Embry ASCI404 Module 6.2 & 6.3 Discussion - january 2016

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Discussion 6.2

6.2 - Aircraft Transactions

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Post your thorough and complete answers to any two of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1

You are in the market to buy an aircraft and have identified one that appears that it would meet your needs and is in your price range.

How will you:

  • determine who owns the aircraft,
  • identify all outstanding security interests in the aircraft, and
  • determine the condition of the aircraft?

Scenario 2

You are the manager of an aircraft dealership.

A customer approaches one of your sales people. The customer is the owner of a successful photography business, but not a pilot. The customer states that the business needs to buy an airplane for high-altitude digital photo mapping, and she needs the salesman’s advice to select: a suitable aircraft for the mission, which requires:

  • capability to climb to 24,000 feet,
  • then maintain that altitude plus or minus 100 feet and
  • follow a pre-programmed ground track within 50 feet of centerline for at least 4 hours
  • at a groundspeed of no less than 250 knots,
  • then have at least 1 hour’s fuel remaining for descent and return to base.

If the sales person sells the customer an airplane for that mission, what warranties would be implied? Explain.

Could the dealership successfully disclaim those warranties in the contract of sale? Explain.

Scenario 3

You are a commercial pilot, certified flight instructor, and aircraft owner.

You do not hold an FAA Part 135 air taxi and commercial operator certificate. You’ve been earning some income by providing flight instruction to others, in your aircraft, but are looking for other money-making opportunities. At a social event, one of your student pilots introduces you to his boss, who says he’s heard great things about you. He says he has no interest in learning to fly, but wants to know if he could hire you to fly him on business trips from time to time in your aircraft.

Could you legally rent or lease your aircraft to him, then have him hire you part-time to fly it? Explain.

Scenario 4

For a nation or union of nations other than the U.S.:

  • Identify the government authority that is the counterpart of the FAA Aircraft Registry.
  • Civil aircraft registered in the U.S. are identified by the letter N, followed by numbers or a combination of numbers and letters. What markings identify civil aircraft registered in the nation you chose?
  • Has that nation imposed a legal requirement to register any class of civil unmanned aircraft with that government authority?
  • Provide hyperlinks to references relied on.

Scenario 5

For a nation or union of nations other than the U.S.:

  • Identify any counterpart to the Uniform Commercial Code.
  • Compare and contrast the provisions of that law to those of the UCC relating to
    • Warranties
    • Security interests
  • Provide hyperlinks to references relied on.

Discussion 6.3

6.3 - Special Assignment: Aircraft Advertisement Analysis

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Using your search engine, locate the URL to a current advertisement for an aircraft for sale.

  1. Post your URL as a hyperlink.
  2. Review the URLs posted by your classmates. Choose two to analyze. Post your response by replying to their thread. Include in your analysis:
  • identify all warranties that are expressed in or implied by the ad
  • identify any representations in the ad that may be puffery

Embry ASCI404 Module 6.2 & 6.3 Discussion- january
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the     an   dealership A     one       people   customer is     of       business,   not a     customer       business   to buy     for       mapping,   she needs     advice       suitable   for the     requires:capability       24,000   maintain that     or       andfollow   pre-programmed ground     50       for   least 4     groundspeed       than   knots,then have     1       for   and return     If       sells   customer an     that       would   implied? Explain     dealership       warranties   the contract     Explain       would   listed as     warranty       fact   all of     listed       The   should be     perform       tasks   as described     listing       were   have listed     for       the   did not     listed       be   breach by     for       given   the sale     aircraft       also   that there     warranty       the   one of     ways       implied   is to     that       sold   is with     That       responsibility   the buyer     to       the   with the     there       for   aircraft Collapse     MothershedFeb       17   10:27pmManage Discussion     You       market   buy an     have       appears   it would     needs       your   range How     who       all   security interests     aircraft,       of   aircraft? A     an       anyone   owns the     has       by   title searches     the       and   International Registry     is       international   costs However,     be       against   title if     FBO,       other   that has     labor,       for   aircraft has     paid       may   identify a     as       do   mandate for     be       FAA   there is     to       the   it would     to       insurance   provides protection     legal       not   during the     Furthermore,       be   without determining     of       safest,   possibly most     be       A&P   holding an     to       ensuring   with AD’s,     an       person   be of     and       the   in any     J       aviation   (6th ed     WA       &   Scenario 2You     manager       dealership   customer approaches     your       customer   the owner     successful       not   pilot The     that       to   an airplane     digital       she   the salesman’s     select:       for   mission, which     climb       maintain   altitude plus     100       pre-programmed   track within     of       least   hoursat a     no       knots,then   at least     fuel       and   to base     sales       customer   airplane for     what       implied?   Could the     disclaim       the   of sale?     would       warranty   fitness since     has       be   of performing     that       If   seller sells     under       it   do the     was       the   would be     of       buyer   return the     a       the   could successfully     implied       use   expression “there     warranties       the   of the     the       agreement,   but not     any       merchantability   Hamilton, J     Practical       ed   Newcastle, WA     Supplies       PachecoManuel   19, 2016     at       Great   agree that     warranty       give   buyer some     mind       to   the truthfulness     sellers'       agree   the seller     a       their   claims Good     the       ShirkFeb   2016 Feb     5:26pmManage       how   read both     scenarios       warranty   the aircraft     dealership       to   the aircraft     options       in   description whether     written       if   dealership lists     as       for   purchase of     then       all   their basis     not       aircraft   the sale     way       would   to have     mechanic       aircraft   to purchasing     I       across   dealership out     TX       to   the aircraft     airport       own   mechanic look     This       more   that having     look       the   is located     KingGage       Feb   at 10:29pmManage     1Before       aircraft   are interested     are       that   to be     first       need   do is     the       the   All records     by       Oklahoma   You can     information       website   can also     parties       AOPA   perform a     for       As   identifying any     the       do   is the     you       information   FAA holds     and       third   such as     to       determine   condition of     it       hire   trained professional     an       an   certificate This     have       directives   and Service     The       be   with a     and       with   current owner     aircraft       &   S (2015)     &       ed   ASA publication     CavinessFeb       17   10:40pmManage Discussion     with       the   about hiring     mechanic       aircraft   pre buy     essential       exact   of the     are       you   an accomplished     may       mechanical   to adequately     evaluate       aopa   Collapse SubdiscussionArik     18,       at   Discussion EntryGage,     Nilsson       the   doing the     be       to   as well     Although,       possible   is more     you       aircraft   and had     on       know   with those     being       field   know who     as       J   , &     (2015)       Aerospace   Newcastle: Aviation     Academics,       OwensJessica   18, 2016     at       agree   you are     point       own   even if     your       you   know people     aviation       didn't   any personally,     ask       of   inspectors Joshua     21,       at   Discussion EntryJessica,I     your       If   in the     an       probably   be fairly     the       someone   inspect the     not       SubdiscussionLane   CavinessFeb 17,     17       Entry6   – Aircraft     2       purchases   aircraft from     after       advice   your sales     to       the   sold for     purpose,       Warranty   Fitness for     Purpose       If   purchaser relied     seller’s       to   on the     purchase,       has   created The     disclaim       by   the disclaimer     at       purchase   the product     warrantied       for   particular job     According       the   will consider     to       charter   if the     both       the   (like a     So       yes   could legally     to       fly   if he     contract       were   personal pilot     to       for   which does     “holding       carriage”   FAA allows     or       It   a bit     is       this   the attention     FAA       that   was in     135       which   do not     operator’s       also   up some     in       “heard   things about     it       that   offer your     for       may   you to     “holding       yourself   for hire     general       may   that you     as       121   without the     certificates       Nilsson,   Aviation &     (Kindle       gov/documentLibrary/media/AdvisoryRandy   SmithFeb 18,     18       EntryLane,You   an interesting     scenario       going   respond from     angles       it   legal for     to       but   question is     legally       your   to this     in       hire   to fly     say       to   your plane     the       what   be happening)     Nilsson       basic   applied by     is       aircraft   crew are     by       the   is not     but       that   operation could     be       General   and Flight     14       but   be subject     more       14   Part 135     depending       of   aircraft" (p     If       flipped   the question     the       own   and charge     for       Part   operational requirements?     it       slippery   Holding out     perceived       ways   does not     physically       business,   where a     serve       is   to constitute     to       2016,   2) The     also       persons   to conduct     operations       other   should look     any       flights   most likely     certification       carrier"   3) RandyFAA     Carriage       Of   Or Property     Retrieved       gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/AC%20120-12A   S &     (2015)       Aerospace   (6th ed     WA:       Academics,   Jessica OwensJessica     2016       2:17pmManage   EntryLane,For scenario     agree       If   dealership tried     the       would   be with     of       but   to protect     from       way,   think that     be       to   a lawyer     the       sign   will just     from       since   contracts can     Collapse       18,   Feb 18     Discussion       are   the market     an       identified   that appears     would       and   in your     How       owns   aircraft,? You     the       International   identify all     interests       and?   the owner     lien       a   search at     This       if   are outstanding     the       repossessed   be safe,     hire       company   do the     for       provide   with a     ownership       determine   condition of     Have       an   mechanic with     Authorization       sure   you trust     they       reputation   they are     the       Scenario   are a     certified       aircraft   You do     an       air   and commercial     You’ve       income   providing flight     others,       but   looking for     opportunities       event,   of your     introduces       boss,   says he’s     things       says   has no     learning       wants   know if     hire       him   business trips     to       aircraft   you legally     lease       him,   have him     part-time       Explain   would not     It       a   lease because     is       and   pilot The     this       a   because the     the       by   same source     a       pilots/aircraft   using a     provide       not   to do     caught       made   very clear     was       you   to provide     stated,       required   have an     and       Hamilton,   , &     (2015)       aerospace   (6th ed     Washington:       AcademicsArik   KudronowiczFeb 18,     18       EntryJessica,I   with you     would       for   commercial pilot     part       does   have his     For       work   favor of     the       his   135 prior     any       person   decline the     Hamilton,       &   S (2015)     &       Aviation   & Academics,     OmoobajesuFaith       Feb   at 5:42pmManage     completely       for   3 According     &       FAA   closely scrutinizes     whereby       leases   aircraft with     to       certified   instrustor cannot     charter       General   and Flight     14       J   & Nilsson,     Practical       law   ed )     Collapse       18,   Feb 18     Discussion       are   the market     an       identified   that appears     would       and   in your     How       owns   aircraft, Purchase     search       Aircraft   and International     dentify       interests   the aircraft,     searches       interest,   not all     should       FBO   /or other     the       for   unpaid bills     should       Title   to protect     defects       that   were not     identify       search   determine the     the       A&P   holding Inspection     having       familiarity   the make     of       are   The mechanic     a       airworthiness   and manufactures’     on       engines   J S     S       Aviation   Aerospace Law     a       of   other than     S       authority   is the     the       The   Registry of     in       a   requirement for     and       aircraft   components It     to       reduce   cost for     transactions,       an   legal process     [1][1]       &   Nilsson (2015)     &       aircraft   in the     are       letter   followed by     a       and   What markings     aircraft       nation   chose? Article     the       Civil   signed at     7       amended   the ICAO     7300)       Para   3 of     the       be   by the     the       symbols   in the     signs       State   Registry by     Telecommunication       nationality   are selected     first       two   of the     Radio       to   State by     request       and/or   an existing     the       RADIO   BUREAU (BR),     Nations,       Switzerland   International Civil     Nationality       February   from: http://www     aspx       external   ) Has     imposed       to   any class     unmanned       government   Effective December     anyone       small   aircraft of     weight       the   Aviation Administration's     System       they   outdoors People     operated       register   February 19,     who       could   civil and     [1][1]       Systems   Registration Retrieved     18)       gov/uas/registration/   to an     )       of   and licensesCertificates     and       and   issued or     by       in   the aircraft     shall       valid   the other     provided       under   such certificates     were       valid   equal to     the       may   established from     time       Convention   14 Article     the       recognition   certificates and     it       that   differences will     how       be   As with     the       a   of Airworthiness     elements       which   the RPA     (remote       etc   will also     be       Assembly   A36-13, Appendix     of       competency   licenses of     (clause       States   recognize the     certificates       by   States when     for       aircraft   classes of     not       While   is developing     RPAS,       to   national regulations     facilitate       certificates   unmanned aircraft,     the       flight   their territories,     and       types   categories of     update       A36-13   be necessary     mutual       of   pilots and     of       [1][1]   Civil Aviation     Unmanned       ICAO   328-AN/190 Retrieved     trafikstyrelsen       to   external site     SubdiscussionSharon       2016   21 at     EntryEric,Scenario       your   for these     registry       aircraft   tell you     bit       it   I worked     Aerospace       line   the airplanes     registry       some   some way     the       completed   I found     http://www       (Links   an external     which       the   registry codes     about       aviation   for your     question       that   on the     of       determine   you register     through       first   being 55     less       for   reasons require     the       site   https://registermyuas faa     to       )   the UAS     than       for   purposes, used     than       or   intend to     aircraft       United   then you     to       Hamilton,   , (2015)     law       Newcastle,   : Aviation     Academics       SmithFeb   2016 Feb     3:29pmManage       you   much for     in       The   Registry and     and       for   marks, national     common       helpful   interesting I     link       I   still looking     list       again   experience is     part       boards!ErinErin   SmithFeb 27,     27       EntryEric,   really appreciated     Scenario       hesitant   answer that     it       interesting   perhaps a     than       Eric,   answer was     and       the   Sharon added     great       experience   Thank you!ErinCollapse     MolinaFeb       18   9:35pmManage Discussion     You       market   buy an     have       appears   it would     needs       your   range How     who       all   security interests     aircraft,       of   aircraft? The     Registry       her   Aeronautical Center     buyers       have   access to     the       The   Aviation Act     all       and   interests be     (Hamilton,       to   the condition     aircraft,       an   mechanic to     to       Scenario   are the     an       customer   one of     people       the   of a     business,       pilot   customer states     business       an   for high-altitude     mapping,       the   advice to     suitable       mission,   requires:capability to     24,000       altitude   or minus     andfollow       track   50 feet     for       hoursat   groundspeed of     than       at   1 hour’s     for       to   If the     sells       airplane   that mission,     would       Could   dealership successfully     warranties       of   Explain I     Implied       for   Particular Purpose     appropriate       our   if the     to       the   will do     and       on   seller’s knowledge,     has       aircraft’s   to perform     (Hamilton,       aircraft   perform, the     breached       the   can return     full       express   and implied     be       disclaimers   be in     J       Nilsson,   (2015) Practical     aerospace       )   WA: Aviation     Academics       OmoobajesuFeb   2016 Feb     5:51pmManage       to   1, I     the       could   the condition     aircraft       mechanic   someone is     an       is   important According     &       airframe   powerplant (A&P)     inspection       having   experience and     the       model   aircraft would     desirable       &   S (2015)     &       ed   ASA publication     PachecoFeb       19   7:51pmManage Discussion     post!       parallel   own, and     completely       aviation   is your     when       checking   the aircraft     forgets       can   check the     of       analyze   to see     aircraft       under   previous owner     saw       use   FAA Aircraft     order       into   background of     This       my   Overall, great     GarciaFeb       20   10:48amManage Discussion     your       I   my agreement     implied       implied   implied warranties     in       who   in the     selling       private   not in     of       2015)   also wonder     express       a   warranty that     a       also   LorenzoHamilton, S     S       &   LawFaith OmoobajesuFaith     2016       5:12pmManage   EntryScenario 1According     &       of   and engines     treaty       the   Aircraft Registry     Registry       ownership   other legal     any,       In   to perform     of       a   must first     priority       the   for the     or       the   of the     Title       perform   of both     their       Aircraft   in Oklahoma     records       history   ownership and     interests       of   S registry     Nilsson,       warranty   would be     the       Fitness   a Particular     to       (2015),   UCC implies     of       particular   where the     the       has   to know     purpose       goods   selected and     buyer       the   skills or     select       goods   it turns     the       that   the seller     the       buyer   return it     full       permit   to successfully     of       the   are oral     and       can   disclaimed (Hamilton     2015)       &   S (2015)     &       ed   ASA publication     GarciaFeb       19   6:58pmManage Discussion     You       market   buy an     have       appears   it would     needs       your   range How     who       quickest   to determine     the       do   search on     web       inquiry   can do     by       make/model,   (FAA, 2016)     outstanding       the   andThe FAA     in       show   legal interest     specific       as   registered owner     in       there   be several     in       a   value that     exceed       the   (Hamilton, 2015)     case       a   of who     paid       condition   the aircraft?One     determining       the   is to     before       the   carefully check     and       if   are fully     AOPA’s       used   (2016) suggests     pre-purchase       an   mechanic and     with       of   condition Scenario     you       lease   aircraft to     have       part-time   fly it?     You       a   lease where     lease       will   to provide     Part       Our   book Practical     Aerospace       2015)   that the     wet       aircraft   leases the     flight       user   basic presumption     the       if   aircraft and     both       same   the transaction     a       AOPA   Tips on     aircraft       aopa   Resources/Aircraft-Ownership/Tips-on-Buying-Used-Aircraft#tolFAA (2016)     Retrieved       gov/aircraftinquiry/Hamilton,   & Nilsson,     Practical       Law   edition) Collapse     PachecoFeb       19   7:41pmManage Discussion     owner       can   determined by     registration       The   of the     be       registrationOutstanding   interests in     can       setting   an appointment     FSDO       to   status of     and       any   on the     local       also   able to     this       of   aircraft can     understood       of   authorized A&P     can       understand   maintenance logs     aircraft,       checkout   aircraft and     thorough       flight   Scenario 3No,     you       a   Operators’ certificate,     be       to   him your     then       in   of his     the       conduct   ramp check,     put       hot   In order     any       is   to obtain     operators’       PachecoManuel   19, 2016     at       forgot   referenceReferenceHamilton, S     Aviation       Omar   SavonFeb 20,     20       EntryManuel,I'm   sure about     registration       "The   Aircraft Registry     City       the   history of     other       all   of U     (that       having   N-number) "     p       how   would check     of       who   it before     any       on   aircraft should     filed       Aircraft   If that     the       then   lien holder     enforce       a   that is     the       a   mechanic friend     new       not   skipped Getting     that       by   one you     very       in   number 3     not       but   charter In     it       to   more stringent     14       or   depending on     of       (Hamilton,   p 267)     can       air   he would     able       business   his student's     J       aviation   aerospace law     )Anthony       2016   21 at     EntryManuel,(Scenario       that   a lease     illegal,       presumption   by the     that       and   are both     the       transaction   not a     a       the   could not     conducted       Operating   Flight Rules     CFR       would   subject to     stringent       CFR   135 or     on       the   Hamilton, J     Sarah       LeeAnthony   19, 2016     at       1As   prudent aircraft     would       of   the FAA     and       aircraft)   International Registry     existing       legal   if any,     aircraft       (2015)   order to     search       Registry,   would have     first       search   from the     the       is   subject of     Title       perform   of both     their       al,   As a     would       clear   with the     all       transaction   properly document     and       aircraft’s   I would     adequate       buying   aircraft Ideally     for       be   I have     trust,       has   excellent reputation     no       seller   might color     An       (A&   mechanic holding     (IA)       experience   familiarity with     make       aircraft   be most     would       transaction   properly documented     with       Registry   I am     aircraft       be   for purposes     or       not   to a     warranty       “as   or “with     ”       (2015)   J Scott;     (2015-09-16)       Aerospace   (Kindle edition)     3930-3933)       Academics,   Kindle Edition     GarmanDonald       Feb   at 5:39pmManage     Wow,       to   the International     catch       the   On another     was       are   text siting     et       than   et al     is       to   up with     https://owl       (Links   an external     LeeAnthony       Feb   at 5:10pmManage     in       aircraft   by the     Treaty       search   the International     et       your   to scenario     not       the   hand, your     highly       the   guidelines again,     that       error   is correct     Anthony       2016   21 at     EntryAnthony,I       to   if I     the       report   the aircraft     help       faults   damages to     prior       money   get a     to       If   was something     to       it   listed in     report       not   you could     money       have   to the     another       -AnthonyCollapse   LeeAnthony LeeFeb     Feb       Discussion   2If the     represents       an   for the     and       on   sales person’s     would       Warranty   Fitness for     Purpose;       the   capability to     functions       seeks   et al,     warranties       by   use of     expressions       no   which extend     description       on   face of     including,       to,   implied warranty     or       particular   or “the     delivered       is,   all faults,”     language       understanding   the buyer’s     the       and   it plain     is       Hamilton,   al, (2015)     dealership       those   Hamilton, J     Sarah       &   Law (Kindle     Locations       and   Inc Kindle     KunzAvery       Feb   at 6:05pmManage     good       is   same story     what       If   sales person     it       in   or recorded     way       you   right One     and       are   SubdiscussionGage KingGage     2016       9:57pmManage   EntryScenario 3Could     rent       aircraft   him, then     hire       to   No, the     could       the   for hire     is       lease   a charter     because       and   crew come     same       same   In order     pilot       and   the service     would       legal   Part 135     is       pilot   wet lease     legally       benefit   much According     91       could   a time     This       that   can do     the       could   is to     expenses       defeats   purpose FAA     Code       Retrieved   http://www ecfr     91_1501&rgn=div8Fernando       2016   20 at     EntryGage,Yeah       using   aircraft for     may       the   and time     up       operation,   you might     if       fledgling   just trying     some       don’t   to use     allowance       I   in my     one       to   his boss     plane       of   The student     flight       his   you would     income,       boss   travel to     meetings       20,   Feb 20     Discussion       the   this question     out       is   often and     currently       feel   it you     a       website   is a     that       the   to "bend     legally       was   to the     Department       an   to allow     to       without   Part 135     author's       help   flight instruction     choice       than   stepping stone"http://www     html       external   )Collapse SubdiscussionAnthony     20,       at   Discussion EntryScenario     will       owns   aircraft? I     by       search   from the     the       I   search the     Registry       Registry   determine who     legal       of   aircraft that     looking       Identify   outstanding security     the       outstanding   and security     would       search   the FAA     in       Center   Oklahoma 3     condition       Since   am not     mechanic       aircraft   would either     that       do   pre-purchase inspection     sure       have   major flaws     It       if   individual doing     was       had   experience with     and       that   would be     SolisFernando       Feb   at 5:09amManage     liens       up   a title     the       in   text This     more       for   by mechanics     business       part   the business     required       but   obtain possession     aircraft       paid   concerning the     you’re       to   someone offering     in       an   in the     ends       money   title insurance     you       One   that stands     me       inspection   to choose     wisely:       acquaintances   the seller     someone       aircraft,   a mechanic     nearest       mentioned,   someone that     make/model