       examinations   ideal screening     adolescents       weight,   and body     measurements,       such   the SCOFF     be       for   disorders (Harrington,     &       SCOFF   is a     of       five   that includes;Do     yourself       feel   full?Do you     you       over   much you     recently       One   (14 lb)     3-month       yourself   be Fat     say       thin?Would   say that     your       al   2015) Health     Diagnostic       prompt   of and     laboratory       urinalysis   specific gravity,     count,       amylase   lipase measurement,     magnesium       tests   et al     pharmacological       interventions:   interventions to     disorders       the   setting must     on       trusting   with an     education,       The   of selective     inhibitors       considered   patients who     responding       trial   psychotherapy and     with       another   disorder responsive     medications       include   guidance that     healthy       regaining   energy needed     activities       people   reach a     weight       their   is a     and       key   supporting other     and       changes   are needed     or       Daily   should include     meals       snack   that is     parents       nurse   addition, multivitamin     D       are   recommended (Harrington     ,       to   and treat     individuals       a   healthcare approach     the       family   psychologists, nutritionists,     as       will   an immediate     psychotherapy       foundation   successful treatment     eating       al   2015) The     psychotherapy       distorted   image and     habits,       engagement,   resumption of     activities       Although   one-half of     anorexia       about   achieve only     and       ill   et al     Thus,       require   follow-up with     care       as   health specialist     a       follow   plan should     objectives       available   eating disorder     2017)       Healthcare   (NICE) (2017)     recognition       from   nice org     T       J   Polgar-Bailey, P     J       ACollaborative   5th Edition     Retrieved       edu/#/books/9780323355018/   B ,     ,       Jimerson,   (2015) Initial     andtreatment       and   nervosa American     91(1),       V   Herman, B     (2015)       medical   associated withuntreated     disorder       CNS   17(2), doi:     14r01732       for   MartinezLast post     at       Argelio   5Juliet Shaw     24,       I   working out     gym,       to   said he     be       some   searching, he     he       stressful   so he     air       true   comes as     to       sure   wouldn't surprise     Helping       a   difficult job     divide       into   groups The     is       whose   and backgrounds     their       Nothing   of the     to       these   The second     the       underachieve   all areas     a       they   one thing     They       in   In the     this       old,   would totally     dealing       a   job and     be       the   (2013), there     types       that   common with     that       injuries   violenceSexual behaviors     unintended       transmitted   including HIV     and       useUnhealthy   behaviorsInadequate physical     diagnosis       these   areas However,     area       focus   is depression     been       and   eating habits     could       with   patient, considering     that       frail   suffering with     experience       insomnia,   of interest     that       difficulty   and loss     Depression       various   of a     including       overall   well-being If     one       depression,   may find     are       a   disorder, such     eating       abuse   for anorexia     done       approach,   includes doctors,     professionals       with   in eating     therapy       are   important to