Frequently Asked Questions

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For general questions on usage of our services that are not answered here, kindly drop an email to the support team or submit this form.

Hometask Guru is an online tutoring and help system. Here students can register and post their academic questions for clarifications and tutoring on specific topics.

Tutors are available to pick up the questions on the topic of their expertise. They provide online tutoring, clarification and guidance on the questions asked by the students. However, for this assistance and tutoring, they charge a price.

The agreement on price is 2 sided. First the student, while posting the question indicates aproximately how much they are willing to pay for the help. In turn, the tutors also specify the price they believe should be paid based on the effort involved on the tutorial. Finally, it is the student's decision whether to purchase the tutorial for the said price. Otherwise, they can opt not to purchase it.

If required, the tutor and student can use the messaging system to negotiate on the price as well as the timing for the tutorial. They can also use the messaging system to seek clarifications from each other.

Alternately, a student can opt to buy any existing tutorial available on the website. It is possible that the same question may have been answered earlier for any other student!

Before purchasing the tutorial, student is able to decide based on the price, size of the tutorial (number of file attachments, number of words, etc.), as well as a random preview of the tutorial. This helps them to choose one that is more relevant and detailed, before finally purchasing it. Throughout this process, the rating reputation of the tutor is also a key factor in making this decision.

Once paid, the tutorial is immediately made available to the students for downloading and further study.

If there is an issue with the tutorial, or if it is totally irrelevant or is of sub standard quality, the students can escalate to the support team (live chat as well as email support). The tutor is given an opportunity to improvise the study material or provide clarification. If the response to the student is still not to their satisfaction, students can claim for a refund (to be approved based on a fair investigation of the issue by the support team).

Registering at Hometask Guru is easy and free. Just few basic questions are asked to enable us identify you uniquely on the website. Link to register & create a profile is available on the top left menu options.

Browsing the site to review the existing questions and preview the tutorials is free. Posting a new question is free too, however it requires registration! The tutors who answer those questions can put a price for their tutorials. In order to access the tutorial you will have to purchase it by paying the amount asked by the tutor.

It is also mandatory to have an active account (registration) in order to purchase a tutorial.

Can I buy tutorials posted for other student's question?

Anyone can browse through existing questions and purchase the available tutorials, irrespective of who posted the initial question. In fact some of the questions on common topics have been posted and answered by the tutors themselves!

If you find a question relevant to your course, you can also preview the existing tutorials submitted against it. Finally you need to make the payment and purchase the tutorial to get immediate access to the complete tutorial.

You can pay for the tutorial via PayPal®. PayPal® is a world leader in online payments, and amongst the safest and easiest mode of online payments.

It is not mandatory to have a PayPal® account to complete the transaction. PayPal® system provides an option to pay directly from your credit or debit card, without even registering with them.

Once you've finalized the tutorial that you want to purchase, click "Purchase for $xxx" button available at the bottom of the tutorial.

  • Summary of the tutorial price and the applicable trasaction fee are displayed on the next screen.
  • If you are not registered or not logged in, you will be asked to register / login to your account.
  • Once you've registered / logged in, you will be shown a green button "Proceed to Pay". On click of this button, you will be redirected to PayPal's website to make the payment.
  • Once paid, you will be redirected back to Option to download the complete, unlocked tutorial will be available. Alternately, after making the payment, you can login to your account anytime, and go to PURCHASED TUTORIALS section (LOGIN -> Top Menu -> MY ACCOUNT -> PURCHASED TUTORIALS) to view all your unlocked & complete tutorials.

As soon as you've purchased a tutorial, you are redirected to the screen with a link to the complete unlocked tutorial. This link is also sent to your email inbox.

To access your purchased tutorials, you must be logged in to your Hometask Guru account. Once you've logged in, you can find all your purchased tutorials in the "Purchased Tutorials" link present on the top of the page. (Login -> Top Menu -> MY ACCOUNT -> TUTORIALS PURCHASED).

Yes it is absolutely safe and secure!

The payment is processed through PayPal® and our website never saves any of your confidential details from your Paypal Account.

PayPal® is amongst world's safest and reliable payment processor.

How to view a rating:

Students can use the rating system to know more about the tutor's reputation and experience in providing support. A higher rating means more students were satisfied by the respective tutor's work - i.e. higher credibility. A lower rating speaks otherwise.

A tutor's rating is displayed against each tutorial they've provided. Detailed rating and feedback can be viewed by clicking the username of the tutor (available against the existing tutorials).

How to rate a tutorial / tutor:

Ratings given to the tutorials submitted by a tutor are aggregated to display the Tutor's Rating.

For every tutorial purchased, the student has an option to provide feedback after the same has been reviewed by them. A good quality tutorial deserves a higher rating as it gives credit to the tutor for their efforts. A higher rating also helps 'other students' in knowing the quality of content before purchasing it. Rating is on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 means best and 1 means worst quality of tutorial.

After logging into their account, student can go to "Purchased Tutorials" option (LOGIN -> Top Menu -> MY ACCOUNT -> PURCHASED TUTORIALS). Against each purchased tutorial, there is a link to provide rating.

If you are not satisfied with a tutorial you've purchased please contact the tutor via a private message (Login -> click on send message link in front of the tutor's name on the tutorial screen)

In most cases, a simple clarification can help in resolving the issue.

However, if this fails to resolve the issue, please contact us at to share your issue within 3 days of purchase.

To join as a tutor, you need to send your 'candidature packet' to .

The candidature packet should be in English and clearly described. It should be in MS Word Format and must consist of the following information:

  1. Personal Details
    • Name
    • Phone # (with area code)
    • Country & State of current residence
    • Citizenship
  2. Professional Details
    • Copy of your Resume / Experience Summary - as a separate document in MS Word Format
    • Subjects you are interested in Tutoring
  3. Educational Details (upto 3 degree/diplomas, highest first)
    • Qualification, Degree, Specialization
    • College, University
    • Exact Grade / Percentage
  4. A short write up (less than 100 words) on "Why you would like to take up this profession of online tutoring, especially at Hometask Guru?"

This information is reviewed and evaluated to ensure your candidature qualifies for the subject you want to support.

Please note submission of your candidature package does not guarantee your registration as a Tutor. We try to ensure a balance between the count of student registrants active on a given subject and the count of tutors.

You can rest assured that the information collected in this process is solely for evaluation of profiles and never shared with third parties.