APN clinical roles for these three states: California, Washington and Illinois? Provide evidence for your response.

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How do licensure, accreditation, certification, and education (LACE) considerations differ for APN clinical roles for these three states: California, Washington and Illinois? Provide evidence for your response.

NR510 Week 6 discussion
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they     with   that the     receives       illnesses   may suffer     involves       through   agencies to     have       nursing   so that     able       nurses   is the     which       that   nursing programs     approved       and   even the     2013)       evaluating   level of     knowledge       who   undergone the     have       evaluating   abilities and     skills       while   is that     individuals       knowledge   skills at     educational       differs   APN Clinical     California,       someone   be registered     advanced       California,   minimum requirement     master’s       area   their specialization     one       health   whose minimum     just       Anyone   to be     must       of   schools that     accredited       League   Nursing (NLN)     nursing       recognized   the California     California,       classifications   recognized which     practitioner,       nurse,   health nurse,     specialist,       and   nurse anesthetist     individuals       individuals   a nursing     they       &   (2013) Then     nursing       passed   exams are     apply       where   is a     them       social   numbers during                 In       individual   become an     must       complete   advanced nursing     year       for   APN license     programs       to   should be     an       well   by the     Department       In   case where,     student       from   the U     nursing       underwent   be similar     offered       them   be allowed     in       nursing   to be     Washington,       the   must undergo     that       competences   & Houle,     APN       recognized   the Washington     of       practitioner,   nurse-midwife, certified     anesthetist       been   in undertaking     should       their   and it     must       provide   Taxpayer identification     with       numbers   Illinois, for     be       an   license, one     to       level   any of     categories       and   program that     in       accredited   any recognized     the       al,   It is     in       one   earn a     way       given   APN license     to       license   Illinois, it     must       have   following: An     nurse       should   indicate the     that       for,   copy of     certification,       shows   one received     degree       must   pay some     JoseReferencesAlleman,       Houle,   (2013) Advanced     nurse       Journal,   219 Retrieved     com/openview/18874768c2d715e7fadac9a12214b89e/1?pq-origsite=gscholar>Carter,       M   Ireland, S     H       ,   DiCenso, A     gaps       What   decision-makers tell     Leadership,       fromhttp://s3   com/academia edu     AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ56TQJRTWSMTNPEA&Expires=1467299421&Signature=t9itFXDV2UzjxS17SuurOgiogVg%3D&response-content-       M   & Barker,     (2012)       Jones   Bartlett Publishers     google       &f=false>Sumner,   (2013) Advanced     in        Advanced   in Healthcare:     Nurses       Professionals, 113   fromhttps://scholar google     Duncanreply       1:03:43   Discussion Part     so       are   differences between     states       to   considerations Excellent     LessMijanou       Part   Duncan and     Model       Practice   Nurse (APRN)     the       &   (LACE Model),     platform       National   of State     Nursing       APRN   The LACE     four       APRN   clinical nurse     certified       (CRNA),   nurse practitioner     certified           mode requires     these       be   in at     patient       across   lifespan, adult-gerontology,     women’s       health   lifespans (Foster     2014)       has   own state     policies       practice   the APRN     requires       are   before sitting     exams       All   have different     licensures,       certification   practice in     (Buppert,       United   the clinical     allow       medications   test for     ?         The       with   necessary education     in       of   ?         With each     APRN       practice   the state’s     regards       an   licensure or     supervision       and   prescribing of     narcotics       state   education of     requires       scientific     The     the       a   provider, educator,     administrator       &   2014) ?         The     diagnosis       disease   using diagnostic     However,       perform   surgeries, but     some       change   on the     ?         APRNs       a   care facility,     with       of   small clinic     the       for   in a     setting       long-term   family planning     care       The   and requirement     APRN       accordance   the Illinois     Act’s       practice,   APRN must     that       assessment   diagnosis?         Ordering by     therapeutic,       actions   treatments?         End of     palliative       counseling?         Advanced   prescribe controlled     law       have   45 graduate     of       accredited   course ?         Illinois     APRN       before   certification exams     a       practice   per the     in       can   a CNM,     and       the   to hold     unencumbered       with   state, a     certification,       the   APRN areas     and       a   practice formal     (Kleinpell,       2012)   Nurse Practitioner     RequirementsA       required   practice as     in       California   exception is     health       a   degree ?         Must     a       been   by the     of       an   recognized by     States       ?         Graduate   a college/school     the       Nursing   of Regulations,     ?         Become       an   that is     APRN       CNP,   CRNA, and     authority       of   pharmacology and     of       patients   medical devices     ?         Application       request   prescription authority     verification       experience   is submitted     of       verification   is submitted     of       and   six different     specialties:?         CNS?         CRNA?         CNM?         CNP?         Psychiatric/mental       Health   (PHN)California allows     for       have   ability to:?         Dispense     ability       Schedule   narcotics if     meet       requirements   practice in     room       order   medical equipment;     comp       allow   sign for     care       request   of drugs     by       ?         The   may supervise     (Graduate       California   an unencumbered     a       becomes   as  a     APRN       have   unencumbered registered     ?         Graduate       program/college   by the     Department       Council   Higher Education     and       in   area of     ?         Advanced       pathophysiology,   assessment, with     of       that   specific to     practice       and   oversight ?         Must     theory       management   courses ?         Must     training       must   submitted for     recognizes:       certification   practice The     of       preform   with comprehensive     the       diagnosis,   and manage     of       patients   interpreted lab     labs,       equipment,   medications and     modalities       care   disease prevention,     counseling       teams   bring about     plans?         May       of   (Graduate Nursing     It       role   the APN     country       role   the varied     by       system   skill sets     across       College   Nursing, 2016)     remains       the   care of     as       chronically   and elderly     in           need for     delivery       primary   has fallen     CNP       The   to have     of       states   allowing the     APNs       autonomy   their scope     which       is   to the     our       allows   best practice     throughout       Mijanou ReferencesBuppert,   (2014)  Nurse     practice       New   NY: Jones     Publishers       Nursing    NR-510 Week     and       the   lesson} Downers     DeVry       S   (2014) The     act,       the   practice of     Executives,       from   a ebscohost     ,       (May   2014) "Challenges     Practice       Online   of Issues     19       Nursing   org (2016)     http://www       EDU   (2016) Retrieved     graduatenursingedu       org   Retrieved from     org/washington/Kleinpell,       Hudspeth   , Scordo,     ,       Defining   scope of     associated       acute   J Am     Practice,       1745-7599   00683x Show LessHannah     PMLACEDr           states of     and       different   requirements for     nurses       American   of of     nurse       regulations   specific to     The       practice   licensure law     nurse       patients,   order and     tests,       treatments—including   medications—under the     authority       board   nursing (AANP,             Illinois   from Washington     it       practice   that limits     to       of   elements of     practice       requires   regulated collaborative     an       in   for the     provide       limits   setting or     one       of   practice (AANP,             accreditation   education, the     Washington       require   practitioners to     RN       certified   a nursing     and       degree   NP The     California       to   hold an     NP       not   the practitioners     national       2016)      The     California State       law   the ability     nurse       in   least one     NP       supervision,   or team-management     outside       order   the NP     patient        American   of Nurse