DeVry ECON312n week 3 Discussion - May 2017

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Week 3 Discussion DQ 1 & DQ 2

DQ 1

Concept of Cost (graded)

What are the differences between economic and accounting concepts of cost? How would you manage the costs associated with a value-creation activity? How do costs of operations relate to the strategy of the organization?

DQ 2

Prices Under Different Market Structures (graded)

How are prices determined under perfect competition? Think about a firm that you have done business with recently. What industry does this firm belong to? For example, McDonald's is a firm in the fast food industry. What market structure would this industry fall under? What are the names of other firms in this industry? Is it monopolistic competition, oligopoly, monopoly, or perfect competition? How does market structure affect the firm's ability to set the price for its products?

ECON312n week 3 Discussion - May 2017
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two     cost   occur within     According       Parkin   “A cost     money       cost”   253) Explicit     the       reported   recorded by     and       the   costs “A     an       it   a factor     but       a   money payment     use”       2015,   253) Implicit     the       not   or recorded     business,       described   intangible It     to       and   costs because     a       what   profits are,     as       activity   what the     and       will   the business     it       spend   money, to     profit       efficient   Amanda WalkerReferencesBade,     &       Essential   of Economics,     Professor       implicit   are two     cost       Collapse   as ReadConcept     Small       7:07:09   Class and     strategy       is   make a     is       organizations   started in     So       organization   that it     a       how   will conduct     to       making   they follow     statement       is   on so     adhere       so   the organization     so       big   in relating     organization       they   not keep     from       watching   loss prevention,     environment,       the   down to     that       then   organization will     exist       future   Class and     many       organization   to make     Collapse       Concept   CostLeann Good     Author3/24/2016       and   I had     considered       thought   mission statements     That's       say   true In     bachelors       had   do much     than       statements   seems are     big       are   directing statement     organization       goal   benchmark for     those       While   is an     it       The   statement recognizes     money       implicitly   enough but     refer       and   values, that     assume       of   principles" (Nash,     156)       you   that a     plays       in   a guide     efficiency       manifest   L (1988)     and       Review,   155-156) Myrna,     Class,       never   considered or     thou…       ReadRE:   of CostGabrielle     this       LeAnn,   and class,I     statements       telling,   In a     or       one   learn a     what       for,   they seek     their       strategies   adopted to     plans       statements   used by     a       internal   and as     not       potential   but to     recruits       teams   important to     is       how   or powerful     moving       could   it is     if       put   action Furthermore,     mission       to   the world"     that       they   not operating     with       inflows   outflows, assets     technology       and   (both implicit     they       successful   foundation of     business       more   just a     and       message   it is     dollars       doing   you say     to       do   LeAnn, Professor,     I       can   very tell…(an     Collapse       Concept   CostJ Carl     this       and   you may     this       I   in Memphis,     house       blocks   Elvis Presley's     assume       a   decide to     gift       street   Elvis Presley’s     we       hound   puppies (Don't     you       little   money )     to       in   back of     from       cotton   and buttons     eyes       of   variable and     associated       List   that are     and       description   and class,     not       my   I live     T…       ReadRE:   of CostCrystal     this       Bowman   Class,Variable costs     costs       on   company's production     rise       and   as production     example       suede   skin and     and       a   cost depending     of       are   of these     dog       of   supplies will     related       of   quantity we     our       are   that have     paid       independent   any business     regardless       toy   dog puppies     and       profit   fixed costs     rent       and   paid to     making       remain   same -Crystal     and       are   costs that     o…       ReadRE:   of CostZivile     this       Professor,   class,I am     confused       fixed   It helps     of       "sunk"   that are     remain       run   of output     would       building   or rent,     insurance,       equipment,   etc If     the       on   salary (regardless     of       hours   then that     be       cost   or unit-based     the       considered   cost, because     increase       of   as our     or       people   commission on     toys,       be   variable cost     costs       cotton   and buttons,     shipping       and   Some of     could       as   it increases     increases,       don't   anything and     manufacturing,       shut   completely off     makes       Week   Lecture Principles     Accounting       )   are examples     costs       accountingtools   html Crystal,     class,       little   between variable     Collapse       Concept   CostEdelmiro Varela     Author3/26/2016       PMProfessor   Crystal and     respectfully       response,   is a     production       on   needs and     be       variable   Under the     we       costs   building, land,     well       interest   are all     (Bade,       such   the cost     entrepreneur       in   to run     would       fixed   (CCN WK     2016)       imagine   would be     of       would   to be     the       as   fees These     be       they   EDReferencesBade, R     Foundations       Edition   Bookshelf Online]     https://devry       of   (2016) Economics     Lecture:       from:   next ecollege     Crystal       respectfully   to Crystal's     Mark       of   Minucci Email     8:26:12       suppose   fixed costs     the       for   space occupied     and       as   as the     machinery       so   costs need     paid       the   and/or for     as       to   or own     -       incurred   of product     revenue       lack   output would     to       The   costs would     employee       e   These costs     depending       output   the product     demand/lack       the   For example,     increases       more   would be     produce       employees   higher wages     employees       to   the extra     service       and   utility costs     go       increased   usage Fixed     usually       to   for and     a       costs   just as     implies       GabrielleProfessor   class, I     fixed       the   or mortgag…     as       CostLeann   Email this     AMGabrielle,       you   correct in     is       foundation   strong business     well       mission   recognizes that     is       not   but rather     to       ethical   that once     the       guiding   (Nash, 1988,     While       does   and cannot     present       all   companies standards,     or       does   a guide     involved       to   as a     standards       companies   to conduct     regardless       watching"   Ethics are     of       2011)   no mission     guide       where   one begin?     mission       does   alone provide     to       "Giving   the impression     by       them   not the     proving       to   to work     Ethics       of   Strong Business,     work,       strong   valued product     strong       combined   a few     things       a   with what     to       are   Foundation of     Business       27,   from http://www     L       and   Harvard Business     155-156)       Class,   you are     saying       Collapse   as ReadRE:Concept     Desbrosses       6:40:27   see your     the       a   Do you     is       In   opinion ,     may       for   reasons FlorenceMyrna,     your       organization   make a     you       response)   Mark as     the       Bowman   this Author3/27/2016     3:       and   possibility curves     products       analyze   the demand     (a)       (b)   will each     different       profit   week we     many       Total   function, TC     +       this   with an     the       calculations   Total Variable     Total       Average   Cost (AVC),     Cost       below   variable cost     calculated       fixed   (TFC), sunk     total       each   of output     =       TC   TFC +     Cost       at   level of     it       regardless   the level     (Q)       =   (I apologize     captions       TC   TVC AFC     152       be   - the     total       zero   The chart     beQ       AFC   10 101     18       would   TC -     chart       TC   TVC AFC     10       52   10 83     10AFC       would   beQ TC     AFC       01   10 5     10       10   3 33AVC     chart       TC   TVC AFC     10       5   52 18     5       10   33 3Calculating     (MR)       (MC)Marginal   and marginal     both       Marginal   is the     total       the   in output     TC0       20The   cost (MC)     move       (Q)1   2 would     –       =3   Revenue (MR)     change       the   in output     competition       no   over price,     (MR)       price   the example     the       $15,   table would     following       01   303 45The     as       a   1 to     be       =   =15 The     would       move   2 to     the       quantity   changing by     1       not   be the     do       apply   your organization?TCO     the       possibility   for two     a       Different   Structures (graded)How     determined       Think   a firm     have       recently   industry does     belong       McDonald's   a firm     fast       market   would this     under?       names   other firms     industry?       competition,   monopoly, or     How       affect   firm's ability     the       products?This   lists options     be       responses   All Print     Options       below   the following     author       and   the response     Sort       Response   Ascending, click     descendingSort       Date/Time*(an   response) Collapse     ReadIntroduction       Carl   Email this     AMClass,       is   and important     economics       in   For a     understanding       mean   difference between     failure,       do   take into     the       the   or inelastic     the       elasticity   demand may     difficult       understand   it involves,     of       So   get started     important       of   is such     concept       in   Collapse Mark     Introduction       Quintilian   this Author3/20/2016     Bowman       As   says in     Parkin,       perfect   marginal revenue     In       as   there is     variety       direct   are Burger     KFC,       etc   competitors are     food       and   regular restaurants,     grocery       food   think that     pretty       competition   the price     demand       will   pretty high     have       they   to increase     of       Franchises   over the     having       the   time in     As       also   through high-minded     attempts       minimum   for their     may       shift   their business     they       don't   to pay     a       greasy   and a     warmed-over       like   QuintilianProfessor Bowman     --       in   and Parkin,     "In       as   in different     Monaghan       6:47:58   and Professor,According     perfect       market   which there     firms,       identical   many buyers;     to       new   into the     advantage       and   and sellers     informed       (2014)   price is     of       balance   price because     but       follows   examples that     and       recently   business with     studio       I   think that     in       I   see this     ways       a   competition if     salon       to   to a     I       say   the salon     visited       a   because it     independent       locally   another interdependent     Robin       Economics,   Edition Pearson     2014-02-01       Class   Professor, According     perfect       market   which… Collapse     ReadPrices       StructuresAmanda   Email this     PMProfessor       discussed   Bade (2015),     competition,       market   determines the     281)       grocery   at Meijer     in       along   Wal-Mart, Lowe’s,     just       few   would say     a       between   and Meijer,     carry       products   prices are     A       be   to set     higher       or   customers will     the       Essential   of Economics,     Pearson       VitalSource   Online Professor     class,       Bade   “In perfect     Mark       Under   Market StructuresCaitlin     this       you   your posting     and       of   business firm     I       You   in your     business       industries   have competitive     each       customers   shop elsewhere     agree       fact,   is easy     to       the   price without     into       the   that come     mail       chain   are delivered     mailbox       look   and decide     store       pricing   week Depending     particular       that   and prices     which       at   Thank you     posting       sharing   example of     Collapse       Under   Market StructureGiselle     this       and   According to     "The       in   the following     met:       sellers   too numerous     small       degree   individual control     (2)       sellers   to maximize     (income),       seller   freely enter     the       buyers   sellers have     information       and   of goods     and       of   particular nature     hence       another   called perfect     pure       price   influenced by     and       supply   demand I     dined       called   Ramsey's Pub     in       is   company in     industry       under   perfect competition     of       industry   Wolfgang Puck's     Bobby       AC   these restaurants     dishes       the   Market structure     firm's       the   for its     determining       strengths   all the     elements       internal   pricing decisions     SeseProfessor       to   dictionary, "     f…(an       Mark   ReadRE: Prices     Market       Email   Author3/21/2016 10:50:00     class,       the   run and     run       run,   least one     fixed       takes   to put     service,       is   fixed resource     short       long   all resources     Class,       losing   go out     in       Explain   response Giselle     economists       short   and the     Collapse       Prices   Different Market     Email       PMProfessor   Class --     business       belly-up   the short     Tank       examples   companies trying     that       obtaining   financing early     the       company   secure financing,     meet       scale   very often     into       The   of times     up       own   is amazing     it       the   run Companies     good       before   have enough     meet       in   Especially nowadays     Internet,       with   word of     new       the   can find     with       effort   satisfy these     can       marginal   or suffer     product       hurry-up   signed with     factory       all   of promises),     Or       up   unacceptably long     However       impatient   quickly sour     new       substitute   and the     gets       rinky-dink   as quickly     buzz       the   So with     of       inventory   in, bills     and       end   underwater and     business       Class   Yes, a     certainly       the   Collapse Mark     Prices       StructureLeann   Email this     AMSusan,       I   grasped a     of       your   as you     into       to   Thank you     It       business   a difficult     task       out,   the short     will       their   which makes     what       product   the consumer     balancing       a   must find     to       or   are not     the       quickly   frustrated and     decrease       is   more in     to       original   This is     combination       LeAnnSusan,   and Class,     really       idea   this concep…     as       Different   StructureSusan Quintilian     Author3/27/2016       that's   it! Great     what       to   in my     in       --   that's exactly     summary       was   to say…     as       Different   StructureRonette Arcamone     Author3/27/2016       enjoyed   post You     this       run   Medical supply     come       and   a product     in       at   find these     trouble       of   supplies and     on       then   ourselves going     company       similar   due to     are       from   to company     some       have   with supply     Some       need   increase output     shortrun       more   for increased     again       post!RonetteSusan,   enjoyed your     did       of   run well…     as       Different   StructureCheryl Colgan     Author3/22/2016       Class,In   short run     one       of   is fixed     will       as   and produces     output       =the   total cost     earn       The   will make     if       average   cost The     will       loss   price is     the       So   firm can     of       short   CherylReferenceBade,R ,     M       of   7th EditionProfessor     In       at   one of     of       Mark   ReadRE: Prices     Market       this   8:05:34 AMCheryl,     Class,"In       a   can vary     quantity       the   of capital"     p       firm   adjust its     production       adjust   by adding     closing       they   add employees     employees       meet   needs allowing     flexibility       long   can choose     or       in   to profit     the       Robin   Essential Foundations     7th       Online]   from https://devry     Professor       the   run, a     vary       Collapse   as ReadRE:     Different       Email   Author3/22/2016 10:01:31     Professor,When       it   that other     not       run   east one     is       variables   not fixed     cause       fail   the short     a       assets   are fixed     this       business   lead to     the       what   expected or     cost       tremendously   and Professor,     is       that   variables are     Mark       Under   Market StructureGiselle     this       and   Yes a     money       of   in the     At       is   but there     variables       of   can always     projected       be   than expected     selling       to   failure of     Giselle       Yes   firm losing     go       in   Collapse Mark     Prices       StructureNancy   Email this     PMProfessor       have   that the     output       the   is the     of       of   change in     cost       the   acts on     According       "   relationship between     decision       can   distinguished "between     time       The   time frames     as       Our   describes short-run     time       the   of some     fixed"       can   change the     labor       not   technology and     capital"       decisions   easily reversed     can       output   the short-run     or       of   hours it     the       described   "the time     which       all   can be     2014)       not   reversed Typically     not       firm   go out     in       firm   stay open,     it       in   that it     money       This   were the     comes       firm   firm may     continue       variable   is less     per       average   cost is     price       average   cost is     price       of   the firm     to       this   the firm     have       cover   production of     and/or       (2014)   Foundations of     Edition       Retrieved   https://devry vitalsource     Classmates,       that   grea… Collapse     ReadRE:       Market   Janssen Email     10:06:33       really   your post     the       you   pointed out     characteristics       appropriately   it can     that       situation   are so     of       that   single producer     the       commodity   the market     free       in   all kinds     structure       to   depended on     regarding       the   In perfect     firm       over   price, whereas     or       firm   some control     I       your   To explain     market       Mark   ReadPrices Under     StructuresMeredith       Author3/21/2016   AMProfessor and     recently       a   Dillard's department     store       chain   store in     apparel       falls   the perfect     type       apparel   there are     large       located   the country     of       firm   Macy's, Belk,     "Perfect       market   which there     firms,       product;   buyers; no     the       firms   the industry;     to       buyers   sellers are     about       p   Perfect competition     called       In   perfect competition,     many       single   is unable     the       perfect   market has     power,       the   of a     dictated       ReferencesBade,   (2014) Essential     Economics,       Bookshelf   Retrieved from     com/#/books/9781323184196/DeVry       Principles   Economics: Lecture     Introduction       from   net Professor     I       purchases   a local     Collapse       Under   Market StructuresDesiree     this       If   understanding this     a       products   sold, so     store       this   if another     their       same   The cost     goods       all   the other     if       to   a pair     shoes       at   stores for     price       going   control cost     I'm       in   perfect competition     Mark       Different   StructuresAmanda Walker     Author3/21/2016       &   to Bade     (2015),       market   and market     the       A   that I     business       Kohl’s   industry that     to       firms   this industry     JCPenney,       and   Kohl’s would     a       of   retail stores     products       very   Therefore, a     such       not   able to     on       or   because the     buy       from   retail store     R       M   Essential Foundations     7th       Classmates,   to Bade     (2015),       Collapse   as ReadRE:     Different       Bowman   this Author3/21/2016     and       competitive   in the     makes       When   is an     the       in   perfectly competitive     causes       the   supply curve     you       and   revenue under     Explain       a   competitive firm     long       e…   Mark as     Under       Varela   this Author3/21/2016     Bowman,       Under   competition a     said       price   because they     power       perfectly   firms are     comparison       market   their product,     not       they   to raise     would       product   another competitor     (additional       more   sold) is     the       is   on a     the       is   the total     demand       horizontal   perfect competition     producing       where   revenue equals     a       profits   more unit     less       result   a loss     Respectfully,       Essential   of Economics,     [VitalSource       from   vitalsource com/#/books/9781323184196/Professor     and       competition   firm is     Mark       Under   Market StructuresSusan     this       and   -- Although     curve       competitor   horizontal in     competitive       curve   the market     whole       like   normal demand     all       striving   maximize their     and       is   the economy     economic       is   opportunity make     in       by   supply, firms     the       the   curve to     (Bade       295)   can happen     is       production   increases capacity     average       automation   example, or     line       days   autos It     happen       lower   structures than     of       and   average costs     the       either   their cost     exit       this   be when     manufacturers       make   cars, and     stops       made   specialty producers,     firms       infrastructure   able to     same       per   but at     time       a   quantum of     the       product,   patent protections,     be       business   they can't     own       in   way differentiate     to       prices   which by     is       market   because they     the       fungible,   product and     new       different,   premium electric     the       supply   market price     and       profit   by at     of       away   are sticky     the       might   the benefits     profit       but   forever) As     down,       down   well, and     is       new   where MR     and       ATC   QuintilianProfessor and     Although       for   individual competi…     as       Different   StructuresMeredith Mitchell     Author3/22/2016       and   competition achieves     outcome       are   to their     use       outcome   achieved, marginal     marginal       surplus   maximized The     is       curve   all points     shutdown       average   cost) The     curve       benefit   intersect at     The       marginal   and marginal     Amanda,       competition   an efficient     Collapse       Prices   Different Market     Email       PMProfessor   Class,Price is     marginal       perfect   and this     the       horizontal   revenue is     in       from   one additional     output       how   you produce,     always       the   price In     the       so   increase in     from       extra   will equal     JenniferProfessor       is   to marginal     a       Mark   ReadRE: Prices     Market       this   4:28:30 PMHi     class,"In       revenue   the market     2016,       The   and sellers     market       firm   not have     over       matter   amount of     have       How   determine price     how       is   new companies     market       change   profit is     for       enter   market, but     do       falls   the economic     each       (Bard,   Thank you,TammyBade,     Essential       7th   [Vital Source     Chamberlain       (2016)   Week 4:     (Online       IL:   Educational Group     and       competition,   revenue equals     Collapse       Prices   Different Market     Email       PMProfessor   perfect competition     known       taker   price taker     defined       that   influence the     the       that   produces” (Bade     2015,       competition   cannot control     they       will   the cheaper     the       competition   customers are     date       to   & Parkin     revenue       in   revenue that     a       the   sold” (p     perfect       equals   causing the     to       if   firm produces     total       still   and be     the       are   with perfect     if       increases   one-unit, it     equal       R   & Parkin,     Essential       7th   Bowman, A     firm       a   taker A     Collapse       Prices   Different Market     Email       PMProfessor   and ClassMarginal     the       when   perfectly competitive     one       output   plays a     in       of   perfectly competitive     to       perfectly   firm maximizes     equating       extra   generated from     marginal       cost   production If     marginals       then   can be     producing       output   Bowman and     revenue       revenue