GBA CBK quiz module 5 - May 2017

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Question 1 (5 points)

The Really Tasteless Frozen Food Company has decided that, based on the financial projections, they are not going to be required to make any adjustments in their contribution margins. Identify the part of the marketing mix most closely identified with this activity.

Question 1 options:












Question 2 (5 points)


The set of marketing tools a firm uses to implement its marketing strategy is called the ____________.

Question 2 options:


marketing effort


marketing mix


market offering


product mix


promotion mix


Question 3 (5 points)


__________ is business demand that ultimately comes from the demand for consumer goods.

Question 3 options:


Derived demand


Consumer market


Business buyer behavior


Business buying process


Question 4 (5 points)


John and Robin run a small, but trendy, craft beer and pizza restaurant in a part of town that has a number of nighttime and dining options. The couple are discussing raising their prices on their "pint and slice" after-work special; however, they are concerned that their customers may decide that the new price is too high and that sales will drop. What pricing concept is worrying John and Robin?

Question 4 options:






Consumer constructivism


Psychological pricing




Question 5 (5 points)


A message showing a product's quality, economy, value, or performance is an example of a(n) __________ appeal.

Question 5 options:












Question 6 (5 points)


Which of the following terms refers to a 30-minute television advertising program that markets a single product?

Question 6 options:


Social media






Digital catalog




Question 7 (5 points)


In which of the following would the buyer reorder a product without any modifications?

Question 7 options:


New task


Straight rebuy


Modified rebuy


Solution selling


Reverse auction


Question 8 (5 points)


__________ involves sending an offer, announcement, reminder, or other item to a person at a particular address.

Question 8 options:


Online marketing




Ambush marketing


Kiosk marketing


Direct-mail marketing


Question 9 (5 points)


The marketing concept that starts with a well-defined market, focuses on customer needs, and integrates all the marketing activities that affect customers takes a(n) ____________.

Question 9 options:


inside-out perspective


consumer-generated marketing approach


telling-and-selling approach


outside-in perspective


product-centered make-and-sell philosophy


Question 10 (5 points)


The firm that makes Betty Sue's Down Home Pork Rinds found that their best customers enjoy NASCAR, pro wrestling, family gatherings, and are politically conservative. These are considered to be the ____________ of the market segment

Question 10 options:


media choices


customer attributes


social planning elements


psychographics or lifestyle




Question 11 (5 points)


In most cases, what is the most expensive promotion tool?

Question 11 options:




Public relations




Mass media


Personal selling


Question 12 (5 points)


Which of the following refers to a set of benefits that a company promises to deliver to customers to satisfy their needs?

Question 12 options:


A cartel


Value proposition


Marketing mix


Customer lock-in


Market segmentation


Question 13 (5 points)


A particular automobile company works to keep its customers happy after each sale, aiming to delight each one of them in order to increase their customer lifetime value. Which of the following steps of the buyer decision process does the company exemplify?

Question 13 options:


Postpurchase behavior


Need recognition


Information search


Evaluation of alternatives


Purchase decision


Question 14 (5 points)


Physicians Sales and Service (PSS) is a large US commercial organization in the business of meeting the needs of doctors' offices and small clinics while maximizing profits for itself and its shareholders. Primary products resold by PSS include a broad range of equipment and supplies common to the office/clinic environment. PSS boasts physical branches and outside salespeople throughout the country serving clinicians in both rural and urban environments. The organization's domestic success relies heavily upon the close personal relationship developed and maintained between the PSS salesperson and his/her clients. Recently, PSS has leveraged its reputation and begun to serve the needs of overseas doctors and clinics through its e-commerce (e-business) website. A product bought by individuals and organizations for further processing or for use in conducting a business such as those sold by PSS is a:

Question 14 options:


social marketing.


consumer service.


industrial product.


consumer product.


Question 15 (5 points)


Wholesalers routinely:

Question 15 options:


all the above.








Question 16 (5 points)


The selling concept is typically practiced ____________.

Question 16 options:


with products that offer the most in terms of quality, performance, and innovative features


by customer-driven companies


when the company focuses on building long-term customer relationships


to balance consumers' wants, the company's requirements, and the society's long-run interests


with goods that buyers normally do not think of buying


Question 17 (5 points)


____________ calls for dividing the market into regions, states, counties, cities, or even neighborhoods.

Question 17 options:


Demographic segmentation


Psychographic segmentation


Geographic segmentation


Benefit segmentation


Occasion segmentation


Question 18 (5 points)


George is buying his first house. He has spent a month looking at houses and comparing them on attributes such as price and location. He has contacted several real estate agents to look at different types of houses. George is most likely exhibiting __________.

Question 18 options:


marketing myopia


consumer capitalism


complex buying behavior


dissonance-reducing buying behavior


variety-seeking buying behavior


Question 19 (5 points)


In a bid to attract more customers in a market that has several competitors, Barrymore's Bakery slashed the prices of all its products by 50%. Managers at the firm reasoned that lower prices would draw in even more customers, making up for the reduction in price several times over. Which of the following pricing strategies are they using?

Question 19 options:


Cash discount pricing


Captive-product pricing


Market-penetration pricing


Market-skimming pricing


By-product pricing


Question 20 (5 points)


Keith, a clothing store owner, offers product suggestions to customers based on their current purchases. Which of the following is Keith targeting to increase?

Question 20 options:


Customer-generated marketing


Customer loyalty


Share of customer


Social responsibility


Shared value




GBA CBK quiz module 5 - May 2017
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