Saint GBA334 week 7 group project

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Internet Case - Cranston Construction Company

Cranston Construction Company

The Cranston Construction Company is a small Mississippi construction company that undertakes building projects of a medium-to large-scale nature based on local and statewide needs. Although the company is capable of operating outside of its native state, it usually does not bid on out-of-state business. It maintains an office with a small staff and usually has several construction projects going on at the same time. Cranston has just received the contract for construction of a new humanities building on the campus of Northern Mississippi State University.

Although the university and the State Building Commission are pleased to have completed negotiations for the new building, a significant task lies ahead for Mr. Daniel Cranston, the president of Cranston Construction Company. He must select a project manager and arrange for allocation of necessary resources for construction. He must then work with the project manager to develop a schedule for constructing the building in order to assist in the timely decision–making that involves financial needs and shifting of equipment from other job sites.

Mr. Cranston decides that the detailed planning, layout, and scheduling can be provided by his project manager. The project manager will further be delegated total authority for the construction operations, the execution phase of the project. Based on past experience, Mr. Cranston makes up a job breakdown with approximate costs (shown in Table 1). Since the bid was for over $1 million, these costs represent company targets and are confidential. Although Cranston does not have significant experience with critical path analysis, he also makes up the activity list and time allowances (shown in Table 2). These time allowances represent the span between the earliest date he thinks each activity can begin and the latest date by which each should end.



With these initial efforts, Mr. Cranston calls in Mr. Henry Nolton to discuss his appointment as project manager. After a lengthy discussion, Mr. Nolton accepts the appointment but makes the following statement to Mr. Cranston:

"Your cost targets are probably reasonable; however, your time estimates and activity list do not really provide believable information. According to your figures, the project will be finished in less than 370 days and, therefore, you will not incur any penalty costs. However, if most of your time estimates are close to being correct, then I believe that the project will take longer than 370 days. As an example, let me point out that your duration times look like total time allowances rather than activity times. Take the activity of "architectural and miscellaneous metals." I'd say that this would take about two weeks to complete and could be one of the last items accomplished, probably following completion of all the stairwells."

"Another major problem with your listing is that we'll be using reinforcing steel with all of the concrete work and, since it's a three-story building with a penthouse, we'll be doing concrete activities floor by floor. Thus, in order to schedule and control this job, I need to decide on an activity list which is based on the actual sequence of construction, floor by floor. floor concrete, the middle-floor columns and then the middle-floor concrete framing may be completed similar to the first-floor logic. After framing is complete, middle floor door frames, upper-floor concrete and lath and plaster activities can start. Lower floor masonry and middle-floor door frames must be complete before middle floor masonry can begin. Following lath and plaster, ceramic tile and marble can be placed. After the stairwells are complete, hardware, architectural, and miscellaneous metals can be installed."

"As with the first two floors, upper-floor columns are emplaced following the upper floor concrete work. Next, upper-floor concrete framing can be completed. At this juncture, upper-floor door frames, roofing, and elevator activities can begin. Once these three activities are completed, plus completion of middle-floor masonry, the upper floor masonry, penthouse work, and ceiling work can be started. Following ceiling work, painting can begin and must be finished before tiling and carpeting which follow millwork. The millwork and finish grading start after upper-floor masonry and penthouse activities."

Upon hearing this, Mr. Cranston decides to modify the activity list to make it more useful and more accurate. Working together, Mr. Cranston and Mr. Nolton put together Table 3 which gives all the relevant information.

Table 3. Revised List of Activities and Times
Duration (days)
ALayout, Excavate, and Grade-28
BTax, Bond, & Insurance-21
CMove In Tool House, General Conditions-7
DGrade BeamsA, B, C11
EFoundation, Concrete footingsA, B, C11
FLower Floor ConcreteD, E10
GLower Floor ColumnsF21
HLower Floor FrameG35
IMiddle Floor ConcreteH12
JMiddle Floor ColumnsI23
KMiddle Floor Concrete FrameJ37
LUpper Floor ConcreteK14
MUpper Floor ColumnsL23
NUpper Floor Concrete FramesM37
OUpper Floor Door FramesN14
PRoof Slab, Beams, Sheet MetalN21
RLathe & PlasterK21
SUpper Floor Masonry, Interior DoorsII, O, P, Q21
TPenthouse Steel, Concrete, and MasonryII, O, P, Q21
UCeilingsII, O, P, Q42
WMillworkS, T, Y, X, U, V, FF, GG42
XFinish Grade, SiteworkS, T28
YTile & CarpetV, W21
ZClean Up, Inspect, and Move OutGG, FF, X, Y, AA, CC2
AACeramic Tile & MarbleR14
CCHardware, Architectural and Miscellaneous MetalsBB14
DDLower Fl. Door FramesH14
EELower Floor Masonry & Interior DoorsDD35
FFExterior DoorsH21
GGGlazing & Store FrontH35
HHMiddle Floor Dr. FrameK14
IIMiddle Floor Masonry, Interior DoorsEE, HH35

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Saint GBA334 week 7 group project
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