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Unit 2 Quiz

Question 1

"A hypothesis is a prediction, based on a __________, stated in a way that allows it to be tested. For example, a hypothesis might be: Taking anti-depressant medication is effective in treating depression. Write your own example of a hypothesis based on a topic you are interested instudying______________________________________."

Question 2

Operational definitions are necessary for accurate hypothesis testing. An operational definitionis_______________________________.Give an example of an operational definition for"anxiety"____________________________________.

Question 3

Naturalistic observation is_____________________________.Give an example of naturalistic observation. State one pro and one con of conducting naturalistic observation.

Question 4

A case study is________________.

Question 5

Random assignment of subjects to experimental or control groups is a key component of a valid experimental design. What is random assignment? Why is random assignment of subjects important?

Question 6

"In an experiment, the researcher manipulates the ______________ variable and looks to see if there is an effect on the ______________ variable. For example, a researcher may study the effect of hours studying on test performance. Give your own example by filling in the blanks: "The effect of _________________ on _____________________." Note: Variables are NOT people."

Question 7

"For correlational research, conclusionscan/cannot(choose one) be made about causation. For example, if a study showed that the amount of sleep obtained and happy mood were correlated itdoes/does not(choose one) mean that sufficient sleep was responsible for happy mood. "

Question 8

What is the difference between sensation and perception? Define the terms sensation and perception in your answer.

Question 9

"For processing of visual information, information enters the eye, is processed by the retina, then travels via the ______________ nerve, which in turn crosses at the optic _______________, and is then transmitted to the visual __________ in the brain for higher processing."

Question 10

The retina contains multiple cell types including rods and cones. The function of rods is to_____________________. The function of cones is to ______________________.

Question 11

Two main theories of color vision include the ______________________ and the ____________________.

Question 12

"Pioneering neuroscientists Hubel and Wiesel showed that subsets of neurons in the visual cortex are specialized to respond to specific characteristics of visual stimuli (e.g. size, shape, orientation, or movement). This discrimination process by neurons in the visual cortex is known as _________________ detection."

Question 13

"In the auditory cortex, neighboring cells respond to sounds of similar _______________."

Question 15

The scientific term for the sense of smell is ______________________ and the scientific term for the sense of taste is ___________________.

Question 16

"When a car passes you on the road and appears to shrink as it gets further away, the phenomenon of ______________ allows you to realize that the car is not in fact getting smaller."

Question 17

____________________ is the ability to view the world in three dimensions and to perceive distance.

post PSY102 Unit 2 Quiz 2017
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