NR305 Week 2 Discussion (June 2019)

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NR 305 Health Assessment for the Practicing

Week 2 Discussion

Assessment for Health Promotion


This week's graded topics relate to the following Course Outcomes (COs).

CO 1 - Utilize prior knowledge of theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines to explain expected client behaviors, while differentiating between normal findings, variations, and abnormalities. (PO 1)

CO 2 - Recognize the influence that developmental stages have on physical, psychosocial, cultural, and spiritual functioning. (PO 1)

CO 4 - Identify teaching/learning needs from the health history of an individual. (PO 2)

The Assignment

As the school nurse working in a college health clinic, you see many opportunities to promote health. Maria is a 40-year-old Hispanic who is in her second year of nursing school. She complains of a 14-pound weight gain since starting school and is afraid of what this will do to both her appearance and health if the trend continues. After conducting her history, you learn that she is an excellent cook and she and her family love to eat foods that reflect their Hispanic heritage. She is married with two school-age children. She attends class a total of 15 hours per week, plus she must be present for 12 hours of labs and clinical. She maintains the household essentially by herself and does all the shopping, cooking, cleaning, and chauffeuring of the children. She states that she is lucky to get 5 hours of sleep per night, but that is okay with her. She drinks coffee all morning to "keep her going." She lives 1 hour from campus and commutes each day, and often drinks diet cola to "stay awake." When asked what she does to relax and de-stress, Maria states she "doesn't even have time to think about that."

Maria's vitals today are as follows; T 98.6, R 20, HR 88, BP 148/90

Using the lesson and text as your guide, answer the following questions.

What additional assessment data (subjective and/or objective) would you like to gather from Maria?

What actual health concerns and risk factors have you identified?

What are some opportunities to promote health and wellness for Maria?

Write one nursing diagnosis for Maria (actual, wellness or risk), based on one of the health concerns or opportunities you have identified. (Please use one of the formulas outlined in the text and lesson!)

Remember to use and credit the textbook or lesson, as well as an outside scholarly source, for full credit.

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or     subjective   I would     what       blood   if she     of       if   is taking     (especially       pressure   allergy to     regularly       help,   and if     any       would   assess some     including       exam   review some     such       determine   balanced her     levels       the   3 months;     index       the   gain is     her       tests   check for     low       and   function tests;     VLDL,       I   assess posture     body       physical   According to     we       assessment   collected by     questions,       another   care professional,     objective       This   necessary to     the       and   (Weber &     Maria’s       include   148/90, 14     gain       lack   sleep, and     is       obesity,   high blood     osteoarthritis,       long-term   disease, due     bad       of   cola, coffee,     foods;       school   health related     14       in   years Her     influences       food   and lifestyle;     the       her   to obesity     Department       Human   (DHHS), (2014),     are       weight   less likely     chronic       such   high blood     dyslipidemia;       as   2 diabetes,     osteoarthritis,       experience   during pregnancy;     at       As   we need     health       complications   future chronic     need       the   to follow     diet,       least   hours every     eliminate       of   diet; practice     relieve       to   hours a     exercise       so,   needs counseling     her       her   tools to     new       make   in her     need       with   journal where     record       and   give her     the       foods,   at what     should       these   she would     stress,       rate,   glucose levels,     and       day   or health     for       and   related to     stated       of   this will     both       health   the trend     gain)       Health   Human Services     Healthy       from   healthypeople gov/2020/topicsobjectives2020/default     R       H   Health assessment     (6th       PA:   Kluwer Reply     CommentCollapse       May   2019 May     4:34pmYanelis,Good       is   good idea     has       factors   her 14     in       including   about the     In       it   important to     modifiable       factors   fro your     Reply       WaldorfAlexis   19, 2019     at       assessment   Maria Maria’s     can       many   in her     of       being   diet choices     shown       of   average American     below       guidelines   to the     vegetable       and   increase in     saturated       and   quality is     among       and   with low     (Kern       So   order to     diet,       also   Maria’s socioeconomic     well       shown   there are     neighborhoods       socioeconomic   of the     who       status   not have     available       if   do have     available       be   expensive and     the       the   and unhealthy     more       accessible   when we     Maria       of   options, we     also       what   has access     if       for   is actually     job       for   week Alexis     M       H   Robinson, L     Stehr,       &   G (2017)     Unhealthy       Neighborhoods   Their Association     Socioeconomic       Black/Hispanic   Of Urban     Of       Academy   Medicine, 94(4),     chamberlainuniversity       1007/s11524-017-0168-8   Reply to     CharlesPaul       May   at 8:08pmProfessor     classmates       obtained   it was     Maria       Hispanic   Who is     her       health   to the     gain       since   started nursing     loves       Spanish   heritage food     family       consist   herself, her     children       Maria   spent about     per       her   and campus     approximately       week   of the     work       maintains   household essential,     care       she   on drinking     caffeinated       her   and she     five       night   Stated she     time       last   visit shows     sign       pressure   above assessment     some       that   present in     nowadays       assess   for her     for       members   friends I     assess       her   She could     but       not   with them     no       support   in the     the       Hispanic   like to     bring       their   I would     income       would   about the     children       Some   the health     risk       identified   fear of     and       recent   gain, her     style       enough   hours, caffeinated     sometimes       so   seasoned with     can       pressure   has lots     to       and   For instance,     to       in   if she     on       food,   might benefit     Maria       a   schedule to     to       and   herself and     primary       “The   response is     reaction       situations,   activated for     can       physiological,   and behavioral     stress       to   individuals; however,     activate       stressors,   bills or     the       as   blood pressure     T       could   self-neglect as     recent       of   and poor     ReferenceFish,       Don’t   About It:     on       for   Stress Management     the       Therapeutic   Journal, 52(4),     chamberlainuniversity       18666/TRJ-2018-V52-I4-9013Weber,   R &     H       in   (6th ed     PA:       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionMaeve     15,       at   Paul,I enjoyed     discussion       your   of taking     habits       making   reflect more     her       a   consideration to     mentioned       cooking   took that     her       do   in a     You       of   husband I     is       Maria   clearly overwhelmed     need       she   no mention     husband       she   for him     bit       edged   Women have     much       to   their own     we       to   our previous     Wife       we   wear many     try       all   them Maria     struggling       of   little help     Paul!       CommentCollapse   LlanesYerenis LlanesMay     May       Maeve:I   with you     is       be   for Maria     delegating       her   so she     some       exercise,   maybe go     a       a   wife, and     student       of   and Maria     have       herself   Reply to     GonzalezCelia       May   at 8:54pmI     you       overwhelmed   she needs     some       husband   sounds a     myself       and   years old     2       one   which is     Navy       stressed   lot I     step-children       to   cook, clean     the       in   at al     have       lb   gain My     is       am   135 lbs     I       so   am lucky     eat       9:30,   10 on     which       Being   I eat     coffee       and   could not     it       very   time delegating     anyone       very   Having more     me       of   is something     difficult       only   me but     Hispanic       alike   Reply to     BurrowesGriseida       May   at 4pmCelia,     relate       Mom   give me     butter       for   I don't     she       soup?   am fifty-five     I       gain   10-20 pds     ten       &   J H     assessment       ed   Philadelphia, PA:     Reply       SubdiscussionCelia   GonzalezMay 20,     20       did   give me     I       43   think stress     lot       weight   I also     as       I   stress less     Reply       ButlerFelicia   May 15,     15       has   lot of     we       nursing   is a     causer!       or   has on     has       and   time, it     toll       not   realize that     dealing       to   stress could     Maria       CommentCollapse   FieldCelia FieldMay     May       Paul,You   a great     We       health   for Maria     my       sleep   but you     great       as   more of     from       to   a lot     her       department   health states,     include       of   disease; reducing     through       health   by improving     health       of   creation of     promote       all;   promotion of     across       2014)   think this     every       sharing!   of Health     Services       People   Retrieved from     gov/2020/topicsobjectives2020/default       external   ) Reply     CommentCollapse       15,   May 15     and       that   would like     from       amount   caffeinated drinks     consuming       as   water intake     request       the   of her     the       used   would assess     ask       I   ask if     an       complaints   issues to     who       is   health concerns/risk     would       of   lack of     gain,       management,   eating habits,     intake,       stage   hypertension based     blood       her   predisposition to     pressure       inequality,   hypertension, physical     or       conditions   also significantly     increased       multimorbidity   findings highlight     of       role   diabetes, heart     stroke       women   clinicians and     agencies       Dobson,   2018, pg     promote       would   patient teaching     risk       encourage   of some     household       decrease   and allow     An       promote   loss and     levels       salt   caffeine and     intake       relaxation   and getting     6       a   She should     journal       pressure,   each day,     follow       be   to review     the       diagnosis   Maria is     More       related   sedentary lifestyle     by       of   and 14-pound     ReferencesWeber,       Kelley,   (2018) Health     nursing       Xu,   , Mishra,     ,       ,   Jones, M     of       and   multimorbidity in     A       Plos   15(3), e1002516     idm       pmed   Reply Reply     SubdiscussionAmanda       2019   15 at     I       regarding   caffeine intake     do       a   vasoconstrictor caffeine     we       is   as a     suggests       strong   to that     intake       to   (Mayo Clinic,     with       caffeine   lack of     house       family   take care     is       Maria   heading for     compliment       week,   would like     the       related   education of     (Validating       2018)   would benefit     nursing       believe   agree that     should       forefront   for sharing     amanda       Clinic   Caffeine: How     affect       from   Clinic: https://www     and       In   E Janet     Health       (p   Reply Reply     SubdiscussionFelicia       15,   May 15     definitely       education   her dietary     for       by   Butler on     at       to   SubdiscussionGriseida BurrowesGriseida     2019       3:52pmChoylen,   enjoyed reading     I       believer   yoga and     believe       Maria   great deal     liked       I   have never     it       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionChristopher     15,       at   class,Additional Information:According     (2018),       conduct   complete health     Maria       that   would ask     what       medical   what is     system       does   manage stress     what       history,   did she     the       and   she have     I       know   past medical     maybe       was   by something     past       to   her family     some       genetic   (Weber 2018)     want       support   because I     that       but   seems that     is       is   constantly, so     have       live   her to     would       how   manages stress     because       cause   gain I     to       types   foods is     at       diet   cause weight     would       why   is only     hours       night   that because     all       for   is she     insomnia?       (2017)   amounts of     contribute       Risk   to Weber     Maria       has   with excessive     and       and   she is     for       mellitus   heart disease     to       wellness   Maria include     exercise       of   A dietitian     Maria       cook   meals that     reflect       but   take less     prepare       to   educated on     of       exercise   diagnosis:Risk for     to       ethnicity   evidenced by     pressure,       gain,   of sleep,     environment       exercise   J ,     J       in   (6th ed     PA:       W   (2017) The     Better       Retrieved   https://search-ebscohost-com chamberlainuniversity     org/login       to   SubdiscussionFelicia ButlerFelicia     17,       at   for your     Reply       PattersonSummer   19, 2019     at       agree,   seems like     system       She   all of     on       Reply   CommentCollapse SubdiscussionYerenis     15,       at   Professor and     analysis       I   like to     information       medical   In this     would       information   whether her     parents       history   diseases linked     gain       gather   about Maria’s     especially       school-aged   pregnancy Considering     by       at   of suffering     hypertension,       due   progressive weight     14-pound       her   at risk     beyond       Maria’s   is significant     health       influence   habits For     history       eating   that reflect     heritage       foods   as ropa     and       high   of calories     Di       inclusion   Maria’s culture     assessment       it   help determine     weight       attributed   the feeding     cultural       the   health risks     Maria’s       have   short-term goal     one       of   every week     me       diagnosis   Decreased Cardiac     increased       evidence   high blood     I       following   interventions into     of       her   meeting her     as       would   her to     healthier       more   and fruits     vegetables       amount   magnesium and     the       are   for heart     promote       excretion   body wastes     weight       Golding,