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Using theEVM Calculations Rubricas a guide, read and summarizeChance Reichel's article on EVMS. (You may need to sign in first via theeReads and Reference Page, then search for the article.) After reading the article, use the information specific to the current project being covered in the course module (spreadsheet link is below).You are to assess the current PCU Delaware's EVM cost, schedule, and performance data. Use the CPR data in the module to develop the PCU Delaware's SV, CV, SPI, CPI, three EAC (best case, most likely, and worse case EAC), ETC, VAC, and TCPI for the BAC and EAC. Include formulas and your calculations. In the Case Analysis Assignment, you are to analyze the current status of the PCU Delaware’s EVM status and present your findings in case analysis format. In your case analysis assignment, make certain to include four headings including Background, Analysis, Recommendations, and References. As always, your submission must adhere to all APA formatting requirements. Again, use the current information for your PCU Delaware's calculations. Disregard your calculations from last week and use the data contained inthis spreadsheet for your calculations.
The answers to these calculations are included in the Doc Sharing Folder should you get behind or need help. Please attempt to do the calculations on your own the first time. When you save your document, make sure it includes the format: LastnameFirstname-Case_Analysis.
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