Describe the purpose and contents of a procurement management plan.

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  1. Describe the purpose and contents of a procurement management plan.
  2. Describe the purpose and contents of a human resource management plan.
  3. Describe the ideas of one of the noteworthy quality experts.
  4. Describe how change management should happen in project management.
  5. Describe the Tuckman Model of Team Development.
  6. Describe one classic theory of motivation.
  7. Describe the elements of communication. What are the important considerations in project communications?
  8. Describe how earned value management (EVA) is used to monitor and control the scope, time, and cost.
  9. A project manager learns that her project has an EV of 1200, AC of 1100 and PV of 1000. What can the project manager report regarding this project? Be sure to use appropriate calculations to support your answer.
Describe the purpose and contents of a procurement management plan.
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