NR705 All Weeks Discussions (July 2019)

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NR 705 DNP Project & Practicum

Week 1 Discussion

DQ1 Ethical Considerations for DNP Projects

The collaborative discussion for this week is focused on preparation for your IRB application. What are the important considerations in the protection of human subjects and confidential information in your project? How will you assure an ethical and protective process for all involved in this project, including patients and other stakeholders?

DQ2 DNP Project Update

Please use the DNP Project Update collaborative discussion thread to provide your instructor and student colleagues with an update on your DNP Project. You may be required to submit a proposal to the IRB at your institution. Have you explored the IRB requirements at your institution? What are the requirements? What are the challenges of your IRB proposal(s) for your project?

When posting, please first share your PICOT question in question format and then respond to the weekly question. This will help us all to be able to provide quality feedback in these weekly collaborative discussions.

NR705 week 1 (July 2019)
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