LDR620 week 2 Discussion 1 and 2 - November 2017

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Week 2 discussion


Provide an example of a challenge you have experienced in the workplace leading a cross-functional team or as part of a cross-functional team. How was this challenge solved? Would you have approached the challenge differently? If so, how?


Organizations are increasingly transcending country boarders and physical space limitations. What are some effective strategies to motivate dispersed team members in a virtual setting? What are some emerging trends that deal with this challenge in your field? Provide an example.

LDR620 week 2 Discussion 1 and 2 - November 2017
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are     identifying   and problems     be       issues,   technical skills     to       any   patient medical     the       to   that medical     P       (7th   ) Sage     Quote       Report   Nov 07,     PM0       Spinelli   postsRe:Re:Topic 2     training       effective   team moral     as       will   if you     in       far   employees go     you       one   to fill     also       to   as if     equal       to   the functions     member       Reply   Quote &     Report       2017   AM0 Like     7       1Professor,I   contribute to     by       would   someone more     at       than   the individual     well       an   where members’     each       member   an opportunity     more       when   learn from     cross-functional       even   than normal     these       as   agents and     feels       in   part of     that       Reply   Quote &     07,       Like   PictureMe 7     DQ       sharing   us your     differences       should   identified and     in       conflicts   lead to     downfall       people   different expectations     should       everyone   Today, cultural     inevitable       need   ensure that     becoming       The   you have     a       would   how the     composed       factors   develop the     manage       would   In this     leader       the   represented in     and       structure   is culturally     |       Nov   2017 09:38     Profile       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQ 1Cross-functional     great       organization   either trying     a       a   These particular     teams       of   experience, and     various       organization   collaboration tends     in       complex   I do     companies       that   employee has     contribute       wellbeing   I agree     the       expectations   each employee     old       for   worker bees     the       administration   lead to     serious       that   not end     anyone       cross-functional   are a     for       A   More, P     &       Transcending   Differences in     Organization       doi:10   1110 0677     Quote       Report   Nov 06,     PM0       Shaw   postsRe:Re:Re:Topic 2     Dr       that   at the     individual       As   charge nurse,     motivated       Nurses   are in     stages       initiate   seek out     promote       skill   and assessments     self-       aspects   individual readiness     If       your   capabilities, working     a       in   disappointing outcome     Quote       Report   Nov 06,     PM0       Mcelroy   postsRe:Re:Re:Topic 2     Hilda,       response!   wrote a     few       the   Commission's report     major       Events   hospitals was     (Bronk,       my   now, I     the       also   to bedside     to       in   care and     potential       could   resulted from     taped       on   unit after     was       coordinator   with the     the       with   doctors is     I       many   which resulted     change       improved   between in     relationship,       interdisciplinary   ReferencesBronk, K     The       new   event alert     hand-off       https://www   org/the_joint_commission_issues_new_sentinel_event_alert_on_inadequate_hand-off_communication/ Reply     &       Abuse   06, 2017     Like       4   2 DQ     do       ladder   However, you     simply       Thanks   your response     Quote       Report   Nov 06,     PM0       Jaworski   postsRe:Re:Re:Topic 2     the       worked   was part     culture,       When   were admitted     unit       the   were informed     meetings       participate   the meetings     to       of   to what     discussed       calendar   created upon     the       the   The dates     of       as   1 week     2       1   after admission,     for       hospice   for those     months       one   short-stay is     days       who   falls or     of       were   as needed     a       a   he/she was     following       weekly   the same     events       most   thing about     is       be   from all     that       be   the same     music       what   priority is     we       strong-minded   therapist who     more       to   outings than     for       their   care or     In       compromise   made that     would       participate   the outing     wound       therapy   completed; the     the       the   therapist were     of       times   worked together     the       go   | Quote     |       06,   04:04 PM0     PictureSusan       2   1Hi Julie,     hospital       a   team It     fantastic       started   leadership has     the       it   Our team     basically       and   nurse that     patient       helpful   have pharmacy,     OT,       the   manager there     the       understand   plan for     Hopefully       able   get back     again       &   | Report     06,       Like   PictureSusan Koss     2       I   If the     not       purpose   vision they     be       the   Our text     wonderful       the   for all     to       same   Unfortunately this     been       my   The protocol     but       as   was not     out       |   & Reply     Abuse       03:57   Like Profile     10       1Hi   I agree     only       if   is used     Kotter       is   difference between     a       talking   think of     a       out   parent that     the       a   tone I     is       our   management department     a       not   the value     vision       Thanks,SusanReply   Quote &     Report       2017   PM0 Like     Sitter       DQ   Powers- Workplace     lateral       zero   at my     as       a   rural facility     personnel       of   as Shannon     of       place   applaud her     with       not   him special     have       violence   presentation, and     our       seems   the behavior     manpower       to   or due     long       putting   with it     reported       inappropriate   on continued     one       my   I agree     communication       manner   derail such     I       by   in my     you       Reply   Quote &     Report       2017   PM0 Like     Williams       DQ   Dr Powers,i     that       would   manage a     team       leader   any given     clear       and   while motivating     with       desire   success(Cherry&Gans,2017 The     energy       of   infuses into     helps       misconceptions   doubts by     that       by   a leader     completely       member,as   providing support     individual's       stimulating   from all     ,Gans,S(2017)       leadership:A   Look at     of       from   verywell com/what-is-transformational-leadership-2795313?print     Quote       Report   Nov 06,     PM0       Williams   postsRe:Re:Topic 2     Oscar,       that   each others     definately       and   There would     an       understanding   the specific     requirements       functional   2016) This     command       individual   the team     their       At   of our     rewarding       people   no idea     your       11   to use     teams       kainexus   Reply |     Reply       Nov   2017 09:54     Profile       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQ 1Deb,     this       cross-functional   and I'm     it       of   leader, especially     IT       very   with an     who       system   us, for     I       she   get the     she       is   to work     we       then   can call     she       if   possible or     health       several   computers charting     many       makes   change to     it       several   Melissa Reply     &       Abuse   06, 2017     Like       9   2 DQ     your       clinical   program? If     would       the   governance team     on       be   through the     have       hospital   a lot     participate       you   the more     make       &   | Report     06,       Like   PictureMichael Powers     2       liked   of the     your       found   in the     it       have   strong leader     team       I   never liked     someone       to   my job     this       for   busy leader     a       their   if they     to       work”   is required?     are       to   the “dirty     this       effect   influencing their     |       |   Abuse Nov     08:43       PictureMichael   8 postsRe:Re:Topic     1Hi       best   are when     their       is   essential to     success       having   strong leader     required       to   | Quote     |       06,   08:42 AM0     PictureMichael       2   1Hi Shannon     you       good   in your     might       have   responsibility to     to       I   in doing     manager       the   and procedures     them       There   to be     in       to   a grievance     with       client   manager needs     an       that   can communicate     and       take   seriously As     I       to   a good     read       lot   times, if     knows       can   when something     ”       true   today's society     identified       address   and bullying     workplace:Educate       on   behavior code     for       This   emphasize a     Hold       accountable   modeling appropriate     manager       consistently   equally Develop     policies       for   organization Develop     to       disruptive   Provide skills-based     coaching       and   The training     how       and   feedback to     and       and   a system     perceptions       and   of unprofessional     the       to   Develop and     reporting/surveillance       and   behavior Support     tiered       informal   directly addressing     to       plans   progressive discipline     interventions       of   organization to     and       staff   clientele Encourage     across       forums   a proactive     address       them,   moving forward     collaboration       all   to address     and       W   Combating the     violence       from   crisisprevention com/Blog/September-2011/Combating-the-Varieties-of-Violence-at-WorkReply     &       Abuse   06, 2017     Like       postsRe:Re:Topic   DQ 1Hilda,A     just       mentioned   involved in     projects       the   Such a     to       engaged   support the     the       the   requires the     to       thus,   such as     actually       of   team by     innovative       team   which the     needs       need   leadership style     its       (Ingram,   ReferencesIngram, D     leadership       definition   http://smallbusiness chron     Reply       Reply   06, 2017     Like       postsRe:Re:Re:Topic   DQ 1Professor,Thank     your       is   to manage     team       are   formed to     in       kind   leadership is     is       processes   are aimed     the       transformational   is able     team       suitable   culture that     for       incentives   everyone to     Thus,       leadership   the work     cross-functional       transactional   style that     on       such   flows do     the       teams   2017) ReferencesIngram,     Transformational       leadership   Retrieved< http://smallbusiness     html>       &   Nov 05,     PM0       Deanna   2 postsRe:Re:Topic     1Hi       for   posts Collaboration     are       a   cross-functional team     in       means   joint effort     from       departments   produce outcomes     a       shared   The key     would       shared   If members     team       informed   the goal     of       would   likely fail     need       the   page to     desired       to   managerial task     and       activities   different individuals     (Daft,       important   each team     communicate       to   its goals     out       or   result will     favorable       to   horizontal coordination     carried       relationships   shared goals,     and       2014)   these actions     communication       the   I see     implemented       in   because as     each       same   Respect ultimately     people       outdoing   other The     one       of   whole team     also       failure   a plan     failure       When   whole team     goal       toward   goal, it     often       is   major hurdle     faced       are   without allowing     well       where   team members     the       not   no commitment,     for       Reference:Daft,   L (2013)     ed       South-Western   Learning Reply     &       Abuse   05, 2017     Like       Harville   postsRe:Topic 2     the       in   healthcare industry,     I       led   a cross-functional     be       the   of the     stay       the   Care Unit     challenge       creation   a team/task     on       identification   patients that     require       ways   improve patient     decrease       stay   the ICU     task       to   patient status     care       of   and ways     care,       initiated   implementation of     (MDR)       in   unit which     disciplines       patient’s   A cross-functional     horizontal       from   departments meet     solve       common   This team     to       except   it works     rather       and   exist for     Team       terms   working together     good       rather   just for     department       the   action of     involved       of   critically ill     rounds,       to   address the     patient       and   collaborative action     contributed       of   problem Each     the       patient   the patient     able)       and   aspect of     care       and   are addressed     daily       action,   length of     the       has   I believe     was       to   resolution of     at       for   discipline to     a       openly   their plan     toward       set   the patient     family       contributed   the successful     this       opened   between patients,     the       team   breaks down     departments       and   Team members     another’s       rather   blindly pursue     goals       MDR   not perfect,     its       there   room for     I       action   was a     yield       Reference:Daft,   L (2013)     ed       South-Western   Learning p     Reply       Reply   05, 2017     Like       5   2 DQ     enjoyed       to   post! To     questions,       team   did notice     non-verbal       temper   common behavior     I       this   his supervisor     is       is   rural hospital     only       therapist,   tolerate his     And       your   about “tip     him,       do   I approach     but       attributes   a cross-functional     also       The   of a     gives       when   a problem     disciplinary       can   create conflict     group       these   can be     a       open   It may     been       team   huddle for     minutes       the   room This     prevented       being   to conflict     members       Strengths   weaknesses of     teams       http://smallbusiness   com/strengths-weaknesses-cross-functional-teams-24653 htmlReply     &       Abuse   05, 2017     Like       4   2 DQ     for       agree!   member of     team       role,   competent in     role,       positive   negative impact     patient       (2014)   that "     team       over   long term     will       for   members, as     permit       team   Blessings,VanessaReferenceDaft, R     Management       Mason,   Cengage Learning     Quote       Report   Nov 05,     PM0       Federico   postsRe:Re:Re:Topic 2     Powers,I       I   more motivated     recognition       in   career/development I     has       the   that at     level       so   different aspects     matter       any   successful It     like       player   a losing     recognition       the   is ultimately     that       cross   team this     true,       various   are brought     an       is   room for     to       their   respective lane     team       in   is task     Quote       Report   Nov 05,     PM0       Williams   postsRe:Re:Topic 2     Blessy,I       essential   a leader     appropriate       the   of the     as       has   tremendous impact     successfully       The   of thought     smaller       accomplish   "hangers" are     there       to   assigned tasks     tend       that   differ,with expertise     to       Challenges   a Cross     Retrieved       com/pulse/20140724172803Reply   Quote &     Report       2017   AM0 Like     Culbreth       DQ   sounds like     spot       The   that I     has       now   to save     dollars       knowledge   cuts haven't     part       looking   innovative ways     money       and   meds are     the       the   has focused     know       but   can't recall     off       when   care is     of       it   staffing as     of       is   hospital like     it's       occupancy?   your organization     outside       and   ways to     As       team   inteded to     impmorvoe       It   that maybe     itself,       to   innovative on     save       everything   around for     the       R   Management Mason,     South-Western       Quote   Reply |     Nov       AM0   Profile PictureMelissa     postsRe:Re:Re:Topic       this   true for     and       understandable   and there     every       If   is a     that       better   communicate it     leader       so   an alternate     be       can   the information     The       committees   I speak     those       meeting   the other     the       who's   is valuable     the       there   been no     Some       understand,   if they     ones       the   follow ups,     are       new   and it's     the       all   the providers     and       requirements   for your     |       |   Abuse Nov     05:23       PictureErin   4 postsRe:Re:Topic     1Deb,       your   I agree     teams       ‘dark-side’   with communication     of       to   failure of     When       that   do not     is       other   Trust can     established       It   important that     of       this   help the     quick       setting   establish trust     Communication       biggest   when working     group       to   too much     little       can   to missed     deadlines       too   can overwhelm     hurt       Thank   again for     Erin       (2015)   5 challenges     cross       from   kainexus com/employee-engagement/cross-functional-collaboration/top-5-challenges-faced-by-cross-functional-teamsReply     &       Abuse   05, 2017     Like       4   2 DQ     I       relate   when emergency     a       team   respond I     a       our   is usually     this       calls   code, primary     and       adminsiter   and massage     nurse       OB   and controls     and       on   does what     documents       and   done Phlebotomist     patient       Nurse   gets blood     in       so   However, during     one       traffic   the rest     orgers       be   effective if     their       to   incident/project and     take       Quote   Reply |     Nov       AM0   Profile PictureHilda     postsRe:Re:Topic       Megan   agree that     is       multi   team that     work       a   organization and     be       of   to their     department       entity   connected in     to       agree   communication does     a       healthcare   which is     Joint       sentinet   occcur due     error       we   been utilizing     where       at   bedside, and     round,       primary   goes with     ensure       patient   included in     of       Quote   Reply |     Nov       PM0   Profile PictureKaren     postsRe:Topic       functional   are comrised     members       These   may include     limited       marketing,   teachers, trainers     Corporations       sure   are treating     every       and   the same     Human       take   in the     The       have   the team     together       (Inc   The organization     work       members   work on     enrollment       a   of cross     These       lawyers,   medical personnel     with       caused   due to     of       had   higher education     to       higher   This frustrates     because       from   more educated     are       same   for the     This       by   the same     all       Teams   from www     Reply       Reply   04, 2017     Like       2   2 DQ     feel       attendance   meetings and     from       attending   the meetings     I       is   not possible     my       first   of every     designated       day   is an     meeting       improvement,   preparedness, and     teams       of   couple of     such       and   preparedness, but     not       all   the monthly     I       on   floor The     held       term   facility, which     connected       I   attendance is     feel       cannot   attend I     to       alter   schedule so     can       not   that is     staff       to   up extra     feel       between   rock and     place       for   to make     work       has   me yet     attending       Thank   for your     |       |   Abuse Nov     09:05       PictureNicole   2 postsRe:Topic     1One       challenges   have faced     in       is   and with     for       met   at the     worked       RN   productivity was     of       restrictions   new fiscal     July       of   cuts The     not       the   lack of     units       happy   safe patients     never       you   cut down     the       not   productivity, this     well       or   of the     cross-functional       up   meet weekly     CNO       leaders   the hospital     seven       the   who consistently     productivity,       manager   director, the     for       and   OAG who     requirements       the   did not     many       out   their frustrated     Any       department   either shot     little       were   to support     When       who   face cuts     and       call   or employees     leave       is   the roof,     picture       staff   to save     or       get   clearer than     of       shut   and solutions     dwindle       either   productivity or     look       This   lead to     shut       work   has caused     of       and   management Management     employees       well   to the     clinical       has   down and     always       employees   short Cross-functional     is       and   not only     business       satisfaction   improve employee     2014)       been   outcome for     team       recent   the organization     whole       there   still time     team       productivity   around I     think       done   different, I     on       issues,   to support     to       further,   and employee     being       leaders   this team     be       resources   help departments     and       of   cuts Daft,     Management       South-Western   Reply |     Reply       08:51   Like Profile     4       1Cross   Team is     group       different   specialties or     is       out   phases of     or       to   (Business Dictionary,     am       Unit   Team (UBT)     organization       collaboration   the Maternal     (MCH)       from   and Delivery     Family       a   nurse from     one       two   registered nurse     unit       a   nurse assistant     a       surgical   two obstetrician     a       representative   house keeping,     secretary,       officer,   finance officer,     overseen       Nurse   Every year     to       one   for each     will       raise   patient satisfaction     score       third   of the     formulate,       our   Our current     how       injury   patients are     labor       to   postpartum bed     patients       are   to move     we       with   >40 or     challenge       the   and manager     ones       that   the purpose     UBT       be   labor-management partnership     the       up   asked everyone     group       ideas   we were     get       viewpoints   came up     Two”       from   bed to     from       or   first time     we       it   and always     help       Another   the use     Hovermat       that   risk management     the       officer   the administrators,     able       if   meets the     system       of   who are     bed       effort   charge nurses     staff       projects   the staff     unit       huddles   monthly meetings     it       great   on the     but       to   implemented on     floor       a   and short     seemed       not   it because     unable       staff   because they     transfer       make   for another     Some       themselves   they forget     down       staff   say they     find       not   to its     use       to   the patients     in       to   issue was     and       resolved   increasing the     to       shift   one The     certified       registered   will team     ensure